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Christmas Gifts For Pets - Xmas Present Ideas For Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Updated on March 17, 2011

Pet Christmas presents are very popular with pet lovers who wish to give their furry friends a special treat at Xmas, and there's plenty of choice available, especially if you shop online. You can either choose items that have been produced with a festive theme (such as Christmas stockings full of treats), or more general toys and other items. Read on for some great ideas for Christmas gifts for pets.

Christmas Stockings For Cats

Christmas Gifts For Cats

Cat lovers are often especially devoted to their feline friends, and fortunately there are many ways to show them you care at Xmas. Here are some examples of good cat Christmas presents:

Christmas stockings with cat treats

Treat your cat to some tasty nibbles at Christmas, with a specially designed Christmas stocking. These usually contain a selection of cat treats and/or small toys. Alternatively, you can buy an empty stocking and fill up your own – great if you want to ensure that your cat only gets healthy treats.

Cat treats
Talking of cat treats, you might want to get them some tasty edible snacks that they wouldn't normally eat. Since cats are carnivores and many human foods (such as chocolate) are toxic to them, it's important to only buy treats that are made especially for cats, but there are plenty to choose from. If you're health-conscious for your cat, look for those that are made entirely from natural ingredients, and gluten-free – the best cat treats are made from pure meat or fish.

Toy mice, balls, danglers etc
Cats love to chase small moving things, and toy mice, balls and similar toys are always a good choice. If you want to keep your fingers safe from your kitty's sharp claws, get him or her a dangler toy, so you can play at arm's length! Some stores do special Christmas-themed cat toys. Some of these toys, such as the excellent Petstages range, are chewable, and designed to keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy while they play (read more about Petstages cat toys).

Catnip & valerian
Most (although not all) cats are sensitive to catnip, a herb in the mint family that makes them go a bit nuts for a few minutes – always entertaining to watch! If your cat is susceptible to its influence, try some dried catnip, or get some catnip-infused toys or treats. Cats also like valerian, another herb which has a similar effect, and even cats that aren't affected by catnip may be influenced by valerian. You can also get valerian toys, although they do have a stronger smell than the catnip variety – your cat will love them, but you may not!

Cat trees and other cat furniture
Cats love high places and love climbing, and an indoor cat tree is a great way for them to enjoy both (especially for indoor cats who don't have access to real trees). These pieces of cat furniture range in size from about a metre high to those which stretch all the way up to the ceiling, with a whole variety in between, and they're very reasonably priced, considering how much enjoyment your cat is sure to get from one over the years!

Interactive cat toys
As well as the aforementioned mice and balls, interactive cat toys also make great cat Christmas presents, and will typically keep your cats amused for longer, especially when you're not there. A great example is the Turbo Scratcher, which has a ball in a track for your cat to push around, a catnip-infused scratching pad, and a pompom on a spring to bat around – if you don't already have a Turbo Scratcher, your cat would almost certainly love one!

Cat scratching posts and pads
All cats love to scratch, and need to do so to keep their claws healthy. By giving your kitty a special scratching post or pad, she's less likely to scratch on your furniture.

Cosy cat beds and blankets
Cats are warmth-loving animals, so if your kitty's feeling the chill this year, a cosy bed or blanket would make a great cat Christmas gift. There's a huge range of beds to choose from, from traditional open beds to enclosed dens. If you have more than one cat, you could get a larger dog bed, so they can cuddle up together.

Click to read about more Christmas presents for cats!

Christmas Presents For Dogs

Along with cats, dogs are the most popular pets, and as a result there's a huge amount of toys and other dog products available for them.

Dog Christmas stockings
Like cats, Christmas stockings are available for dogs too, so if you're looking for an easy Xmas gift for your dog, this is one way to go. And again, you could make your own if you prefer.

Christmas cake / pudding for dogs
Dogs are omnivorous, so there's a bit more of a variety of special dog treats available, but you still need to be careful, as (like cats), many human foods are toxic. Fortunately your dog can join in the Xmas revelry if you buy him a specially made dog Christmas cake or pudding, or some doggie chocolate drops (only use dog chocolate – the normal variety is toxic to dogs).

Dog balls and other portable toys
Dogs love to play, and can get through toys quite quickly if they're especially active – so if your dogs toys are looking a little worse for wear, maybe she'd like some new ones!

Chew toys
Chew toys are also loved by dogs, and help to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Dog clothes
People have been giving their dogs coats to help them stay warm for years, but in recent times other types of dog clothes have become more popular, with a huge variety of outfits now available, especially for smaller dogs. If your dog likes (or more likely tolerates!) wearing this kind of thing, that's another dog gift option for Xmas.

