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1-99 Fishing Guide P2P & F2P 2012 - Runescape 99 Fishing Guide 2012 guide to 99 fishing

Updated on August 18, 2013

1-99 Fishing Guide Runescape 2012 (for F2P and P2P)

The Fishing skill can be trained as a member or non-member. There are a lot more features and accessible items and places for members, though.
The 99 fishing cape represents wealth. With 99 fishing, many players will have several millions. Depending on the GE prices it can be anything between 30M to 50M (since the rocktails and cavefish update it should be between 40M and 50M). At the beginning, training fishing to 99 can be quite boring, because you won’t catch any special fish or so.
Many non-members train the fishing skill in order to catch lobsters and make some (rather slow) money.
Now to the 99 fishing guide. There will be a separate F2P 1-99 fishing guide and afterwards a member 1-99 fishing guide.

99 Fishing Cape


99 Fishing Guide for F2P 2012

1-5: There isn’t anything exciting about this stage. All you can do is to fish crayfish at Lumbridge. You will get 10 xp per crayfish and I recommend you to drop them instantly, so you will do more xp faster. You will have to catch about 40 crayfish.

5-10: A fishing rod and baits are required at this part. You are going to catch sardines at Lumbridge or Draynor. You will receive 20 xp per successfully caught sardine.

10-15: We continue with herrings at Al Kharid. You will get 30 xp per herring and you will need a fishing rod and baits to be able to catch them.

15-20: You will have to return to Draynor in order to catch anchovies with a small fishing net. Experience points will go faster, because you will get 40 xp per caught anchovie.

20-30: To make these ten levels you are required to have a flying fishing net and feathers. At the barbarian village there are several fishing spots to catch trouts. You will get 50 xp per caught trout. You can either drop these or store them at your bank in Varrock.

30-45/99: You remain at the barbarian village, where you will be able to catch salmons beside trouts. Salmons give 70 xp and you also need a flying fishing rod and feathers. Everything after salmons are only for money-making purposes such as lobsters and will not make you faster xp.

99 Powerfishing

Instead of always banking the salmons and trout you can also drop them. This is generally called powerfishing, because you increase your rate of experience per hour, but you make no money from it.

Catching Rocktails from 90-99


99 Fishing Skill Cape (handmade)


99 Fishing Guide for P2P 2012

The guide is identical to the F2P guide up to level 30.

Afterwards, you can fly fish to 90 at Shilo Village (unofficial fishing world is world 22), Seer’s Village or at the river at the Fishing Guild. But there is also an alternative way of training fish, though not this fast, but with a lot more profit.

40-62: You will catch a lot of lobsters at this part. You need a lobster cage in order to be able to catch them. They make about 45k to 60k and more xp per hour, which is good, and also some nice money.

62-85: You will catch many monkfish at this level. They make some very nice money and about 30k – 45k xp per hour. An alternative is also to catch lobsters rather than monkfish. I, personally, have caught lobsters to 85. But I also didn’t have the quest “Swan’s Song”, which is required to unlock the ability of catch monkfish.

85-90: You can finally catch the good stuff. At level 85, you are able to catch the valuable cavefish. They give 300 xp per caught cavefish and also very good money per hour. Unofficial worlds, where many players catch these, are world 84 and world 77.

90-99: Rocktails is your fish to go to 99 fishing. They make extremely much money until 99 and 380 xp per caught rocktail. You make roughly 48k xp per hour and in that cave, where you fish them, there is a deposit box, so you can store them there and don’t have to walk all your way to the bank. Unofficial worlds, where many players catch these, are world 84 and world 77.

I hope this 99 Fishing guide could help you and give you some fast levels.
Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading

This guy gets 99 fishing cape and does 99 fishing emote!


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