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Fiber Optic Christmas Decorations - A Guide

Updated on March 17, 2011

Fiber optic Christmas decorations are very popular these days, and it's easy to see why – they are versatile, stunning to look at, and cost effective too. This article takes a look at why fiber optic Christmas décor is a great option, and provides a guide to the types of decorations that are available.

What Are Fibre Optic Christmas Decorations?

Simply put, fiber optic decorations contain a light source which illuminates a series of clear fibers. The fibres may be made from glass or plastic, and have a reflective coating. The light passes along the fibers, lighting them up along their length, and shining out of the ends to produce beautiful effects. The color of the light may be changed by the use of a rotating color wheel over the light source, or a manually operated switch.

Advantages of Xmas Decorations Made With Fiber Optics

  • They are energy efficient, and use much less power than normal Christmas lighting, helping to save money.
  • Their low energy consumption also means that fibre optic lights are less harmful to the environment.
  • They are relatively safe too, as the LED bulbs used in the lights don't generate heat like traditional lights.
  • They look stunning! With their beautiful colors and flexibility, fiber optic decorations are perfect for creating a vibrant festive atmosphere in your home.

Types of Christmas Fiber Optic Decorations

Christmas Trees
Fiber optic Christmas trees are perhaps the best known type of fibre optic decoration. They have illuminated 'needles' which can change color to produce stunning displays. White fiber optic Christmas trees are popular, as are multi-colored models, and some can switch between white and colored displays at the touch of a button. They can be decorated as normal, or you can buy ready decorated trees which feature fiber optic decorations such as stars, baubles etc that hang from the branches, as well as illuminated decorations that sit on top of the tree. Fibre optic Xmas trees are a great alternative to traditional trees, with their unpredictable fairy lights and high electricity consumption. And being synthetic, they create none of the mess of real trees, and are better for the environment too, as trees don't need to be cut down. They are also more energy efficient, and less of a fire hazard too.  Fibre optic trees are available in a high range of sizes, from small table top models to large ceiling-high trees that can dominate even spacious rooms.

Christmas Tree Decoration
You can also get fiber optic Xmas tree decorations, to hang on your tree branches, or larger ones to place on top of the tree. These come in a huge variety of designs, just like conventional decoration, and include snowmen, Santa Claus, stars, snowflakes, animals, angels and many more.

Standalone Decorations
Fiber optics are also used to illuminate various types of standalone Christmas decorations, such as snowmen, angels, etc, or even larger pieces such as nativity scenes or Christmas villages. These can be placed strategically around the house to create an inviting Christmassy atmosphere.

Christmas Wreaths
The holly wreath is a traditional and very popular Xmas decoration that has now been updated. Fiber optic Christmas wreaths may follow conventional designs, but these wreaths look especially stunning when lit up.

Fancy Dress Wigs

While on the topic of Christmas, let's not forget the ever popular fancy dress parties, where you can make an impression with a brightly colored festive fiber optic wig!

Fiber optic Christmas trees and other decorations must be handled and stored correctly, to ensure their safety. They will generally come with care instructions, which should be followed to avoid damage.

Buying Fiber Optic Christmas Decorations

Fibre optic decorations are available in many stores that sell Xmas décor, although you'll probably find a greater selection and better prices if you buy online.


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