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Unique Christmas Presents - Unusual Xmas Gift Ideas For Friends & Family

Updated on March 17, 2011

If you're looking for unique Christmas presents for your friends and family, there are several options to consider. This article provides a guide to some unique Christmas gift ideas that will show the recipient that you really care!

One of a kind gifts will often fall into one of the following categories:

1. Personalized Christmas Presents

Personalised Xmas gifts are extremely popular, in part thanks to the internet – there is a huge choice of sites that offer personalized gifts to suit just about everyone. These include everyday items like mugs, keyrings, magnets, as well as clothing, notebooks, bumper stickers, blankets, kitchenware and much more. You can get personalized Christmas cards too, to complete the occasion.

Depending on where you buy from, when shopping for a personalised Christmas present, you basically have the option of designing the whole thing yourself (both picture/graphics and text), or just adding a written message to a pre-designed item. The second option is easier, but if you have a photo or other image that you'd like to use, the first gives more choices. is among the best of these 'print on demand' sites, with a huge variety of merchandise available, and it allows you to either design your own gifts from scratch, or to add a message to any of the many thousands of designs available via the 'stores' that are operated by the very talented individual sellers on the site.

2. Handmade Xmas Gifts

A second way to get an unusual Christmas present is make it yourself. Depending on your skills, you could create a painting or drawing, a framed photo or montage, a knitted or crocheted item of clothing or homeware, hand-crafted jewelry, a piece of furniture or other one-off pieces that are sure to be appreciated by the receiver. Don't forget about edible gifts too – some home cooking might also be enjoyed!

If you're not feeling this creative, you could try putting together a Christmas gift basket with several smaller items that you know the recipient will enjoy – this still has a wonderfully personal touch, but is less time-consuming to make.

3. Vintage and Other Unusual Xmas Gifts

The next option for finding a really special Christmas present is to buy a gift, but to look for something that is rare or a one of a kind item. Antiques, artisan pieces and vintage items fit the bill here, although these might be difficult to locate, so it pays to start your Christmas shopping early. As well as local antique stores, craft shops and the like, don't forget eBay – you can often find some wonderful rare items there, often at knock down prices. Items from other cultures can make unusual gift choices too, as do those which are made from recycled material, such as belts, wallets and other accessories.

4. An Experience-Based Present

Fourthly, you could get away from the idea of giving a physical item, and instead provide a unique experience that your loved one will remember for years to come. Ideas include a romantic weekend away, a luxury spa break, a day of rally car driving, tickets to a desired sporting event or concert, or whatever you think the recipient will enjoy the most.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Unique Christmas Gift

  • What is the person you're giving to interested in? If they have a hobby or interest, perhaps you can look for a present that is related to it.
  • Start looking early. While the shops both online and off will be full of Christmas present ideas, if you want something non-mainstream, you may need to spend more time looking, so start your Xmas shopping early and avoid last minute panic or compromises.
  • Remember that you don't have to spend a fortune. While you certainly can spend a lot on a unique gift at Christmas, it's not necessary. An item that you make yourself, or a small personalized present doesn't have to cost a lot, but it will still show that you've put thought and care into the gift.


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