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Collectable Rottweiler Souvenirs - Gifts for Rottie Lovers

Updated on August 18, 2015


Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds. For most years, you'll find that they're on the top 10 list of favorite dogs. Although, they're a pretty big dog with a very muscular appearance, Rotties are great with kids and wonderful family dogs.

The breed is loyal, protective, playful, intelligent, and loving.

For the most part they come in one basic color- black with tan markings, but you'll find that the degree of tan on the eyebrows, face, legs, feet, and tail (underneath) will vary. Some Rotties are nearly solid black. As for their hair length, most are considered short hair, but the true German Rottweilers are considered long hair, as they have thicker and longer hair as the American Rottweiler.

The tails are generally docked, but some breeders will prefer to leave them natural; although, it's not seen very often.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs, and if you sit and listen to a Rottweiler parent, you'll find that some of their stories are unbelievable. I know I've sat listening, not knowing that the lady was talking about a Rottweiler and figured she was talking about the more traditional family pet- a Lab or Golden Retriever, but in the end, the cute stories of her dog and daughter were of a Rottweiler.

Rottweiler lovers will definitely defend their breed, so you'll want to come up with something special when it comes to birthdays and holidays.

Personalized Rottweiler Gift

When you can get a gift personalized, you're really making someone's day- whether it's an ornament, sign, address labels, shirt, keychain, coffee mug, blanket, pillow, painting, car decal, or license plate. Personalized gifts are very unique and one of a kind, and they show that you were really thinking.

When you can not only personalize a gift, but personalize a product that is someone's favorite breed, such as he Rottweiler, you're really going to find a huge return 'thank you smile.'

Depending on the gift and the degree of personalization and how it's personalized (embroider, print, engrave, etc.), you'll find the price will vary from as low as $1 (on eBay) to over $50 or more.

Rottweiler Painting

Art is always a good gift because you can find tons of variations, colors, sizes, and styles. Depending on how much you're wanting to spend, you can find paintings of Rottweilers for around $10 and $20. The more rare, unique, and different the painting, the more you'll usually spend. The larger the artwork, the more you'll usually spend, and the particular artist that painted or drew the art will also determine the price.

But, you'll find that Rottweiler art always brings a smile to someone's face, especially a Rottweiler lover.

Sometimes, you can even find an artist to personalize the art with a name or year, which definitely makes the gift more unique.

Rottweilers have a unique look about them, that makes their portraits gorgeous, especially when hung or stood above a mantel.

Rottweiler Calendar

Calendars make great gifts, and you can find them in tons of variations from just Rottweiler puppies to a mix of puppies and adults. You'll find classic pictures, calendars with working Rottweilers, etc.

Whether you're looking for a wall calendar, desk calendar, or a day calendar, you will be able to find something on eBay, and don't worry about finding somethingfor the next year, you'll find it without problems. You'll never be behind in times with a nice Rottie calendar.

Most calendars will start around $8 give or take. You'll find that the wall calendars will generally be a little less expensive.

Rottweiler Car Accessories

Whether, you're looking at a decal, license plate, license plate frame, or some other accessory for a car or vehicle, you can find it designed around the Rottweiler breed. When it comes to car decals, you'll find tons of options, whereas your license plates and frames may be a little more limited in designs and variations.

These are generally going to be cheaper gifts. The Rottweiler decals may be priced starting at $3, wheras the license plates at $10, and the license plate frames at $5.


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