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99 Agility Guide Runescape 2012 - Runescape Agility Levelling Guide 1-99 Ape Atoll Agility course, Agility Pyramid 2012

Updated on August 18, 2013

Runescape Agility Guide 1-99 2012

The agility skill is a member-only skill and belongs to one of the most time-consuming skills in Runescpae. It is advisable to make another skill first, as this can take a lot of time and be boring at some points.
This guide will provide you with the fastest way(s) to get 99 agility and have another nice skill cape in your inventory. The following guide will tell you where you should go to train agility as fast as possible to 99. Benefits of the 99 agility skill are besides the skill cape, many short cuts, faster run energy recovery and many more.

99 Agility Cape


Advanced Barbarian Outpost

mbyL's 99 Agility Guide 2012

1-35: Gnome Agility Course (in Gnome Tree Village).
Amount of xp per hour: 9k

35-52: Barbarian Outpost Course (in west of the Barbarian outpost mini-game).
Amount of xp per hour: 13.5k

52-75: Wilderness Course (in west of the mage bank in the wilderness [50+])
Amount of xp per hour: 40.3k
As you can see, you will be getting a lot more xp after 52.

75-85: Ape Atoll course (in Ape Atoll).
Amount of xp per hour: 45k

85-90: Gnome Advanced Course (also in Gnome Village).
Amount of xp per hour: 57k

90-99: Advanced Barbarian Outpost (also in the Barbarian Outpost mini-game).
Amount of xp per hour: in average 65k!

The Advanced Barbarian Outpost will now be our new home until you reach 99 agility!

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If training at the Advanced Barbarian Outpost should be too boring for you, you can also chose an alternative more exciting agility course like the Ape Atoll agility course.

I hope this 99 Agility guide could help you and give you some fast levels.
Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading!

This guy got 99 Agility and does 99 Agility emote!


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    • profile image

      CrimsonChin69 4 years ago

      Me finks tha i cann gets like 99 agility if i trys really hard. fanks for the guide pal now i just needs to ask my mammy for memberships but maybuh i could do nover duck race and get all the geepee and scamming dem noobs outta there lunch moneyz. Btw guys anyone wanna buy me a new chiefs hat 4 me i lost my old ones at the goblin place fing it wasn't cool i cried a little maybe poo fell out my pants too but me not sure yet brb checking....... no dim poop. so basicly guys my names crimson and i'm like so class i finks see coz my mam fings i'm cool..



      Description - Rag like features

      Reward: Sapper fing

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 4 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      According to this guide and given that Runescape didn't make any new changes, it does take some time. Be prepared to train this skill for let's say 6-10 months. This process can be sped up with brawling gloves, agility clothing etc. Hope this helps and thanks for your comment!

      Spread the word, mate! "mbyL on HubPages" ;)

      (Would help me in return)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      nice guide, but how long time will it take to reach 99from 70?

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 4 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      Good luck on that, mate! Thanks for the comment and hey, tell your friends 'bout me guides ;)

    • profile image

      07C 4 years ago

      Thanks ^^ I used your 1-99 runecrafting guide and after 3-4 weeks of rcing I got 99 ^^ i'm hopeful to get 99 agility now!!!

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 5 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      Thanks for your comment jakob! I'm glad you like it ;). If you want you can tell your friends about mbyL's (my) guides - would help me in return ;). See ya around!!

    • profile image

      jakob r 5 years ago

      thanks, im going to use this. (: