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Runescape Cooking Guide 1-99 2012 - fast 99 Cooking Guide P2P for Runescape

Updated on August 18, 2013

99 Cooking Cape


99 Cooking Guide for Runescape (2012) - fastest cooking method to 99 cooking

Cooking is a skill that can be trained both in member worlds and F2P worlds, although the possibilities in non-member worlds are quite limited. The cooking skill belongs to one of the fastest 99 skills in Runescape history, if not the fastest of all skills. That’s why many players prefer to make cooking 99 first as it also costs nearly nothing (or even some nice profit can be obtained).
In this guide, I’ll show you the fastest way to get 99 cooking and that as a member or a F2P.
At the bottom of this 99 cooking guide, there are some additional helpful items that will make your training more successful.

I will start with the F2P guide first, because it is simpler and some parts at the beginning are also valid for the member 99 cooking guide.

mbyL's F2P 1-99 Cooking Guide

1-15: Shrimps. You will need 81 successfully cooked shrimps. Buy 100 shrimps, because you are going to burn some. At this stage, there isn’t any other choice than shrimp cooking.

15-40: Trouts. You will need 498 successfully cooked trouts. So buy 600-630 to stay on the safe side. You will get 70xp per successfully cooked trout.

40-99: The fastest way to train as a F2P-er are lobsters at this level. In order to get 99 cooking, you will have to cook 108’311 lobsters successfully. You get 120 xp per cooked lobster what are 120k xp per hour.

As you can see, you will be cooking many different types of fishes and especially lobsters in order to get 99 cooking.
If you want to train even faster, then you should subscribe to Runescape membership and read the 1-99 cooking guide for P2P.

mbyL's 1-99 Cooking Guide P2P

1-15: See above.

15-35: 286 successfully cooked trouts.

35-68: 5872 successfully cooked tunas. You get 100 xp per cooked tuna. You should buy about 6000-6300 raw tunas in case you burn some.

68-90: 33511 successfully cooked lobsters with Cooking Gauntlets. At this level, you will not burn any lobsters anymore and it is the fastest way to gain xp at this point.

90-95: 22835 successfully cooked monkfishes with Cooking Gauntlets. You won’t burn any monkfishes if you wear the Cooking Gauntlets. You get 150 xp per successfully cooked monkfish.

95-99: 18947 successfully cooked rocktails with Cooking Gauntlets. You will make unbelievable 225k xp per hour! And at this level, you also won’t burn any rocktails too!

As a member, getting cooking 99 will be quite fast, because you make enormous amounts of xp per hour and with the brawling gauntlets and xp-weekends even more! 99 Cooking is also achieved by many players in Runescape, because as already said, it takes up only little time.

Read along for additional tips and tricks and helpful items and suitable places to get 99 cooking even faster!

Fastest 1-99 cooking training


Helpful Items and Places to get 99 cooking faster

Cooking Gauntlets: The Cooking Gauntlets are obtained after the completion of the quest “Family’s Crest”. I strongly recommend you to do this quest, because it doesn’t take too long and the Cooking Gauntlets increase your chance of successfully cooking fish drastically. Additionally, you will stop burning your fish at a certain level (different levels for different fish type – for example, you will stop burning rocktails at 95 with these gauntlets).

Dwarven Army Axe: This is just a small bonus, because wearing it will give you 3 additional experience points.

Places: I strongly recommend you to cook at Rogue’s Den, because there is an eternal fire and a bank just some steps away making it to the best cooking place.

An even better place would be the Chef's guild! In order to train cooking there, you must have completed the Hard Varrock task. Otherwise, they won't let you cook there.

I hope this guide could help you and give you some ideas.
Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading!

Runescape cooking joke


All 99 emotes


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