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Christmas Presents For Cats - Xmas Gift Ideas For Our Feline Friends

Updated on March 17, 2011

If you're looking for Christmas presents for cats, there's plenty to choose from. Cats are so popular that there's a huge range of toys, treats and other items available for them – the only problem is making a choice! This article provides plenty of suggestions for those who are looking for a great Xmas gift for their beloved cat.

Cat Christmas Stockings

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a stocking stuffed full of goodies, and there's no reason why your cat should miss out, when you can buy cat Christmas stockings that are specially designed for our feline friends. These typically contain edible cat treats, cat toys or both. Alternatively, you could buy your own empty Xmas stocking, and fill it up with your own choice of toys and treats – this is a good option for those who want to be sure that their cats only eat healthy treats.

Cat Trees & Other Cat Furniture

All cats love to climb, and cat trees and other cat furniture is designed to let them indulge this instinct. They also feature an array of platforms, perches and beds, so you cat can enjoy resting on the tree and looking down at his surroundings. Cat trees are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, from ceiling high models with multiple platforms to smaller models that are about a metre high, with a range of choices in between – so whatever your budget or available space, you're sure to find a cat tree to suit!

Catnip & Valerian

Cats just love catnip! If your cat is responsive to catnip (most are, although not all), you could buy her some catnip-scented toys to play with, or some packs of dried catnip. Or you could get some seeds and grow your own fresh catnip treats.

Valerian is another herb that causes cats to go a bit nutty, and many cats that aren't sensitive to catnip do respond to valerian, so valerian toys make great Xmas presents for just about all cats.

Small Cat Toys – Mice, Balls etc

Cats love to play, and small cat toys such as toy mice, balls and other designs are sure to go down well, and they're very cost effective too. Many cats respond well to cat toys with little bells or those that are made from rustly materials, as these can sound like the cat's natural prey, making them more enticing. Very timid cats on the other hand, might prefer silent toys. Cat chew toys are another good option, and can help to keep your cat's teeth healthy – Petstages toys are especially good for this (read more about Petstages cat toys).

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys are great for providing extra stimulation for your cat, as they can really get involved. Examples include 'intelligence test' toys, where you can hide little treats in various holes, and you cat can then hunt them out. Another popular example is the Turbo Scratcher, which consists of a ball in a circular track, with a scratching pad and springy pom pom too – most cats will love chasing the ball around the track, and will be happy to amuse themselves.

Dangly cat toys are also good if you want to play your cat, but would rather keep their claws at arm's length!

Cat Beds & Dens

The cold winter months are the perfect time to treat your cat to a cosy new cat bed or den, where she can curl up and stay warm. As well as the traditional open style cat beds, you could consider a furry lined enclosed style for extra warmth. And since Christmas is approaching, you could also get your cat a themed cat bed with festive colors and motifs.

Cat Hammocks & Radiator Beds

Cats will sleep just about anywhere, but they especially like to sleep above ground level, just like their wild cat relatives, and you can provide your cat with a raised sleeping place in the form of a cat hammock (which can be securely attached to the wall), or a cat radiator bed, which is especially appealing during the cold weather.

Heat Pads & Electric Blankets

Make sure your cat stays extra-warm this Christmas with a heated pad or blanket for her to sleep on. The pads are usually heated by simply being warmed up in the microwave (although some are electrically powered), and are protected by a washable cover.

Cat Blankets

Cosy blankets also make great Xmas gifts for cats, and cat blankets are available in a variety of fabrics and designs. Microfleece blankets with paw print designs are especially popular, and are ultra-soft and easy to clean too – great for lining your cat's bed or favorite chair!

Cat Scratching Posts & Pads

Cats have an instinctive need to scratch, which can be a little frustrating when they decide to do it on your furniture! Fortunately help is at hand in the form of a wide choice of scratching posts and pads, which are made from sisal and other cat-friendly materials, so you can give your cat his own special place to scratch, and help him keep his feet and claws healthy too. Look for cat scratching posts with toys attached, to make them extra attractive to your kitty.

Cat Treats

We all like to eat yummy foods at Christmas, and cats are no exception. While cats should not eat human food, since so many of our foods are toxic to them (like chocolate, for example), there are plenty of special treats available which have been made especially for cats. If you are health-conscious on your cat's behalf, look for cat treats made from pure meat or fish with no extra additives – these make a nice little Christmas present for cats, and are less likely to cause overeating or upset their stomachs.

Cat Bowls and Mats

Is it time your kitty had some new feeding mats or bowls? If so, these make a nice Christmas gift, and at this time of year Xmas-themed designs are available too.

Cat Drinking Fountains

Most cats like to drink from running water, and a cat fountain provides the perfect way to give your cat running water inside the home. They typically include water filters too, so your cat will benefit from drinking clean, purified water. Cat water fountains are relatively inexpensive when you consider how long they last for, so if you'd like to encourage your cat to drink more water, or are concerned about the purity of the water she normally has, a water fountain will make a great Xmas cat gift.

Christmas-Themed Presents For Cats

Don't forget that most of the cat gift ideas discussed here will also be available in special Christmas-themed designs at this time of year, so you could look out for these if you want to give your cat some extra-festive presents this Xmas!

Buying Christmas Gifts For Cats

Most pet stores and many supermarkets and department stores will stock cat toys and other items, but if you want the widest selection of cat Christmas presents at the best prices, it pays to shop online, especially as many sites (such as Amazon) offer free or reduced delivery costs during the festive season.

Looking for more Christmas present ideas for pets?

If you have other pets as well as your cats, you'll no doubt want to get them something special this Christmas too - check out Christmas Gifts For Pets for more great Xmas present ideas!


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  • Chloe Comfort profile image

    Chloe Comfort 8 years ago from Long Island

    Cool hub. Can't forget our friendly felines :-) I have one present I get every year for our pet and she goes nuts for it. It's the cheesiest thing you've ever seen but every cat I know luvs it. It's a flexible wire with some cardboard pieces at the end of it. You wiggle it around and the cat goes after the cardboard piece attached at the end. Always have to get one each year because she always destroys the previous one! Kudos.