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Christmas Presents For Mom - Great Xmas Gift Ideas For Mothers

Updated on November 9, 2009

Buying Christmas presents for mom can be challenging, especially if she seems to have everything already! Chances are your mum loves you enough that she'll appreciate most gifts. However, you'll probably still want to get her something special that will match her interests or needs. This article aims to help, and gives some Xmas present ideas for women in general, and for moms in particular.

A Couple Of Things To Think About When Buying Christmas Presents For Your Mom

What are her interests?
Many moms have hobbies and interests that need supplies or equipment of some type. Is she into art and crafts, music, sports, DIY or anything of that nature? If so, presents related to her interests will usually go down well, especially if it's an expensive hobby and she might not be able to afford everything she'd like herself. If you're not sure exactly what she needs, you could suggest ahead of time that she create a wishlist, so you don't get the wrong thing.

What if she says she doesn't want anything, since she already has everything she needs?
Some moms (and other people) say this just to be polite, because they don't want you to feel obliged to spend your heard-earned money on them, but some really mean it. If your mom is the minimalist type, or simply someone who doesn't like to have a lot of 'stuff' in her home, it might be a better idea to get her gift vouchers so she can get something she likes, or give her a non-permanent present, such as chocolates, a pampering session at a spa or something similar. That way she won't have to pretend to appreciate a well-intentioned but unwanted gift that will simply create clutter in her home.

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5 Easy Xmas Present Ideas For Your Mom

If you're pushed for time, or simply don't know where to start, here are six easy Christmas present suggestions that many mothers will like. They're not especially unusual, but they're popular for a reason, and sometimes it's the simple things in life that give the most pleasure.

Toiletries and Cosmetics

Every woman likes a bit of pampering, and a gift of your mom's favorite cosmetics, toiletries or other body products will always go down well. Or alternatively, you could try buying a brand that is more luxurious than what she'd normally get for herself. Ideas include shampoos, conditioners and other hair products, facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, eye creams, anti-aging treatments and make up, body lotions, hand creams and manicure and pedicure products. Don't forget about accessories too – perhaps a top quality set of make up brushes would be appreciated, or a beautiful cosmetics bag to keep her new goodies in.

Books, Movies and/or Music
If you know what kind of entertainment your mom likes, books, DVDs and CDs are always a good standby. Or maybe she'd like an MP3 player, or a Kindle or other PDF reader, so she can listen or read on the move? Even if you're not sure of her tastes, an Amazon voucher would enable her to buy her own.

Magazine Subscriptions
Magazines are another great gift idea, and are especially good since they basically keep on 'giving' throughout the year – every time she get a new issue of her favourite magazine, she'll think of you! Just before Xmas is a great time to purchase new magazine subscriptions too, as they're often available at a discount at this time of year, since they're such popular present ideas. So if your mom has a favourite magazine, or perhaps has an interest that is catered to by a magazine, but she wouldn't normally buy it for herself, this is a good option to consider.

Salon/Spa Vouchers
Everyone deserves some pampering now and then, especially hard working mothers, and you can help her to relax by treating her to a day (or a weekend or longer) at a nice spa, or buying her some salon treatments. These are sure to be especially appreciated if she's as busy as many moms are during the festive season.

Flowers are another tried and tested gift idea, and you can get some lovely Christmas-themed bouquets at this time of year. As well as real flowers, you could also opt for a high quality synthetic flower arrangement, so she'll have a permanent reminder of you.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate, and if your mom's like most women, she'll appreciate a gift of chocolates, especially if they're the high quality kind. Look for organic chocolates that are made with pure cocoa butter (not vegetable oil) – there's a great selection to choose from online, and you can get them beautifully gift wrapped too if wrapping isn't your strong point!

4 Unusual and Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Mum

If you're looking for more unusual gift ideas that mom won't find in the shops, you might want to look into the realm of home-made and/or personalized Xmas presents. These are a nice way to show that you've put special thought into her present, and give you scope for really matching the present to your mum's personality.

Handmade Jewelry

If she likes wearing jewellery, you might consider making her something unique to wear yourself. While complex jewellery making is beyond the scope of most people who haven't studied it, you don't need to be an expert to create simple elasticated bracelets or necklaces. And if you already know how to make jewellery, so much the better! Try finding out your mum's favourite colours and gemstones, then have a look in your local bead shop or online for some beads that match her preferences (you'll find a greater selection online, and cheaper prices too), and some elastic beading thread. eBay is a great place to find jewellery making supplies, and you can also pick up cute jewellery boxes or drawstring bags in which to package your creations.

Photo Montage
Another DIY Christmas present idea for your mom is to create a montage of photos (and maybe other images too), and have it framed. The photos could be of you, the family, her pets, her favourite places – anything that is meaningful to her. Arrange on a piece of firm board, glue in place, and place in the frame. This is so easy to do, but this is the kind of present your mum can treasure for life.

Personalized Christmas Presents

If you're not feeling handy enough to make your own gift but still want to give your mom a one of a kind Christmas present, have a browse of the many websites that offer personalised Xmas gifts, such as Zazzle. Here you can choose from a wide range of unique presents, and can have them customized with a personal message. You can also create your own presents from scratch using your own photos, drawings or other images.

Vintage Items
Another suggestion for unique Christmas gifts for your mom is to look for antique or vintage items (such as jewelry, furniture, knick knacks, clothing etc) in local shops or on sites such as eBay. While it may take some time to find something really special among the junk, your mom will appreciate the effort if she likes this kind of thing.

A No-Cost Present For Your Mom

Here's a cheap Christmas present for mum – so cheap in fact that it's free! Give her your time and labor for a day or two – do the cooking, the cleaning and other daily chores, and let her have a well-deserved rest and time to do her own thing.

What Not To Get Your Mom For Xmas

And one last thing – if you're thinking of getting household items like a new vacuum cleaner, or pots and pans etc as an Xmas gift for your mum – don't! At least, not unless she has clearly indicated that these are what she wants. While many women (especially those of the older generation) still do a disproportionate amount of the housework in many homes, and she may well have a need for such items, remember that practical gifts for the house are not gifts for her. Instead, get her something for her personally.


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