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Sauce as Condiment :: Different Kinds of Sauce

Updated on March 14, 2011

Sauce as Condiment

Condiment are used by all people around the world. Sauce is an example of condiment. Sauce are put into food as an addition so that it may add flavor (taste), aroma, moisture to the main dish. Sauces can be in solid and liquid state or ion between. Sauce comes from the Latin word "salsu" meaning salted. it can either contain more solid than liquid. it is found in every parts of the world as part of culinary culture.

Sauces can be prepared at home or can be bought at any supermarkets. You may want to make sauce before you will eat your food specially if you want it hot.

Sauce can be sweet, sour, sweet and sour. They come in white or brown sauce. Sauce can be specific to different culture -- different in taste. it can also be used for dessert. It can be from a vegetable or fruit like tomato -- ketchup. Salad dressing needs sauce. A cook who is an expert in sauce is called saucier.

Ketchup Sauce made of tomato -- most popular sauce

Some Facts About Sauce

There are also many sauces that can be made out of tomato

  • ketchup
  • tomato pancake sauce
  • tomato sauce puree

Sauces can be derived form other vegetables and fruits

Sauces can also be sweet either hot or cold

Sauces can also be used dessert garnish

Sauces can be strained to make sauces out of fruity -- removed the skin and fibers and are sweetened like

  • apple sauce
  • cranberry


Sauce as Condiment in Different Culture

English sauce 
gravy, bread sauce, mint sauce, apple sauce, horseradish sauce, salad cream, ketchup, brown sauce, mustard,Worcestershire sauce, Roman fish sauce garum and custard 
French sauce 
bechamel, espagnole,veloute, Mayonnaise, Hollandaise -- emulsified sauces
Spanish sauce 
pico de gallo and salsas like verde, cocida, roja 
Mexican sauces
sauce is usually cotabined avocado -- mole (combinaiton of chocolate and avocado, similar to Spanish sauces 
Argentine sauces
tomato sauce, cream sauce, or pink sauce (the two mixed).
wasabi, yakisoba, miso used in soup and other dishes, soy sauce, yakitori, ponzu, tonkatsu, okonomiyaki, wasabi joyu, horseradish,
fermentation -- like soy sauce, hoisin, chili, oyster, doubanjiang, sweet bean sauce, sweet and sour sauce
soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegars with chili
Thailand and Vietnam
fish sauce, hoisin sauce, sriracha sauce

Kinds of sauces

Whit sauces :

  • mornay, mushroom, allemande, americaine, supreme, Veloute, yoghurt

Brown sauces

  • Chateaubriand, Bourguignonne, Bordelaise. Charcutiere. Demipoutine. Romesco, Sauce africaine , Sauce au poivre.Robert sauce

Other sauces ;

  • emulsified
  • bechamel family
  • sweet
  • butter
  • sauces made of chopped ingredients

Hot and chili sauces: buffalo, datil pepper, chili, enchilada, zhug, tabasco, fra diabolo

There are hundreds more sauces to choose from and it all depends on what kind of food you are mixing them with or the taste of the person and color. It is a part of every culture, can either be prepared or bought.

Sauce as Condiment

 Seasonings and sauce are considered condiments -and they are add ons to food. They are part of the main menu and give some flavorful and desired taste to it. At times it is the only thing that makes the food yummy. They are usually added in relatively smaller amount because they are concentrated.

Other examples of condiments are : salt, olive oil, vinegar, sugar, ketchup, mustard and mole.

They are usually in one package form as in restaurants and or in bottles or jars.

My favorite condiments as I am an Asian are : soy sauce, vinegar, hoisin and fish sauce.


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