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Runescape guide to 99 construction guide 2012 2013- cheap 99 construction runescape building a house with mahogany table

Updated on August 18, 2013

Runescape guide to 99 construction guide - building your own house in Runescape

Construction is a member-only skill. In Runescape, you are able to create a “player owned house” or for short: POH. There are many, many extremely useful benefits and advantages of having a high level house in Runescape. There are various teleports, where one can use them, an own altar can be created in order to recharge your prayer points and bury bones there, so you can make incredible xp. But also an own dungeon with monsters and traps in it can be built and many other features.
Construction is a very expensive skill. That is why not many players want or have the money to train it to 99.
In this guide, you will read about several methods. An easy, cheap 1-99 construction guide, an expensive, but very (very) fast 1-99 construction guide and some other tips and tricks, which can help you to make even more xp per hour in training construction from 1-99!

Training construction from 1 – 99

Until level 40, which enables the usage of a servant, the player should set the settings of the house such that by entering or teleporting to the house, it will be already in construction mode.
To train construction this must efficiently, the player should use a servant (more at the end of this construction guide). But before you are able to use them (level 40 is needed) you should change your house options so you enter the building mode directly when you enter the house portal.
You will always need plenty of duel rings and house tabs. Take several house tabs in your inventory. If you are not so rich the house teleport spell is an alternative (which also gains some magic xp, but uses up more space in your inventory). Always bank at castle wars, because the treasure is a one click bank and the nearest of all.

mbyL's Cheap 99 construction guide

1-8: crude wooden chairs (needs regular planks, a saw, a hammer, any kind of nails)

8-22: regular wooden chairs (needs normal planks, a saw, a hammer, any kind of nails)

22-33: oak dining tables (needs oak planks, a saw, a hammer)

33-74: oak larders (needs oak planks, a saw, a hammer). I extremely recommend you to make use of a butler (servant) as soon as you reach level 40. Otherwise, this method is not this advisable. Never forget to have some money in your inventory as you have to pay your butler (or demon butler) to bring you more planks.
Bonus Advice: If you have a good timing, then you should always send your butler (or demon butler) when you have received your 16 planks, so he can get 16 other planks, while you are training construction and he will be back right then when you need new planks. Repeat this process and you can thoroughly make oak larders.

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74-99: Now, it’s time to make some serious amount of xp per hour! You will love training it now, because you will get a huge amount of experience. To the strategy!
You are going to make oak dungeon doors! For this, you need a dungeon in your cellar, oak planks, a saw, a hammer and money for your butler (or demon butler), so he can go and get you more oak planks, while you are building these doors. Your butler will return right then, when you have finished building the oak dungeon doors. Don’t lose any time and order your servant instantly to supply you with new planks, while you are making the doors. Again, the bonus advice above also works here of course.
Normally, you will make from 200k to 250k xp per hour. And the xp will be doubled with these stealing creation hammers. Imagine this, 400k-500k xp per hour!! And that was only the cheap (and slower) way.

99 construction with skill cape and emot

mbyL's Expensive and fast 99 construction guide

The training up to level 52 is the same as in the cheap method. As soon as you have reached level 52, you will make mahogany tables. They require mahogany planks, a hammer, a saw and money for your servant (butler or demon butler), which works exactly as in the bonus advice.
This method costs more but you can make 350k to 400k xp per hour and with the stealing creation hammers you can make 700k to unbelievable 800k xp per hour!! Levelling like a bau5!

Using the expensive method will make you level construction even faster than cooking to 99. If you have the money, then I would opt for this faster method and use stealing creation hammers to waste less money, but train a LOT faster 1-99 construction.


How to get a servant in Runescape for construction

The place, where you can get a servant is in the servants’ guild, which is north of the central market in East Ardougne. At that place, you have to speak with the master servant, who will explain you the functions of a servant. There are five different servants. Depending how high your level in construction is you are also able to be provided by their services.
Their services have a wide range. It ranges from cooking a meal to fetching some stuff in you bank and bring it to you or even going to the sawmill and convert logs into planks for you.
Of course, you will have to pay an initial amount of money for their services and also their wages. You can dismiss them to any point of time.

How to make them fetch things for you

Simply right-click on your servant and use the option 'Fetch-from-bank'. The servant will go to your bank and get the things you ordered them to bring it to you, which you might need to train construction more efficiently. If your servant has recently fetched an item for you, the item will be displayed at the beginning, so you can order them to get a certain item faster, if it is always the same. This is very practical for training construction, because you will always need your servant to get the same item such as planks etc.

I hope this 99 Construction guide could help you and give you some fast levels.
Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Comments can be written as a guest user (no account required). There are many other Runescape 99 Guides on my profile, too! Thanks for reading!

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