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Collectable Chihuahua Souvenirs - Gifts for Chihuahua Lovers

Updated on March 20, 2011


 I'm a big dog lover at heart, but there's something about a small dog with spunk and personality. There just aren't that many, and in my opinion, Chihuahuas are one of the few small dog breeds that have a big personality in a small body.

The breed became popular with the Taco Bell Chihuahua commercials. It didn't take long before people started adopting Chihuahuas from shelters and buying Chihuahua puppies from breeders. It didn't take long after that before many of those dogs and puppies were returned to the shelter, breeder, given away, or sent to the shelter to find another home.

Not everyone can handle a Chihuahua. They really have big personalities in little bodies.

The breed comes in two varieties- the short hair and long hair Chihuahua. Personally, I like the long hair Chihuahua, but I have never had either variety. I have a little experience with them though and find them their own kind.

Chihuahua lovers don't care that the breed is in commercials and movies. They typically didn't choose their breed because of a movie, but have been around the breed for many years and have come to find that that's the only breed they want in their home.

For these people, try checking out the following gift ideas.

Gifts for Chihuahua Lovers

There are many gifts that you can buy for a Chihuahua lover that will bring a big smile on his, or her, face. The different products will feature both long hair and short hair Chihuahua images and designs. You'll be able to find Chihuahuas in different colors and patterns. There will be many to choose from.

As for picking the perfect gift, you'll want to consider the following ides.

  • Collectors plates can make great gifts. Make sure that the plate includes a hanger or stand so that your Chihuahua lover can display the gift. The price of these plates will vary depending on whether or not the plate was mass produces or is a part of a limited edition series.
  • Garden flags are not the typical gift, which makes them a little unique. Generally, the flags are about $10 or $15, and you can choose from many different sizes and designs.
  • Vehicle decals are cheap and come in different designs and colors. I love decals, and have a vinyl decal of my favorite breed on my car.
  • Depending on what time of year it is, you may want to consider a calender. Make sure to get the upcoming year, if it's towards the end of the year or the current year, if it's the beginning of the year. You will be able to find day calendars, wall calendars, and planners.
  • Another uncommon gift item is a skin for a laptop. You can find Chihuahua laptop skins for about $10 or more. You'll be able to find different sizes and designs.

  • Blankets always make for good gifts because everyone uses blankets, whether to keep warm or as for show and decoration. You'll find many different designs and types of blankets. Typically, woven tapestries or fleece blankets will be the more common to find, but in general, they're not the most common gift.
  • Coffee cups are generally a common gift because they're inexpensive and because they can be used as pencil holders on a desk, a cup, or some other kind of holder. Cups come in a variety of sizes and styles, which make them easier to pick from because you can choose the best cup that fits your Chihuahua lover.

There are many other gift items that you can choose from, the ideas here are just a few options that you can pick from. A few other ideas may include key chains, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jewelry and charms, watches, purses and wallets, figurines, paintings, signs, and many other gifts.

Personalized Chihuahua Gifts

 If you can't quite find what you're looking for, you may want to consider finding something and having it personalized. Sometimes, you can find sellers who offer personalization, but in other cases, you may have to use separate vendors.

Common gifts that you can have personalized include

  • Ornaments
  • Address labels
  • Cards
  • Shirts
  • Paintings

Most of these items can be found on eBay with free personalization. Otherwise, you may have to go outside of the box a little, but in this case it will cost you a little bit more.


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    • Paul Peterson profile image

      Paul Peterson 7 years ago

      awww!! I love chihuahua.... I don't have one yet but I am planning to get one soon. It's just so cute!!

    • LeonJane profile image

      LeonJane 8 years ago from Australia

      Chihuahuas are a cute breed, some of their owners (Paris Hilton) use their dogs as fashion accessories. With your hub hopefully Chihuahua will spoil their little mates!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      I am sure dog owners will love this great collection. It gives a lot of various article to choose from.