Would you post naked pictures of your child on facebook?

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  1. jpcmc profile image90
    jpcmcposted 11 years ago

    Would you post naked pictures of your child on facebook?

    Many parents post pictures of their children naked on facebook.  Some are infants but some are already older. What do you think should be done about this?

  2. Melindas Mind profile image68
    Melindas Mindposted 11 years ago

    No, I wouldn't share naked pictures of my children with anyone, but I ESPECIALLY wouldn't put them online where anyone with moderate hacking skills could get them and put them out there for the sickos of the world to see.

    Not to mention that there are tons of in the closet pedophiles out there.

  3. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 11 years ago

    no we wouldn't. my wife and i only post pics of our kids in clothes. our newborn has lots of pics on there but we don't even put pics of her in just a diaper.

  4. profile image38
    independentmindedposted 11 years ago

    Although I'm not a parent, one doesn't have to be a parent to realize that posting naked pictures of kids on facebook or wherever and sharing them them with total strangers is a stupid, vicious and insensitive idea!  What person in his or her right mind, and/or with even a modicum of decency would even think of such a thing?

  5. hvacunits profile image60
    hvacunitsposted 11 years ago

    I depends on how old they are.  But you should always use caution!

  6. clairemy profile image77
    clairemyposted 11 years ago

    Never, the Internet is a prime place for paedophiles to go looking for such material and then the photos would end up on some disgusting porn site.
    Why put your children at risk by doing that?
    face book is a great social networking site, but it needs to be more stringent about what is posted, there are I imagine too many sites that post
    pics of naked children and they are solely there to make money off predatory men and women who are so sick in the mind and body that they would actually want to sexually abuse the child they see.

  7. Illumind profile image59
    Illumindposted 11 years ago

    Depends on you... If you'd let your kid run around on the beach naked, why not?  It's nothing anyone hasn't seen before.  If you only show it to friends and not the general public I don't see much risk.  I'm not sure about Facebook's policy, though.

  8. landscapeartist profile image60
    landscapeartistposted 11 years ago

    I would never post any naked pictures of my kids on any kind of website.  I am sorry if I sound rude but any parent who posts naked pics of their child on the internet is not good parent.
    We nurture our children and protect them from harm.  That is what a good parent does.  It is so easy for hackers and peds to access information and pics.  It wouldn't matter what precautionary steps are taken, they can still access it.  Kids are preyed on all the time stupid moves like posting pics of naked children on the internet are part of the reason why.  They see your naked childs pic and they hack in to find out where you are and then 'BOOM'...your kid disappears.

  9. Brittanie2216 profile image76
    Brittanie2216posted 11 years ago

    No I would not there is no reason to share those on the web.  Any pictures like that don't need to be advertised somewhere where you can't tell who is looking.  All those photos stay at home only for family or people we know to see in photo albums.

  10. Cobrafan profile image81
    Cobrafanposted 11 years ago

    Not a chance. For one, the internet is full pedophiles. And for two, naked baby pictures are great for embarrassing your child when they bring their boyfriends/girlfriends around but not for posting on the internet.

  11. Ramsa1 profile image63
    Ramsa1posted 11 years ago

    I would not. This is a private matter and in some jurisdictions could be viewed as child porn.

  12. Faceless39 profile image90
    Faceless39posted 11 years ago

    Wait..... what?!  No!  There are about a million perverts out there.  NO!

  13. drsohel profile image66
    drsohelposted 11 years ago

    Never. Even a child has it's right. As their age can't permit them to decide, we should do that on our own merit on behalf of them. I don't even like to keep a naked photo of my child in the family photo album.

  14. Time2Spare profile image60
    Time2Spareposted 11 years ago

    No I would never do that..I am sure facebook has a policy for this... Moreover such pics are personal and should be kept personal.

  15. dghbrh profile image77
    dghbrhposted 11 years ago

    I deactivated my FB account long ago. Though i would have never posted a naked pix of my child anywhere online. Why should one do that ? These pix should be kept at home and never should be shared with unknown people as anybody can see them online.

  16. Georgie Lowery profile image90
    Georgie Loweryposted 11 years ago

    Personally, I don't see the big deal about naked babies, Once they can walk, yeah, not so much. Besides, you do have control over who sees what on your Facebook. I don't have kids, though, so I'm not one to answer.

    I have, however, posted a naked picture of ME at 2 years old on Facebook. It was funny.

    1. Ciel Clark profile image72
      Ciel Clarkposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I agree.  I love naked baby pics!  But also, who has an open FB account where anyone can browse?  I know and trust all my FB friends.  Even so, I wouldn't post pics of my boys that I think would embarrass them at a later date.

  17. prettynutjob30 profile image83
    prettynutjob30posted 11 years ago

    No there are way to many sick people in the world today and facebook is a social site.

  18. SayItWithFeeling profile image60
    SayItWithFeelingposted 11 years ago

    No way!  There's no way that would ever happen with me.

  19. profile image0
    danielabramposted 11 years ago

    You do that and you will risk being banned. Totally inappropriate and too personal.

  20. anuws profile image60
    anuwsposted 11 years ago

    No, I would never do that online. Even won't encourage someone else to do so.

  21. profile image57
    Chriselkinsposted 11 years ago

    While it is up to each parent to make that choice for their themselves.  I do not think it is a good idea.  Having been a paralegal I have found that with predators being computer savvy these days there is no reason to put a child at risk when you can share these photos and not make them public.  All one has to do is look up a person's name and general location.  Most map sites provide school information along with address and phone number.  Even if you do not post that child's name which is unlikely, a predator can stalk a child/family and learn the habits and name of the child which will assist them in gaining trust. 

    Furthermore, if someone wants to steal an identity, trolling the internet for pics of children - naked ones or clothes can lead to identity fraud - the person can steal the identity of the child and it will not become apparent til the child reaches adulthood.  Parents do not routinely check the credit of children.  But those who know the internet and know how to use services such as ancestry.com, request birth records from information posted on personal sites, etc. can easily steal the identity of your child(ren).

    If you do post, make pictures private for family/friends only.  Be careful of who you friend and don't post personal information such as names, date of birth, birth hospital, etc.  It seems like innocent information but in the wrong hands it is only going to lead to trouble.

  22. profile image54
    emeralds69posted 11 years ago

    They should not publish naked pictures of their kids on facebook. You may think that facebook is a safe site but its not as safe as you would like it to be. There are so many hackers and sickos out there, they could come across those pictures and think that they have found a goldmine especially the ones that are child predators and into child porn. Don't do it, better if you want to share the pictures with friends and family to do so on a site where you can control the privacy better.


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