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Runescape 99 Range Guide

Updated on March 11, 2013


99 Range is a great skill to obtain mastery in because it has great strength while pking, along with being required to properly kill a lot of bosses or money making monsters. It will also help you level your hitpoints unless you choose to train at the range guild or by cannon which is a very uncommon method.

Arrows or Knives?

Well the first thing I will go over is the debate over arrows or knives. Since knives have a much faster rate of fire, they will provide more damage than the arrows will. The only thing is that without a bow, you will have a lower range bonus, and will be losing more knives than you would arrows which means you will be losing more money on knives than arrows. But the cost on knives is very low, so in my opinion you should be going with the knives in order to train.

What to Wear?

Level 1-40: You will simply wear the best thing possible for your defense and range level. You will be using leather body, leather chaps, a coif when possible, and a fury or whatever amulet you can afford along with an archers ring.

Level 40-50: Here you will want to upgrade your leather body and leather chaps to Green d'hide and you will want to upgrade your boots and hat to Ranger boots and a robin or Archers helm and snakeskin boots depending on your budget.

Level 50-60: Once you reach level 50, you will be keeping your gear the same, only upgrading to blue d'hide instead.

Level 60-70: From 60-70, you will be wearing red d'hide which will give you the best bonus.

Level 70-80 (or 99) - From 70 on you will be using black dragonhide unless you wish to upgrade to armadyl at level 80.

Level 80-99 - If you have the money, you will want to upgrade to armadyl and use this armour until you reach level 99, but a lot of people are unable to afford this making it perfectly fine to stick with Black Dragonhide.

Level 1-30 - Cows

The best place to train from level 1-30 would be cows in Lumbridge or wherever else you can find them. You can choose to either pick up their cowhides or just leave them on the ground depending on if you want a tiny bit of cash or not. But getting to level 20 will be very fast, so simply use some knives to kill them and you will be there in no time.

Level 30-60 - Rock Crabs

Once you reach level 30, it will be best to go to the rock crabs in order to level. Bring along your iron knives, and kill these monsters until you reach level 60. They hit very low and not very often making them very good to train at for pures and people of all levels and skills.

Level 50+ - Yaks

Some people may choose to kill Yaks from level 50 on. I do not enjoy killing these, so I stuck with another method, but if you do like to kill Yaks then you should look into this!

Level 60-99 (or 80) - Fire Giants

The best place to kill fire giants is in the Waterfall Dungeon unless you are unable to access it at which point you should look at training in the Chaos tunnels. From level 60 until level 80 I would recommend training here unless you want to stay here until level 99 and not go with the red chinchompa method. These fire giants drop a lot of rune equipment along with fire runes and other valuable drops making them a very good money maker.

Level 80-99 - Red Chinchompas

Once you reach level 80 range, the fastest, but most expensive way to obtain level 99 range is to use Red chinchompas in either Ape Toll or the Chaos Tunnels. Underneath is a video guide which helps show the strategy to use red chinchompas in Ape Toll. The chaos tunnels have the exact same strategy, so you can go there instead if preferred.

Using a Cannon

After completing the Dwarf Cannon quest, you will be able to use this cannon in order to help train range. Cannonballs are very expensive which is why this method should only be used if you have a lot of money to spend, but the cannon fire by itself helping you train faster. The experience is cut in half though for range, and this provides no hitpoints experience which is why most people choose not to use it since the cost is not worth the small xp gain.


Now that you have reached level 99 range, you will be able to either go out and PK with the pros or kill monsters and recieve an incredible profit! Regardless of the goal, you have now reached level 99 range which is a huge accomplishment so congrats!

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