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Christmas Yard Decorations: Outdoor Xmas Decor Guide

Updated on November 21, 2009

If you're looking for Christmas yard decorating ideas, this article aims to help. Outdoor Christmas decorations can really create a fantastically festive atmosphere for your house, and the neighbors will be impressed too! There are lots of outdoor Xmas decorating ideas to choose from however, and the choice can seem a bit overwhelming. But fortunately you can create a beautiful outdoor Christmas scene that can be as simple or complex as you like – read on for more yard decoration suggestions.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Xmas lights are perhaps the first type of outdoor Christmas decoration that comes to mind for many people, and they're wonderful for creating a feeling of warmth and happiness at this otherwise rather cold and gloomy time of year. Outdoor Xmas lights are incredibly versatile and effective, and there's a variety of different types available. Outside Christmas lights fall into the following main categories:

Christmas String Lights, Rope lights & Net Lights
Christmas LED fairy lights are used both indoors and out, and can be strung just about anywhere (obviously make sure that the lights you choose are suitable for outdoor use!). Many people use these lights to decorate trees and shrubs in the garden, or to string around windows and doorways to create an inviting effect. As well as plain fairy light bulbs, you can also get strings of Christmas lights that feature festive shapes, such as icicles, stars and snowflakes. You might also choose lights that are specially designed to be fitted to the roof or eaves of your home.

Lights of this type come in a choice of colors (some are color changing, and some have the option to flash on and off too), or you can opt for plain white lights, to create a dazzling wintry effect, or the increasingly popular blue Christmas lights, which can look very impressive.

Illuminated Xmas Lawn Ornaments
You can populate your yard with brightly lit festive figures, such as Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, elves and nativity characters very easily with illuminated stake lights. These Christmas lawn ornaments feature cut out figures that are anchored on the lawn and illuminated from within.

Animated Christmas Light Displays
If you really want to make a splash, you might like to set up an animated Xmas lighting display in your yard. Various festive themes are available, from simple stars and snowflakes to flashing snowmen and reindeers to nativity scenes and 'Merry Christmas'-type messages.

Solar Powered Christmas Lights
The above styles of Xmas lights are generally available as both conventionally powered and solar powered options. Solar lights have the advantage of being environmentally friendly and cheaper to run, although on the downside, there isn't quite such a large selection of designs available. Read more about solar powered Christmas lights.

You might also want to floodlight your yard, to show off your outdoor Christmas décor to maximum effect.

Outdoor Christmas Trees

Many people have indoor Christmas trees, but the outdoor variety can look just as good, and if you have space, you could get a very large outdoor Xmas tree that will really create an impression! Alternatively you could opt for a number of small outdoor trees, and create a little mini 'forest' in your yard, or a row of 'walkway' Christmas trees along your garden paths or driveway.

Christmas Yard Ornaments & Statues

We've already talked about illuminated Xmas figures, but you can get non-illuminated types too. Look for Santas on sledges, penguins, polar bears, reindeer, snowmen etc – these can be very effective when placed strategically around the lawn.

Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations

Outdoor inflatable Xmas decorations are another option – these come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and usually come with a stand to which they can be securely anchored in place. Christmas inflatables also have the advantage of taking up very little storage space throughout the rest of the year.

Nativity Scenes

If you are religious, you might like to set up an outdoor nativity scene in your yard. This might be a small display, with just the figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, or you might prefer to expand it and include the three wise men, shepherds, the Angel Gabriel and some animals such as donkeys, sheep etc too.

Christmas Vegetation

You could also further the Christmas theme by decorating the exterior of your house with garlands of holly and/or mistletoe, augmented by other seasonal plants such as pinecones, acorns and the like.

Christmas Wreaths

Let's not forget Xmas wreaths, a very popular type of outdoor decoration that is commonly hung on the front door. There's nothing to stop you displaying more than one wreath however, and you might also look into illuminated Christmas wreaths, which can look especially impressive.

Buying Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

Xmas garden decorations can usually be purchased in most stores that sell Christmas supplies, although if you decide to buy Christmas decorations online, you'll generally find a much wider choice and better prices, and you'll spend less time shopping around – great news for those looking for cheap Christmas decorations, or who just want to minimize the fuss associated with the festive season.


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    RedElf 8 years ago from Canada

    Great info here - and well presented. Thanks, Samcat!