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Collectable Boston Terrier Souvenirs - Gifts for Boston Terrier Lovers

Updated on January 20, 2010

Boston Terrier

 Boston Terriers are a great little breed. They're spunky, full of life, energetic, loving, and even protective. The breed is pretty popular because of their small size and large attitudes. You'll find that the most common coloration is the basic black and white Boston Terrier, but brindle and white Boston Terriers are becoming more popular. It's all in preference and availability. When you're looking for gifts for a Boston Terrier lover, you can find both versions, although it will be much easier to find black and white Boston Terriers on shirts, purses, blankets, statues, paintings, figurines, key chains, coffee cups, etc.

When looking at the Boston Terrier breed, is great for an apartment because they max at about 25 pounds and they generally only bark when necessary, but that doesn't mean that the breed is for everyone. The breed has is history in dog fighting, and evolved when breeders wanted a smaller dog, which means these guys can be stubborn and independent, but that doesn't mean that you won't find a cuddly and loving Boston, as they are prone to people pleasing temperaments and when socialized properly are great with children and other animals.

Boston Terriers are prone to many health issues such as cataracts, cherry eye, heart murmur, knee dislocation, deafness, allergies, and gas. But, even still, Boston Terrier lovers will stand by their favorite dog breed.

Boston Terrier Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are great because they add uniqueness to the product. You're giving a product something extra. Even if it's just a small bit of personalization, you'll find that it will still make the receiver smile even larger.

You'll find that common personalized boston terrier gifts include ornaments, address labels, shirts, pillows, blankets, thank you cards, and so much more.

If you can't find a seller who offers personalization, but you've found the item that you know will be perfect. Buy it. Then find another seller or a local dealer who can personalize it for you. You may spend a little more this way, but you when you find the perfect gift you'll know it. You don't want to let that gift slide away from you.

Boston Terrier Art

Art can be seen as many different venues ranging from statues, paintings, etchings, photographs, and so much more. Art can be unique, loved, and cherished for a lifetime. Boston Terrier lovers enjoy their small and spunky dogs, let's give them something that they can love in still form.

Paintings and photographs are great because they keep this fun-loving dog in one place. You'll find that if you want a statue or figurine, you're in luck because you can find Boston Terrier figurines in many different poses. You can find them made for indoor or outdoor use.

But, don't worry, if you're looking for a painting, you can find it too.

Boston Terrier Sign

Tin signs are pretty popular, but you can find wooden Boston Terrier signs, as well as neon light signs. The come in a wide variety of signs, types, shapes, images, and sayings. You'll find that you can find just about anything from "Beware a Boston Terrier Protects," "I Love My Boston Terrier," "Spoiled Rotten Boston Terrier," "A Boston Terrier Lives Here," and even "Boston Terrier Guard Dog."

There are many options that you'll find available, and signs are usually a pretty nice gift. They're not that expensive, and typically range from about $15 and up depending on the size of the sign and the type of sign it is.

Signs are great for work rooms, garages, shops, offices, and just about anywhere you could think of. I've seen dog breed signs in kitchens. 

Boston Terrier Cups

Cups, coffee mugs, decorative cups, and everything in between. You'll find these are great gifts that can be fairly cheap. Everyone uses cups, even if your receiver doesn't like coffee, you can still drink hot chocolate, hot teas, and everything else in the cup. Or, it can be used as a pencil holder.

Cups come in many different sizes, styles, and types, so your options are pretty varied. Most cups will probably start around $5.00, but the price really depends on the size and type of cup it is. I've seen some pretty expensive coffee cups with Boston Terriers on them, but for the most part coffee cups are pretty inexpensive.

Cups make great gifts, and if you can find a set, definitely go for it because, one can be used for drinking and another for a pencil holder.  There are many uses for cups, so purchasing more than one as in a set works well because the receiver will have one for different uses.


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    • Has_aWayWithWords profile image


      9 years ago from United States

      Hey callme, does your Boston eat his/her toys quickly? Mine will shred a toy in no time. I even bought one of those Kong toys and he had it in a thousand pieces in about half a day.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      cool! I have a boston terrier I'm gonna check hese ads out!


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