What is your Pet peeve?

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  1. Cardisa profile image88
    Cardisaposted 11 years ago

    What is your Pet peeve?

    What is your biggest/greatest pet peeve and do you have more than one?

  2. rutley profile image64
    rutleyposted 11 years ago

    Educated people that misspell so much and never proofread to make sure!

  3. jpcmc profile image89
    jpcmcposted 11 years ago

    Honesty.  I don't like being lied to.  if people are unsure of the answer, i expect them to say so and not make up some story.
    respect.  especially from sales people.  I hate it when they fail to provide proper customer service.  I hate snide remarks from them.  If you don't like what you are doing, find another job.

  4. pstraubie48 profile image79
    pstraubie48posted 11 years ago

    my pet peeve is when people are condescending and rude to the elderly and disabled.
    for most of his life, my father was hard of hearing. he was self employed and his job was to re-tin vats in creameries. it required that he take a torch into the vat and it was quite noisy. as a result he became prematurely deaf.
    as he aged, people showed him less and less respect. if he could not hear what they said, they acted as if he were STUPID....and were impatient with him at check out lines.
    this happened as a general rule, not infrequently.

    whenever the workers in a store treated my father well, i would go back into the store and thank them for the way they treated him. it is wrong to mistreat those who have 'an issue'....if one would only think...'if that were me....' before they act...

  5. SantaCruz profile image69
    SantaCruzposted 11 years ago

    When people don't follow the rules for 4-way stops! This used to make me lay on the horn. Now I'm more zen about it, but that's not saying much ;-).

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent, Cardisa!

  6. ktrapp profile image93
    ktrappposted 11 years ago

    Well I sound sort of shallow compared to the other responses, but smacking gum, oh and people on their cell phones 24/7 - especially when they're driving and almost hit me.

  7. profile image0
    OMGirdleposted 11 years ago

    Weak and dependent women. I come from a family of strong and independent women. I raised my daughter to be strong and independent. At 22, she showed me I was successful. The young women of today don't have the "fight for independence" in them. Many are having babies for men who don't even want babies. Or they have baby after baby to stay on aid instead of looking for a job. Cheers to the women who educate themselves and lead an independent life.

  8. changer22 profile image61
    changer22posted 11 years ago

    My pet peeve is wasting time. I like to use my time efficiently, so when I realize that I have wasted time doing something I get agitated. For example, I had a professor who asked us to read three forty-page packets for class the next day, in order to prepare for a class discussion. I read and highlighted them, but then I got to class and she never talked about them. The professor never mentioned the articles and I was upset that I had taken the time to read things that we never used in class.

  9. profile image0
    jasper420posted 11 years ago

    I cant stand self pitty, jelsouy hypocrits or judgment

  10. PrettyWater profile image62
    PrettyWaterposted 11 years ago

    I have a bunch of things that irritate me but my biggest one is for someone to interfear with the efforts of another when that person is doing something to further his/her own productivity and progress toward being self sufficient and self reliant. If the situation does not effect anyone else, no one else should have any part in the decisions being made, unless asked for.

  11. sangre profile image94
    sangreposted 11 years ago

    People who walk out in front of cars on the road instead of using the pedistrian crossing 100 yards away. Annoying. It's very common here.

  12. FranYo profile image60
    FranYoposted 11 years ago

    My biggest pet peeve is noise pollution....especially by people who have the need to talk, talk, talk, and really have nothing worthwhile to contribute. Some people are merely wasting oxygen--some people should just shut up and listen to others or the beautiful silence.

    Hours of our lives are taken up by the "you know...."s and "like I said before...."s or the total absorption with discussing personal health-related topics with near strangers. And complaints about the weather....will it ever end? Have you NOthing better to comment upon?

    I say, if you don't have something of interest to say, it's really FINE to keep your constant chatter to yourself and stay silent!

  13. cherylone profile image88
    cheryloneposted 11 years ago

    Rude people, thieves, and back-stabbers.

  14. DonnaCosmato profile image87
    DonnaCosmatoposted 11 years ago

    My pet peeve is typos and/or words used improperly in published works such as using "its" when the correct usage would be "it's". I think my stint as an editor probably pushed me over the edge on this topic:) If anyone ever sees a typo in one of my hubs, please, please let me know!

  15. VendettaVixen profile image67
    VendettaVixenposted 11 years ago

    "txt speak" or "chatspeak." I don't mind it if someone is using it in a text, but that's it. I mean, are you really in such a hurry that you can't type or write two extra letters? It's not "cool" as I've been told, many a time. "LOL!!!"

