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Old Vintage 1960 LIFE Magazines - Kennedy - Nixon - Nigeria

Updated on February 16, 2011

LIFE Magazines - An American Icon

Like historic icons, old Vintage LIFE magazines were American's window on the nation and world. This original September 26, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine portrays what was on America's mind that week - the top national news stories, world events, and the important social issues of the time. Packed with vintage ads and vivid photo essays, LIFE magazines gave Americans the stories and the pictures that helped shape their perceptions of the world around them.

LIFE magazines chronicled America's state of affairs, and American's interests in detailed and colorful ways that people looked forward to each week. Doing research on the Internet just doesn't have the same satisfaction as holding a real piece of America's past in your hands.

Old Vintage September 26, 1960 LIFE Magazines - Jackie Kennedy - Pat Nixon - Free Nigeria - Vintage Ads
Old Vintage September 26, 1960 LIFE Magazines - Jackie Kennedy - Pat Nixon - Free Nigeria - Vintage Ads

Front Cover: Fluffy Ostrich cape is high point of American designer Norell's newsmaking collection which brings some of the roaring 20's razzle-dazzle back in style

Feature Stories:

  • Campaign Fashion Fus: This issue is full of controversy and questions, and it starts on a whimsical note that could only happen in the welter of an American campaign. Jackie Kennedy and Pat Nixon got into an argument over their clothes, and while the brouhaha was going on, Designer Norman Norell, whose latest fashions made the news on their own found himself in the middle of it.
  • The Farm Fight: On the serious side of campaign controversy, LIFE continues its Background for Voting series. This week, the bitter farm policy feud: its causes and the cures each candidate proposes.
  • Hassle Over Bones: Osteopathic medicine, a storm center among doctors since its founding 75 years ago, has come far towards full recognition, but it still has one more bone to pick with the AMA
  • Question Over Nigeria: Its new leaders well trained under British rule. Higeria hopefully awaits independence without chaos, even though some probllems are posed by sectional and regional rivalries.

Table of Contents:

This Week's Events:

  • That Fancy fashion Fuss - Pat and Jackie bring an engaging twist to the campaign
  • Norell's Styles bring a fuss all their own
  • Two windy Ladies on The Warpath - Donna and Ethel bring havoc to U.S. coasts
  • A Look at the World Week
  • Kennedy's hand, and thousands more, the Democratic candidate hits his stride on coast-to-coast vote getting tour

Editorial: Palaver vs. Power

Photographic Essay: The hopeful launching of a proud and free Nigeria: new nation is a model of preparation in a turbulent continent. Photographed for LIFE by Eliot Elisofon


  • Background for Voting - Part II, battle for the farm - how the two parties would solve the problem
  • Rising fortunes of U.S. bone setters - osteopaths have first-rate medical schools and hospitals. 11 million patients, but the AMA still sees a skeleton in the closet. By LIFE Associate Editor Warren R, Young

Medicine: Strange Sun Sickness: rare disease makes women painfully sensitive to the rays

Science: Wired for a Fight: electric stimulus put into cat's brain gives clues on how emotions are controlled.

Movies: A new image of William Jennings Bryan: Fredric March plays orator in engrossing movie about Scope's trial

Art: A high-priced scrap heap. French artist's junk metal sculptures startle Paris but bring him big money

Party: Ice Follies throws a slippery party - on the rink - for its 25th birthday

Speaking of Pictures: Rome's ancient ruins glorify Olympic marathon

A Collector's Bonus - Vintage Ads

LIFE magazines always have a large assortment of ads, many full-page full-color ads, and this was a hallmark of LIFE magazine issues. For Vintage ad collectors - this could be a treasure chest of possibilites.

A sample of some of the ads in LIFE magazine issues might include:

  • Vintage ads: Full page color ads: Old Charter Whiskey, Old Forester Whiskey, One-a-Day vitamins, Mennon, American Motors, Walker's Deluxe Whiskey, Reader's Digest, Florida Land, ETHYL Corp.,  Sealtest Ice Cream, Borden's Ice Cream, Bell Telephone Systems, Pillsbury, LifeSavers, AC Sparkplugs, National Homes, Ford, Miss Clairol, Schlitz, Evinrude,Squib Pharmaceuticals, Buick, Chef Boy-ar-Dee, General Motors, Salem, National Bo, Mercury Outboards, Avis Rent-a-Car, Chase & Sanborn, Green Giant, Wesson Oil, Monsanto, Lord Calvert, Philco TV, Chesterfield, Coca-Cola, Ford Chevrolet. Brown shoes, King Sano Cigs., American Airlines, Friskies Dog Food, Pontiac, A&P Ann Page Foods, Kentile Floors, American Standard Western Electric, International Truck, Philip Morris, Ritz Crackers,Miss Clairol, Kraft Jellies, Esso Motor Oil, Campbell's Soup, Zenith, Douglas DC-8, Mercury, Wesson Oil, Chrysler, Sanka, Studebaker Champ Truck, Valiant Car, Calvert Reserve, Oldsmobile ...and dozens of other ads!

This Vintage LIFE Magazine Could be Yours

This September 26, 1960 original vintage issue has the original address label. It is in very good condition, with only the wear you would expect from a 50 year old magazine. No loose, torn, or detached pages. The photos are of the original issue so you can judge it's condition, and it is available with Free shipping at:

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