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DOTA Hero Tips: Dark Terror the Faceless Void

Updated on October 30, 2012
Dark Terror the Faceless Void Profile
Dark Terror the Faceless Void Profile

Dark Terror the Faceless Void

Are you looking for an agility-type hero who can single-handedly carry a whole team towards victory? Don’t look elsewhere since Faceless Void is undoubtedly put an end to your search. This hero is infamous in DOTA for his bashing ability and ultimate skill (Chronosphere) which stops time in a certain area disabling both all units from moving or casting any spell. Invisibility won’t work inside this sphere as well. A well-farmed Dark Terror can eliminate a tough tank like Centaur Warchief or Tide Hunter in a matter of seconds. They won’t be able to fight back since Dark Terror’s bashing ability is one of the most powerful, if not the best, in DOTA. However, he is prone to harassment during the early part of the game mainly because of his measly innate health points. Despite with the aid of his second skill (Time Lock) he is still regarded as an easy kill in the hands of Demon Witch, Slayer, Invoker, and other heroes who have a destructive set of skills on their offensive arsenal. For aspiring Dark Terror the Faceless Void users out there, here is a complete guide on how to effectively maneuver your way out of early game bullies and successfully carry your team towards victory in the late game.

Dark Terror the Faceless Void Skills
Dark Terror the Faceless Void Skills

Time Walk

This skill is Faceless Void’s primary defense mechanism. Aside from granting him the ability to move from one place to another in an instant, it slows down enemy units in a small area upon landing which makes it a perfect skill for chasing as well. Time Walk is usually used prior Faceless Voids ultimate skill (Chronosphere) to surprise enemy heroes. Upgrading this skill at least one level early is imperative particularly of your lane partner can’t offer any skill that can keep you protected from enemy harassment. Use this skill wisely since its cooldown time is quite long. If possible, jump to a higher or lower terrain to make it almost impossible for chasing enemy heroes to catch up.


Faceless Void won’t find it hard to survive early or late game harassment with this skill. At highest level, this skill provides 25% chance for Faceless Void to block both physical and magical attacks. This skill made him a pain for heroes who rely on one powerful single-target ultimate spell such as Lion the Demon Witch and Lina Inverse the Slayer. Upgrading this skill should be a priority if enemy heroes occupying your lane are efficient early game harassers like Huskar the Sacred Warrior and Clinx the Bone Fletcher. Probably the only way to counter this skill is by purchasing a Monkey King Bar which grants your physical attack with 100% accuracy.

Time Lock

Faceless Void is among the best agility-type carries in DOTA because of this skill. Only a few can keep up with him during the late game since most heroes simply can’t move. Aside from the bashing effect, this skill also grants bonus damage making it even deadlier. Majority of Faceless Void users rush Mask of Madness to make the most out of this skill’s power. Though this strategy is effective in most cases, always remember that such item will greatly weaken its user once activated so you must only use it in conjunction with Faceless Void’s ultimate skill (Chronosphere).


Chronosphere is one of the best initiating skills in DOTA. Once this skill is casted, it creates a sphere where only Faceless Void can move freely. Both enemy and allied units caught inside can’t do a thing. Buying an Aghanim’s Scepter will improve this skill’s duration but it’s not advisable since items that can help increase Faceless Void’s physical attack damage and rate should be prioritized more. Be sure to cast this spell accordingly since leaving one enemy hero outside the sphere could mean danger to your allies. Heroes with exceptional range like Kardel the Dwarven Sniper and Traxex the Drow Ranger works well with this skill as they can freely hit enemy heroes inside the sphere while maintain a safe distance.

Early Game

Faceless Void is expected to have a hard time in this stage of the game. This is why he needs to have a reliable lane partner like Omniknight the Purist and Dazzle the Shadow Priest.Heroes who have strong lane presence like Razor the Lightning Revenant and Kael the Invoker are also good choices. You have two options if we are referring to skill build. You can either focus on Dark Terrors first (Time Walk) or second skill (Backtrack). Upgrading Faceless Void’s third (Time Lock) and ultimate skill (Chronosphere) is imperative regardless if you decide to go defensive or offensive. Just farm and earn as much gold and experience in your lane. Once you managed to purchase Mask of Death, proceed to the jungle for a much safer farming.

Mid Game

Don’t join ambushes unless it’s really near where you are farming and your team has the advantage. Continue killing neutral creeps until you have at least a Power Threads and Mask of Madness in your inventory. Killing an intelligence-type or an agility-type hero with no defensive attributes is easy with these items at hand while using Faceless Void’s ultimate skill (Chronosphere). Your next goal is The Butterfly or Assault Cuirass. If up against enemy heroes with strong physical attack, prioritize the first. However, if majority of enemy heroes rely on spells to bring upon massive amounts of damage, purchasing a Heart of Tarasque or Hood of Defiance is the best option you have.

Late Game

Faceless Void’s true power will manifest on this stage of the game. With the right item set, he can be unstoppable. Your main goal must be to eliminate at least one enemy hero before your ultimate skill’s effect expires. A Battle Fury can be handy in this situation since it grants cleaving damage providing you the chance to kill multiple enemies with your ultimate skill activated. Buriza Do Kyanon and Monkey King Bar are also good items for Faceless Void because both of them grant substantial bonus damage. Some Faceless Void users purchase Refresher Orb to cast his ultimate skill (Chronosphere) twice. Although this strategy is quite effective, it’s only fitted if your team has another ranged carry that can help kill enemy heroes without being affected by the skill.

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