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Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Bipolar Disorder

Updated on September 6, 2012

Photos courtesy of Jesse Jackson


Jesse Jr's mental illness

Jesse Jackson Jr. the U.S. representative from Illinois, who has been on a two month leave is being treated for bipolar disorder at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Doctors said his condition is bipolar II, and is defined as occasional depression and hypo-mania. He is believed to be responding well to treatment.

Bipolar II is a condition that affects parts of the brain which deals with your emotions, thought, and drive. One of Jackson's aides said the congressman could be back in a couple of weeks if all goes well, but in reality there is really no timetable for his return. Experts say some people can work and live normal lives while on treatment which includes medication and psychotherapy. Almost 5.7 million Americans suffer from the disorder.Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island talked about his struggles with the disorder.

Jackson's office did not tell anyone about the illness until two weeks after he went on leave, and blamed the absence on exhaustion. Rick Bryant a Jackson aide said that Jesse Jr. is in good spirits and wants him to continue projects in the district.


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