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Collectable Shih Tzu Souvenirs - Gifts for Shih Tzu Lovers

Updated on March 20, 2011

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus have a very delicate appearance with their long hair and wispy air about them, but they're pretty robust and bouncy dogs. The breed is a companion breed that weighs an average of 10 to 15 pounds, so they're definitely not a small teacup sized dog. They've got some durability to them, but you still can't overly rough house with them.

Shih Tzu dogs come most in white and black or white and tan colorations.

These dogs make good dogs for calmer households, but if you have children be a little leery because they can be a little nippy (but that's really just a small dog trait). Shih Tzu dogs are sweet and loving by nature, btu they will stand up for themselves when they feel like they need to.

These dogs are balls of personality, and it's no wonder they're favored among so many dog lovers. When looking for the perfect gift for someone with a Shih Tzu, don't forget about the dog.

Shih Tzu Collector Plate

Collectors plates are great gifts because you can find them featuring a variety of puppies and adults with different hair cuts and styles. You can find rare plates for discount prices on eBay, and you can find mass produced plates for even cheaper.

Depending on the artist, plate size, rarity, uniqueness, and overall plate, you'll find that the price will vary. Typically, the price will be at least $10 or more.

These plates, though, will definitely bring a smile on any Shih Tzu lover's face. Just remember to maek sure that the plate comes with some type of hanger or stand so that it can be featured and admired by everyone.

Shih Tzu Blanket

Blankets make great gifts because everyone uses blankets. If you don't use them to cover up with and warm up to, you may use them as pure decoration as a throw on the couch or bed. Blankets can start as low as $30, but depending on the details, material, and size of the blanket, you'll find that the price will vary.

Blankets sometimes feature the actual breed in the center as the main design on the blanket, but in other cases, they may just say the breed's name or have a small section on the end of the blanket. In either case, you'll find that blankets can be nice gifts because you know that at some point during the year it'll be used.

And, in my house, blankets are used at all times of the year, either by the people or the dogs that live in the house.

Shih Tzu Jewelry

Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, and you'll be surprised to find that there are designers who offer jewelry featuring dog breeds. Wether it's a simple charm for a necklace or bracelet, a watch featuring the breed on the face, a ring, etc. there are options to choose from.

Some women and girls like the Italian charm bracelets, and for these people, you can do a little search and find great options of Italian charms featuring the Shih Tzu breed.

In some cases, you can even find jewelry boxes that feature Shih Tzus on them. These make nice gifts as well because no one is really expecting a nice trinket or jewelry box featuring their favorite breed. It'll truly be a surprise.

Shih Tzu Personalized Gift

A personalized gift is one more option to consider. There's no doubt that you'll be able to find personalized products that feature the Shih Tzu breed or any other breed of choice. If you can't find just what you're looking for, then purchase what you want and have it personalized locally.

There are many options for personalized products, and if you look hard enough, you'll be able to find shirts, blankets, pictures, ornaments, holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, decals, license plates. statues, and just about anything in-between.


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    • profile image

      mida 8 years ago

      hi Whitney05 very nice hub thank you i love these pet gifts, thanks

    • ruminator profile image

      ruminator 8 years ago from Big Skies, NM

      Whitney - I so enjoy perusing your hubs. You are such a talent and wit and charmer about so many pet personalities. Have a most wonderful Christmas.