Dog collars and other accessories

You could also treat your dog to a new collar or lead, perhaps in a Christmas-themed design – dogs look good in a bit of bling too!

Dog beds
Like all animals, dogs love a cosy bed to sleep in, especially in the cold winter months.

Dog placemats and bowls
And if your dog's food bowls or mats are looking a little worn, a nice shiny new set might be a good gift choice. Larger dogs might also like a feeding stand, which raises the bowls to a comfortable height, so they don't have to bend down too far to eat.

Xmas Gifts For Rabbits

Rabbits and other pets can be a little hard to shop for than cats and dogs, since there isn't quite the same choice of toys etc available. However, there's still plenty of Christmas presents for bunnies to choose from, including:

Rabbit Christmas stockings
As with dogs and cats, you can buy or make a Christmas stocking for your rabbit, filled with edible treats such as trail mixes, fruits and veg, and baked snacks.

Edible rabbit treats
And of course you don't have to restrict the edible treats to a stocking- Xmas is a great time to get your rabbit something special to eat.

Rabbit beds
Whether your rabbit lives indoors or outside, he'll enjoy a special rabbit bed to snooze in – you can even get seasonal beds in the shape of Christmas puddings and snowballs!

Play tunnels and dens
Rabbits like to play, and will enjoy a specially designed play tunnel, or a secure den to hide in when she needs some peace and quiet.

Rabbit pens and runs
Perhaps your rabbit would like some more space – a larger hutch might be appreciated, or a large run so he can get some exercise in the garden. A house rabbit might also benefit from a pen for the garden, so he can get some fresh air, while staying safe.

Hay rack
All rabbits love to munch, and a hay rack is a great way for them to feed easily while keeping the hutch or feeding area clean.

Rabbit harness and lead
Another option for giving your indoor bunny some outdoor exercise is to take him for a walk around the yard on a harness and lead, if he tolerates it.

Xmas Presents For Ferrets, Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters & Other Small Animals

Small pets like Christmas presents too! Here are some suggestions:

Exercise wheel
If you have a hamster, gerbil or similar pet, chances are they already have an exercise wheel, but maybe they'd like a bigger or better one?

Special treats to nibble
Christmas is a great time to treat your small pets to some delicious foods, and you can buy specially made treats for your friend to nibble on.

Chew toys
Rodents just love to chew, so it's best to give them a toy that's especially designed for the purpose. And of course, being Christmas, you can get seasonal themed toys to fit the bill.

Bridges, steps, tunnels and dens
Small pets are typically very active, and you can help them to get enough exercise and keep them amused with a whole variety of accessories that can be placed in their cages or enclosures, such as steps, tunnels, and bridges. And a little den is perfect for when they want to hide away from the world.

Hammocks and beds
You can choose from a range of very cute little beds and hammocks for your ferrets, guinea pigs, and other small pets – they're sure to be appreciated!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Reptiles & Fish

Reptiles are also popular pets, and have quite a devoted following. Fish and reptiles typically live in aquariums and terrariums respectively, and these environments are both decorated with appropriate plants and other accessories. So you might want to consider adding a bit of extra décor to your fish or reptile pet's home for Christmas, such as:

Both live and artificial plants not only look good, but help to create a more natural environment for your fish or reptile pet too.


We all like to get away from the world occasionally, and your pets are no exception. A special cave or two will make a nice addition to your terrarium or aquarium.

Rocks & Roots
Decorative rocks, dried plant roots and other accessories also add interest to your pet's environment.

Christmas Gift Options For Birds

Let's not forget our feathered friends this Christmas either – whether your birds live indoors or in an outside aviary, here are some gifts for birds that they're sure to like!

Bird crackers and snacks
As with other pets, you can treat your birds to some special snacks this Christmas – or get a bird Christmas stocking.

Cage bird baths
Birds like to splash about, so maybe a new luxury bird bath for their cage would be appreciated.

Perches, bridges and climbing walls
Birds also love to climb around in their cages – treat them to some new perches, bridges or other climbing accessories to give their environment some more variety.

A cute swing is always a popular place for birds to perch!

Bird toys
Birds love toys too – Petstages has a range of great bird toys, as do other brands- these are great Christmas stocking fillers for your bird pals!

A nice winter gift for all small pets

And finally, all pets like to stay warm in the winter months, and most will appreciate any gift that helps them keep cosy, such as a heat pad. Heat pads are easily warmed up in the microwave, and are typically just the right size for a small animal to curl up on, although larger versions are also available.

Buying Christmas presents for pets

You can buy pet gifts for Christmas in just about any pet store, but chances are you'll find a larger selection online – and often at better prices too! And if you're being super-organised, buy next years Xmas pet presents just after Christmas this year – they'll be much cheaper!


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