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Cool Christmas Presents For Boyfriends (& Husbands Too)

Updated on November 21, 2009

Choosing Christmas presents for boyfriends and husbands can be challenging, especially if you haven't been together for a long time. This article aims to help by providing some Xmas gift ideas for men.

Finding Gift Ideas For Men

Here are some tips to make it easier to choose the best gifts for your boyfriend:

Ask him
First, and perhaps most obviously – ask him what he'd like! If you buy him something that he actually wants, rather than just taking a wild guess, your gift will obviously be appreciated more. Find out if he has a wishlist at Amazon or elsewhere – this can be a good way to find gifts that you know he'll like, while keeping some element of surprise, since he won't know exactly what he'll be getting. On the other hand, if he's one of those people who doesn't know what he wants, or you just want to give him a complete surprise, you'll have to put more thought into it.

How long have you been together?

Another thing to consider is how long you've been together. Gifts can say a lot about your feelings for a person, and if it's a new relationship, you might want to stick with a more light-hearted, less expensive gift- or on the other hand, you can send a powerful message by choosing a more overtly romantic present.

How much are you planning to spend?
Of course budget is another factor – many people are spending less as a result of the credit crunch, so you shouldn't feel like you need to spend a lot if it would leave you out of pocket. A small, but thoughtful present is likely to appreciated more by your boyfriend than something flashy but less meaningful anyway. Fortunately there are plenty of bargains to be had, especially if you shop online.

What's he interested in?
Chances are your boyfriend has at least one hobby or interest, and many pastimes require various types of equipment or supplies – which can make great presents. Buying a hobby-related Xmas present for your boyfriend is sure to be appreciated by him too, since it'll be something that he can use, rather than a random stocking filler.

Magazine Subscriptions on Amazon

Chocolate on Amazon

Easy Xmas Presents For Boyfriends & Husbands

Here are some easy present ideas for your boyfriend that won't take a ton of time and effort to find.

Magazine Subscription
A magazine subscription could be a great Christmas present for your boyfriend, because he'll keep receiving it through the whole year – and be reminded of you each time!

Books/DVDs/Computer Games/Music

Books, DVDs, computer games and CDs/MP3s also make good presents, and if you buy him a title that he's been wanting for a while, it'll certainly be appreciated (find out if he has a wishlist at Amazon, or anywhere else). Alternatively, you could get him a gift voucher so he can buy his own.


Some men are very fussy about the clothes they wear, and if your boyfriend is one of these, then buying him clothing might not be such a good idea, as it would be easy to make the wrong choice. If he's more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy however, then he might appreciate more of the same – you could even get him a personalized t-shirt for something a little different. Underwear, socks, scarves and other accessories are also a good bet.

If your boyfriend likes using toiletries such as cologne, moisturizer etc, these also make good gift ideas. Or maybe you could treat him to something that he wouldn't normally splash out on for himself.

Chocolates & Other Edibles
They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but that doesn't mean you have to do any cooking. Maybe he'd appreciate a box of luxury chocolates, a bottle of good wine (or whatever his tipple is), or other edible gifts. And if you are handy in the kitchen, you could try making his favorite food as a Christmas gift.

Many men like electronic and other gadgets, even the seemingly pointless kinds – if that sounds like your boyfriend, check out some of the many online gadget and 'boys stuff' sites, and you'll be spoiled for choice.

Tickets to sporting events, concerts or other things your boyfriend enjoys can also be cool Xmas gifts. Or maybe you could book him a day of rally car driving or some other activity that he would like to try.

Romantic Christmas Presents For Men

Perhaps you're looking for more romantic Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend – here are a few ideas.

A Romantic Break For Two

There's nothing more romantic than a weekend (or longer) away with your boyfriend, and such a break could be especially welcome if he's feeling the stress of the festive season, or the cold winter weather.

Your boyfriend might also appreciate some sexy undies for Xmas – a present that you can both enjoy!

Yes, men like flowers too! Although flowers are more often thought of as something to give to women, there's no reason why men shouldn't get flowers as gifts either. Some companies even make 'masculine' bouquets, which tend to be heavy on greenery, although there's no reason why a man shouldn't enjoy a 'normal' bunch of flowers either. And of course the traditional red roses are another option, and send an unambiguous message.

Creative Present Ideas For Your Boyfriend/Husband

If you want to get a more gift ideas, you might want to go down a more creative route - hand made items make cool Christmas presents for husbands and boyfriends as they really show them that you care.

Photo or Montage
A beautifully framed photo of you or the two of you together is a one of a kind present that your boyfriend might enjoy. Alternatively you could create a montage of many photos or other images, and have it framed.

Homemade Items
If you're handy with a paintbrush or into any other type of art or craft pursuit, you could try making your boyfriend's Christmas present from scratch. A painting, drawing, knitted item, homecooked biscuits or other food, or some masculine jewelry won't cost a lot and might be especially appreciated if they're made by you.

Personalized Gifts
Personalised items can also make cool Christmas presents for your boyfriend. You can either make a gift yourself from scratch if you're feeling especially creative (such as a painting or a knitted sweater for example), or you can go online and have your item of choice printed with a personal image and/or message. I recommend checking out Zazzle, where you can find a huge range of gift items, including mugs, badges, keyrings, bumper stickers, posters, photos, t-shirts and many other items of clothing and much more. You can either design your own gift completely from scratch, or choose something from one of the thousands of excellent stores, and add your own message.


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