What is the taste that brings you back to childhood?

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  1. profile image0
    Matthew Kirkposted 11 years ago

    For me it is Strawberry Jam on toast made with the perfectly round milk roll! We had it in my nans and went through a loaf a night between me and my 2 brothers!

    1. mvillecat profile image68
      mvillecatposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      My most fond memories of food from childhood are of the candies my mom made at the holidays. Due to living in Georgia, the humidity never allows for candy making except during colder months. Christmas was a time when my mom would pull out an old candy making book from the 50s and make such things as pralines, fudge, and other delights. Great winter memories.

  2. profile image0
    Janhornerposted 11 years ago

    My mother was a wonderful cook!  Lots of things remind me of my childhood.  The one that stands out most is her home made soups; especially the ham one.  We lived between the Scottish border and Newcastle during the fifties, and the winters were very cold.   We had a lovely house which was owned by the forestry commission.  It had a kind of wood burning hob/oven in the dining room.   Although my mother had an electric cooker she would do most of her cooking like stews and soups on this fire burning hob!  When we come home from school in the winter months there was always soup on this hob ready to warm you through!  It was so delicious, and I've never tasted anything so good and would just love to taste a cup of this again.

    My mum did the most amazing things with so little money because these years were not that long after world war 11.  Me and my two sisters never went hungry or without warm clothes because she would revamp things and sit for hours in the evening stitching garments by hand.  What a fab mum we had and out home was spotless!  Sadly she passed away some years ago but we were very lucky indeed to have her as our mum.

  3. PaisleeGal profile image82
    PaisleeGalposted 11 years ago

    I was blessed to have my childhood filled with an abundance of wonderful memories. Many of the food ones where made at my Grands house. Banana nut bread and homemade chocolate chip cookies oh and Doublemint gum--- my Grandma almost always had cookies in the "Thou Shalt Not Steal" cookie jar, BN bread wrapped in foil in fridge and DM gum in her purse. The gum she would always give us grandkids a half piece when we sat next to her in church... at the end of service if we where good we got the other half.

  4. Dame Scribe profile image58
    Dame Scribeposted 11 years ago

    I'd have to say, pumpkin pie lol absolute favorite though I must watch amounts I eat now, but has to be my all time favorite smile

  5. profile image53
    CrazyHubposted 11 years ago

    Semolina cereal tongue

    1. PaisleeGal profile image82
      PaisleeGalposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      CrazyHub ... what is Semolina cereal? I use pasta made from semolina.

    2. profile image0
      Matthew Kirkposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      This is also a mystery to me, but I want it!

  6. Dame Scribe profile image58
    Dame Scribeposted 11 years ago

    It's like that cereal, 'Cream of Wheat' smile it's awesome!

    1. PaisleeGal profile image82
      PaisleeGalposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Good to know... I like cream of wheat .. haven't had it in years tho... good for cold winter mornings... Thanks Dame!

  7. Healthy Pursuits profile image82
    Healthy Pursuitsposted 11 years ago

    Warm bread with real butter. We used to wait on the porch on bread baking days.  When the first loaf came out, our mother would pass slices of warm bread with butter on it out the door for us to eat. She used to laugh because she didn't even need to check whether or not we were there. We'd just see a hand come out the door three times with bread in it, and we'd take it.

    Also beef stew with tomato base in winter.

    1. profile image0
      Matthew Kirkposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Yum! Warm bread - I'm there!

  8. habee profile image91
    habeeposted 11 years ago

    Sometimes when I got home from school, Mom would have made fried fruit pies.

    Ice cold watermelon and peaches take me back to childhood summers.

    The aroma of meat sizzling over charcoal is another great childhood food memory.

    I still can't smell or taste homemade dressing (stuffing) without thinking of Mom's cornbread dressing she made for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  9. Aficionada profile image80
    Aficionadaposted 11 years ago

    Oh, for me it has to be a bowl of blackeyed peas and its broth ("pot liquor") with Southern cornbread crumbled in it. Mmmmmmm, my comfort food of choice!  In fact, just thinking about it made me so nostalgic I decided to fix some for supper. Snacking on the very underdone peas reminds me of boiled green peanuts, another flavor that takes me back to childhood.

    I'm getting all misty-eyed now....

  10. Cardisa profile image88
    Cardisaposted 11 years ago

    The truth is I hated food...yes....I did! My aunt used to  fuss and cuss about me wasting food. I remember my breakfast being left on the table all day and I had to at least have it for lunch. As I grew older I changed.

    But I do have one special food memory and it's the first time I had fried rice. Every time I hear a particular song being played I remember that day. We were on a road trip and we stopped at a Chinese restaurant and my aunt asked me if I would like the fried rice and I said yes. I expected that the rice would actually be fried, like fried chicken or other regular fried food. or a decade I wondered how the hell these people fried the rice! lol Each time I hear that song, I remember the taste of the rice.

    1. PaisleeGal profile image82
      PaisleeGalposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Cardisa ... what's the song that reminds you of that road trip? Just curios?

      1. Cardisa profile image88
        Cardisaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Weird, I only can remember the song when I hear it. It's a local song from the 70s.

  11. profile image0
    meclasonposted 10 years ago

    Even though I'm not that far from childhood (I'm in college), I'd have to say my mother's chocolate chip cookies. She actually went into labor with me while baking them, and refused to leave the house until they were done. I was almost born on our kitchen floor as a result! Ever since, Mom's made them for me every year on my birthday. It seems like in every photo of my birthday parties you can see me eating one of those cookies, so they've kind of defined my childhood.

    1. Aficionada profile image80
      Aficionadaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Great story!

  12. teaches12345 profile image77
    teaches12345posted 10 years ago

    Having a warm tortilla with just a pat of butter.  Also, oatmeal with raisins for breakfast.  I may have to have some today!

  13. Mighty Mom profile image78
    Mighty Momposted 10 years ago

    Such healthy, wholesome childhoods you all had!

    I'd have to go with Koolaid (or Hawaiian Punch)
    Jiffy Pop
    Hydrox (not Oreo) cookies and Yodels.
    Howard Johnson hot dogs (with rolls that are grilled on the side)
    Black cherry Jello with peaches in the bottom and canned whip cream on top

    I did eat some normal food but these are the quintessential things that would (if I were to consume any of them today) instantly transport me back to the 1960s!

    1. Repairguy47 profile image61
      Repairguy47posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Gotta love Bugles!

      1. Mighty Mom profile image78
        Mighty Momposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Put one on each finger and eat them off one by one. That makes them taste even better!
        Mmmmm. Mmmmm.

  14. Barbara Kay profile image74
    Barbara Kayposted 10 years ago

    Apples have to top the list. My dad had an apple orchard and sold apples. We ate so many that I can't forget those memories. Another one is my Grandmothers homemade noodles and beef. They were good.

  15. Michael Willis profile image67
    Michael Willisposted 10 years ago

    The "center homemade biscuit." Grandma always made her biscuits from scratch and I always got the center biscuit. Living next door was awesome. She always saved the middle biscuit for me and even used a larger pan so there would be more than one!

  16. Thelma Alberts profile image91
    Thelma Albertsposted 10 years ago

    The taste of vegetables cooked in coconut milk. Yummy!


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