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1-99 Range Guide P2P 2013 Runescape - fastest way to 99 Range Guide 2013 (with alternatives)

Updated on August 17, 2013

Ranged can be trained in Runescape as F2P and P2P. As usual, P2Pers will have it easier to achieve the desired level of 99 range. There are many strong weapons and armours that will help you to kill monsters.

In this 99 ranged guide, I will tell you about the fastest way to train 1-99 ranged and also tell you which places are very recommendable to go to and kill the monsters there. In the last part, you will read about what armour to wear at what levels while training range to 99.

99 Ranged Skill Cape

99 Range Chinchompa inventory

mbyL's 1-99 Range Guide 2012

You will normally train with bronze arrows are steel/iron arrows, because they are the least expensive. Alternatively, you can take knives or darts (I recommend knives) that are faster than arrows. The only exception is the red chinchompa method at the end.

1-20: Simply train on cows or chickens in Lumbridge. You can pick up the feathers of the chickens, because they are a stackable item and maybe make some small money during this period.
It is also possible to go into the house in Edgeville that is north-west of the bank. This house is full of men, only waiting to be killed, making it to a very nice training spot.

20-30: It is recommended that you kill hill giants at this level. A very good place would be the Edgevile dungeon of this or the Edgeville resourse dungeon, which is usually less crowded and better.


I was asked a question regarding this step:


Aren't hill giants pretty resistant to ranged attacks? Wouldn't training them from 30-50 be tedious?


As a F2P one does not have many other options. But no they aren't. 30-50 doesn't take long and normally people can endure the tediance of killing them. I know they aren't super-exciting and the actual problem is that these places are at some times overcrowded, you know. There is plus killing them! They drop some nice stuff occasionally. There is, of course, nicer and better drops out there, but training there is beneficial in terms of experience and drops. Yeah, you even make some money hehe ;).


30-50: If you are a member, you can train on rock crabs, which are in Rellekka. You need the quest “The Fremmenik Trials” in order to do this. You can also kill yaks on Neitznot, which also require the same quest. Yaks are an especially good training spots if using knives, because they have 500 hitpoints, a combat level of only 22 and they nearly never hit, making them to an ideal place to level ranged to 99 and other combat skills.
Other possibilities are to kill moss giants or simply guards.

50-70: Lesser demons are very good at this stage of your 1-99 ranged training. They are found in the Karamja volcano or in Taverley and there are various safe spots.

70-80/99: You continue with fire giants. They are located in the Waterfall dungeon, in the Brimhaven dungeon or in the Chaos tunnel. They also drop valuable things, so you will also make some money there.

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80-99: This method is done by players, who have about 30m: You will buy many red chinchompas. These monsters respectively throwing weapons will explode and hit all other enemies in a 3x3 square, allowing you to make multiple xp (because you can hit 9 skeletons at the same time). You need a special inventory: 4 (extreme) ranging potions, 2 sharks (in case you will be hit), 2 anti-poisons, a teleport tablet and the rest is filled with (extreme) prayer potions. The monsters to kill are skeletons in the Ape Atoll dungeon (you also might want to take a greegree with you).

80-99 Range with Chinchompa

Alternative ways to train range 1-99

Dwarf Cannon: You could also train with the dwarf cannon in case you have a slayer task, where you can kill multiple enemies. I did this, but it also costs a lot and should only be done for a certain amount of time or if you are a super-billionaire.

The one disadvantage is that you don't get hitpoints experience. The strength of you cannon is defined by your attack and strength level. The maximum hit is 300.

Circus: If you aren’t training ranged, but any other skill, you can go to the circus once a week for about 15 minutes and train ranged (and magic and agility) there. You won’t make millions of xp there, but if you are training slayer or runecrafting, then you will make some decent xp in the circus over a longer time frame.

ALL 99 emotes

Armour from 1-99 range

1-40: You don’t have too much choice of which armour to take and that’s why take the best armour you can.

40-60: Always take the next best dragon hide armour to wear. Other things you should wear are snakesking boots, archer’s helm, archer’s ring, Ava’s Accumulator (requires the easy quest “Animal Magnetism”), an amulet of glory and the Zammorak book.

At 40, you can get full void. You will have to do a the void mini-game for this special armour. The full outfit will give you a boost of 15% in range (which is invisible).

70+: Black dragon hide amour, robin hood or archer’s helm, archer’s ring, fury amulet or ranging amulet, Ava’s Accumulator, snakeskin boots or ranging boots.

If you can afford it, take armadyl armour or pernix.

I hope this 99 Range guide could help you and give you some fast levels and money.
Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading!

Copyright © 2012 by mbyL a.k.a. Slaven Cvijetic. All rights reserved.


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