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Epidural Anesthesia For Painless Way of Giving Birth

Updated on January 31, 2015

Epidural Anesthesia For Painless Way of Giving Birth

Epidural Anesthesia For Painless Way of Giving Birth. Mostly women can endure the pain of giving birth, but when time comes that a woman is having prolonged labor and the baby is not yet coming out, doctors usually treat the woman to induce labor and also have the option painless way of giving birth. I experienced this one and it is one way in which there is localized anesthesia given to the mother to make half of the body numbed and go through the labor process and giving birth without pain. Epidural anesthesia is also the same as painless birth. It is obvious that this is not natural way of giving birth as it usually remove the pain from the mother. Some women say that this is robbing the women of true experience of childbirth.

In my own opinion, I would like for myself to experience the joy of giving birth naturally, that is why I was only given epidural anesthesia when I cannot take the pain anymore, otherwise I would like to continue the labor pains but the baby is stressed out already so I decided to avail of it. The natural ways of giving birth which I discussed in some of my hubs are the best way to give birth. If you have complications or your pregnancy is at risk, always talk to your health provider about options.

Epidural Anesthesia For Painless Way of Giving Birth

Epidural anesthesia is a painless way of giving birth and it is an option throughout your pregnancy process, because even if at first you didn't decide for it, the manner in which you are going to give birth will help you decide if you will avail it. Make an informed decision as you go along your pregnancy and childbirth.

Be sure to know and discuss with your doctor about :

  1. different types of epidurals
  2. how an epidural is administered,
  3. and the benefits and potential risks of an epidural


Epidural Anesthesia For Painless Way of Giving Birth

Epidural anesthesia is a local anesthesia administered into a pregnant woman in labor if she is dilated for 4-5 cm already. This is administered by either siting down or lying down, The goal of which is to generally block the pain in the lower half of the woman's body so that it will be numbed and you achieve a painless labor.

How is Epidural Anesthesia Adminsitered?

  • According to the American Pregnancy Association this is usually administered by : "Intravenous (IV) fluids will be started before active labor begins and prior to the procedure of placing the epidural. You can expect to receive 1-2 liters of IV fluids throughout labor and delivery. An anesthesiologist, a physician who specializes in anesthesia, an obstetrician, or nurse-anesthetist will administer your epidural".

Benefits of Epidural Anesthesia

  • It give ease to the woman in labor as she is giving birth the easier way without pain
  • It reduces anxiety and irritability due to labor pains and she may stop cursing the husband or partner (this is a joke)
  • You can actually rest if you have been in labor for so long and you will experience the full calmness of giving birth without pains which is associated with labor
  • When you are giving birth by the C section, this will also give you comfort eve after giving birth

Disadvantage of Epidural Anesthesia

  1. Sometimes women experience headache
  2. They may also have a drop in the blood pressure
  3. The following can be experienced as side effects :
  • shivering
  • ringing of the ears
  • backache, soreness where the needle is inserted
  • nausea, and
  • difficulty urinating


  • This hub is not an exhaustive study about epidural anesthesia or painless way of giving birth, the best option is still the natural way of giving birth that I have discussed in this hub -- Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option
  • .Always talk to your health provider about the best options for you. I think that epidural anesthesia remove the experience from the mother of the true meaning of giving birth. Our ancestors gave birth the natural ways and this is deem normal process for women.


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