    Also, I liked pstraubie48's response. I'm visually impaired myself, and if I'm in a shop and ask the assistant to help me with something, I expect them to do it without rolling their eyes and muttering. It's what they're payed for, and just because I can't see, it doesn't make me any less deserving of common curtisy.

  16. RGNestle profile image76
    RGNestleposted 11 years ago

    My neighbors waking me up over and over again in the middle of the night and then their telling me that I'm a trouble maker because I "harass" them by asking them to be quiet during the night.

    Another pet peeve (yes, I have a few) is the idiots driving down the road with their music so loud that they can be heard five blocks away. Boom boom boom boom. Some times it's hard not to wish they would go deaf. But maybe that's why they play their music so loud in the first place.

    I think my biggest pet peeve is smokers that won't respect my air-space. My neighbor insists on smoking 10' from my door and even smokes in the laundry room. She won't stop even though I've told her I'm allergic to smoke. The landlady is too old to do anything about it, so my neighbor takes advantage of that fact to further her own selfish stupidity.

    I also hate it when I run out of coffee.

    Best wishes!

  17. wellnessguidesja profile image60
    wellnessguidesjaposted 11 years ago

    One of my biggest pet peeves is disloyalty. Some would call it betrayal. it is very very painful to invest time and trust in someone, then to have that investment stomped on and disrespected. Betrayal is like a knife in the back ... and it comes in many ways: revealing secrets, especially those which relate to our weaknesses; taking away something of great value to a friend; undermining someone in their job -- their life work and 'bread and butter'. When this happens, one must forgive as much as one can, but must never allow that person the opportunity to do the same. Simultaneously, we must guard the betrayer in us, parading as self righteousness and justified as 'the right thing to do'.

  18. Ratke-Rani profile image59
    Ratke-Raniposted 11 years ago

    I have quite a few pet peeves. I detest:
    1. Hypocrisy;
    2. Being lied to, or otherwise intentionally misled AND ALSO being asked to lie or omit the truth;
    3. Either while driving or walking, when those going slower than you rush to get in front of you and proceed to block your way and refuse to speed up or move over or let you pass. (As well as  other such idiot drivers- i.e. those who won't stop properly at 4 ways or those who don't turn into the correct lane or those who ignore the laws concerning crosswalks.)
    4. People chewing with their mouths open;
    5. Rude or condescending people (especially loud neighbors or pushy family members.)
    6. Bad grammar, foul language, misspelling, incorrect syntax or sentence forms and especially people who won't even TRY to correctly enunciate their words. (Please don't take this as racist because people of ALL races are guilty of this- but I think Ebonics and other slang is just a result of laziness.)
    and lastly,
    7. People who don't put things back where they got them from (especially in my home) and people who don't clean up after themselves (so true when it comes to public restrooms and restaurants.)

    Boy! I sound picky, don't I?

  19. wetnosedogs profile image60
    wetnosedogsposted 11 years ago

    My pet peeve is nosy neighbors. Don't they have something better to do than sit on the porch and watch another person do yard work?

  20. debbie roberts profile image73
    debbie robertsposted 11 years ago

    OOooOOooo, love this question, I have a few/alot...I think it's an age thing!!
    I hate the fridge door being left open whilst the person who opened it, walks across the kitchen to pour themselves their drink, then replaces what they took out of the fridge before they close the door!!
    I also hate the television on and music playing in the same room...It's just a noise then.
    People standing behind me and looking at the computer whilst I am using it....Like right now, my son is behind me!!
    So many more I could write, but won't.........

  21. LawrenceS profile image65
    LawrenceSposted 11 years ago

    Self-righteous people. I'm sorry I hate it when people act as if they are better than everyone else.

  22. pearpandas profile image59
    pearpandasposted 11 years ago

    I hate when people are passive aggressive.  It is so weird to me.  A lot of times, you just want to slap them lol.

    Whenever I hear someone being passive aggressive to me or someone else, I solidly tell them off. It is a fairly crazy reaction I know, but what can you do tongue

  23. profile image56
    Ladyfaithposted 11 years ago

    WHen some one talks over me,people that try to hard to get attention.gum chewing

  24. MarleneB profile image92
    MarleneBposted 11 years ago

    My biggest pet peeve is when people act like they know something and they really don't. Just say, "I don't know."

  25. Craan profile image80
    Craanposted 11 years ago

    My pet peeve is when I don't get paid for my work.

  26. Ashleymckinnon profile image67
    Ashleymckinnonposted 11 years ago

    I will preface this by saying, I am a complete control freak. But, my biggest pet peeve is when someone is helping me clean and only doing it halfway. My blood boils when I follow behind them correcting or re-cleaning something they "cleaned" and then went and sat on the couch.

