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Collectable Pug Souvenirs - Gifts for Pug Lovers

Updated on March 20, 2011


After the first 'Men in Black' movie, pugs got pretty popular. Everyone loved the small talking alien dog in his little black suit. Well, pugs just aren't for everyone, but for those pug lovers, they know exactly what they've gotten into and what they plan to in the future.

Pugs come in the more common tan coloring, as well as black. More recently, I've seen more black pugs than the tan ones, so they're slowly growing more popularity than the tan pug with the black muzzle.

The appearance of the pug just isn't what everyone likes, but you'll find this small robust dog is big in personality. When shopping for your best pug lover, you'll want to find the best gift. Look for uniqueness and collectable, but if you just want to purchase a cute shirt, then by all means, I'm sure a pug on a shirt will bring just as big of a smile as a pug collector's plate.

Just look for a gift that matche what you're trying to achieve in a gift. Find something can be loved and cherished. Don't discount anything.

Pug Statue

Statues and figurines are cute to give away as gifts. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you usually have a good bit to choose from. You'll find that some sellers offer outside, cement statues of pugs, whereas others may sell more delicate, porcelain pieces that are better suited for a mantle or China cabinet.

You'll find that you can find pug statues in a variety of poses and positions, painted tan or black, puppies and/or adults, etc. You can even find cute poses of a pug figurine with his leg lifted, peeing.

The options wide. It's a matter of sitting down, and choosing the best one that you think suits your pug lover.

Pug Collector Plate

Collector's plates make great gifts. You'll find that a lot of older people collect these plates, so if your pug collector is a little older, you may think that this is the perfect gift. But, that doesn't mean that younger people won't enjoy a nice collectible plate featuring his/her favorite breed.

The plates can cost anywhere from $10 and up, depending on the make, model, design, and uniqueness. Just make sure that when you buy a plate, you receive a hanger or stand. It's pretty hard to display a round plate if it won't stand on its own.

There are many options, and you'll find that the more rare and unique plates will be more costly than the mass produced ones, but no matter what you're looking for, you will be able to find a cute pug featured on a nice plate.

Pug Car Decal

Decals are a great way to feature love of a breed. You can purchase a nice car decal that your pug lover can put right on the back window so that everyone sees how much he/she loves their dog and breed.

Support your breed. Love your breed. Defend your breed.

Whether you're looking for a simple decal featuring the face or body of a pug or a car decal featuring a phrase about pugs. You'll find it on eBay. I found several of my favorite breed, and I know there are tons to choose from in regards to design, color, shape, and size.

Just keep in mind the size of the decal is probably pretty important. You don't want a 12" decal of a pug head on a Honda Civic. Well, you may, but it'll take up a big portion of the back window.

Decals are cheap, and typically start around $2.

Pug Coffee Cup

Whether your pug lover enjoys a good cup of coffee or just a cup of hot chocolate, coffee cups are always a cute gift idea. They come in a variety of images, sizes, and designs. Youl'll find mugs with printed images and you'll find mugs that have 3D pug heads.

Coffee cups are simple gifts that can be enjoyed and used at any time of the year. You'll find them priced anywhere from $10 and up. Sometimes you can find a great deal and find them priced even lower.


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    • tony0724 profile image


      9 years ago from san diego calif

      Good stuff Gram the kids up north have a pug and I love him. He is so funny and loveable


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