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Video Game Tips, Cheats, and Reviews

Updated on August 8, 2008

Video Games

A video game is essentially any game that involves interaction between a person and a display device. There are many different gaming consoles that vary between the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and a few other consoles, including your own personal computer, Nintendo DS, and a few nearly obsolete game consoles.

The improvements and innovations between the older systems and the new consoles have been great and varied. Today, your basic video game can include a wide range of sounds and graphics that can range from a child-like simplicity to a more realistic feel.

Choose your video games wisely, as they are not the cheapest disks, or cartridges, in the world. The average video game, purchased new, can range from $30 to $60+.

I'd recommend a little research in game reviews before you run out and buy the newest releases.

Below, you can check out the walkthroughs, cheats, and reviews, that I have compiled over the past several months.

Wii Video Games

The third game in its series, GH3 for the Wii console is great! Find out the cheats, character unlockables, and guitar unlockables, to make your gaming experience all the more fun.

Inspired by a Manga Anime series, this Wii game is interesting, to say the least. Check out the basic walkthrough for the game and all the cheats that you'll need to beat it in its entirety.

Find all the cheats and tips that you'll need to succeed in PBR. This game is different than the other Pokemon games in that it's all battle and little story and adventure.

A cute kids' game, Bomberman returns on the Nintendo Wii console. Although, there are just a few cheats and unlockables, you'll find them here, as well as a pretty extensive game review.

Nintendo Wii, Remote, & Nunchuk

The Classic Mario games have definitely improved. Super Mario Galaxy is probably one of the more advances Mario games. The makers introduced new features and better graphics. You can check out the basic gameplay, advancements, and cheats.

Kidz Sports is an interesting sports series that Nintendo has released. The graphics and design is not nearly as elaborate as other video games for Wii, but for children, it's still fun. Check out International Soccer, Ice Hockey, and Basketball.

Another kids sports game for the Wii console. Backyard Football allows you to play as some of the great football players from your favorite teams, but you won't see them as tall adults. You'll be playing your favorite teams as children. The game is far from realistic, but remember that it's designed for kids.

Some of the newest games to be released for Wii include Karaoke Revolution: American Idol, SEGA Bass Fishing, and Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None. All three of these games are fun and entertaining, each with their own specialty that makes a video game great.

Computer Games

Crysis is a very interesting game, that I personally, would like to see in a movie. The storyline is an intersting one, at that. Anyway, you'll find the storyline and walkthrough, as well as, all the cheats that you'll need to beat the AI and the North Koreans.

Kane and Lynch is actually formatted as a PC game, in addition to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so if the game sounds interesting after you read the walkthrough, then definitely check it out for you console. Here's the gist: two men- 1 a psychopath and 1 a mercenary- must survive together in order to get home.

Another game that's not just for PC, you can find BioShock for you Xbox 360, as well. The game is essentially a sci-fi first person shooter game. Find all the cheats and patches that you will need for both the PC and Xbox versions of the game.

The Orange Box is a great deal. When you purchase the one box, you receive 4 games in one- Half Life Episode 1, Half Life Episode 2, The Portal, and Team Fortress 2. The games are formatted for Xbox 260, PlayStation 3, and PC. You'll find cheats for all three system versions.

Xbox Video Games

Madden NFL 08 has been a pretty big hit among recent football video games. Find all the cheats and tips that you'll need to beat your favorite teams in this virtual football field.

Another popular footbal video game, includes All Proo Football 2K8. This game is different than Madden NFL because instead of playing on nonfictional football teams, you're playing with fictional teams. Find out what achievements you can earn by playing 2K8.

Halo 3 Cheats

Find all sorts of Halo 3 cheats. If you're having problems beating the game, or you're just curious as to the unlockables and cheats, you'll find what you need here. You'll find all the armor unlockables, terminals, and achievements.

Every good game has its Easter Eggs. In Halo 3, you'll find yourself hunting for various skulls that you can use to aid you throughout the game. Find out where to find these skulls and what their individual effect is.

There are various Spartan and Elite armor that you can unlock throughout the game. Each armor has its own aesthetic appeal and use. You can even customize your armor with your favorite colors. Find out the difference between each armor style and how to unlock them.

Other Kids' Games

Nintendogs can be played by kids and adults of all ages. But, it's really geared towards kids. In the game, you get to raise and train your own virtual puppy. Find cheats and tips to excell in training and caring for you puppy.

The new beanie baby crazy has upgraded in the form of Webkinz. These plush animals contain a special code that allows you to jump online in a virtual world to play games with these animals. You can name them and care for them. Make fun recipes and win KinzCash.

There are a handful of really good video games that are not only fun but educational. You child will love them. I'd try out the Jumpstart computer games or the hand held Leapster Leapfrog or V.Smile games.


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