  27. ShelbysMom profile image62
    ShelbysMomposted 11 years ago

    Mines happens to be even number pumps at a gas station. Call it crazy, but i will sit behind a line of cars at pumps 1,3,5,7 & 9 before I go to pumps 2,4,6 & 8...lol

  28. erikasreview profile image60
    erikasreviewposted 11 years ago

    I know this may sound a bit silly, but my biggest pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open. I am not fond of watching the carnivorous first stages of digestion. I can't stand the sight or the sound of moo munchers!!!

  29. Arya Leatrice profile image60
    Arya Leatriceposted 11 years ago

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people bite there nails. I absolutely can't stand it!! I have even held a strange guy's hand because he would not stop biting his nails and it drove me crazy.

  30. Rachel Richmond profile image59
    Rachel Richmondposted 11 years ago

    When people don't take care of their pets.  Ah, and then get mad if they are paid a visit by animal control etc.  There are people who notice and will eventually say or do something to rescue the animal.

    Other than that... pretty easy going nowadays.  Use to be a time when I had a lot fo pet peeves...

  31. Cammiebar profile image68
    Cammiebarposted 11 years ago

    I have two pet-peeves.  1.) I hate feet, from looking at them to touching me and everything in between   2.) People who signal while they are turning in the car.  There is no purpose to that.

  32. profile image0
    KC Pickensposted 11 years ago

    I definitely have more than one, but others talking while they are chewing food is probably the one that occurs most often.

  33. Jay S profile image60
    Jay Sposted 11 years ago

    People with no respect or courtesy for others and no common sense to realize it.

  34. Brandon Spaulding profile image57
    Brandon Spauldingposted 11 years ago

    I don't like hangars very much. I have broken many of them in my lifetime on purpose and I will probably break many more.

  35. magicrob profile image59
    magicrobposted 11 years ago

    people who have poor eating manners. drives me crazy!

  36. sgbrown profile image93
    sgbrownposted 11 years ago

    People who are always running late.  It tells me that their "appointment" is not important to them.  I also think it shows a lack of respect.

  37. daedrea profile image61
    daedreaposted 11 years ago

    I hate dumb people; certain pretty girls who just seem to have a lower iq than a baby. It just seems fake and I am not a fake person, so this really ticks me off.

  38. garyyoungberg profile image59
    garyyoungbergposted 11 years ago

    My biggest pet peeve is the actions of people who are not courteous; for example, cutting into a line (queue), driving slow in the fast lane or blocking an intersection.

  39. profile image57
    shorty72posted 11 years ago

    My pet peeve is when you are with 3 or 4 people and 2 of them are having a conversation and there is always 1 that will interupt when you are trying to listen to the converstion, because they think  there story is better or they just like to be heard. But what they don't realise is that we have heard that story so many times before.

  40. profile image0
    HubTubposted 11 years ago

    People who don't wash their hands!  People who put their fingers in their mouths!

  41. Hawkstryker profile image81
    Hawkstrykerposted 11 years ago

    Mine's one you've no doubt all heard of.  People at a bus stops.  Moreover, people who have just arrived at the bus stop i'm standing at, then asking me if the bus has been.  Oh yeah! I just thought i'd watch it go by! - Of course the bus hasn't been yet! What a ridiculous question!  It happens surprisingly often.

  42. YvetteParker profile image59
    YvetteParkerposted 11 years ago

    I have two that are equally big peeves to me. They are when someone close to me blatantly lies to me and/or steals from me.

  43. joanake profile image59
    joanakeposted 11 years ago

    rude people who shove and squeeze like its their right to do so

  44. Samson117 profile image61
    Samson117posted 11 years ago

    people who don't have an open mind or can't comprehend another point of view than their own, or don't admit that there's the chance they might be wrong about something

  45. profile image0
    Flickrposted 11 years ago

    My biggest pet peeve is people being inconsiderate.

  46. ThatYossarian profile image60
    ThatYossarianposted 11 years ago

    People who write letters to non-entities on Facebook. e.g. "Dear Starbucks, Dear Panera, Dear crossfit....."

    Also, backpacks on wheels and people who refer to others as 'chief' or 'sport.'

  47. Tmonica profile image61
    Tmonicaposted 11 years ago

    My biggest pet peeve would be 1. when you open a door for someone and they look at you and just keep going without saying thank you. 2. When people are late all the time.

  48. MissMeka profile image61
    MissMekaposted 11 years ago

    People who use the word "literally" wrong or too often.

  49. skinsman82000 profile image74
    skinsman82000posted 11 years ago

    1. Bad Driving
    2. Disrespect
    3. Cell phones in the movie theater

    That is all....

  50. F5487laura profile image62
    F5487lauraposted 11 years ago

    Oh my! Electric sockets with their switches on and nothing plugged in them!


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