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Collectable Pomeranian Souvenirs - Gifts for Pomeranian Lovers

Updated on March 20, 2011


Pomeranians remind me of little teddy bears. I remember one day volunteering with a local shelter at Petsmart, a lady brought in her new Pomeranian puppy. I had to take a few glances to determine if she was carrying a stuffed teddy bear or a puppy, and it was sure enough a puppy.

This small dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They're consistently in the top 15 dog breeds list for the AKC for the past ten years. But, in the UK, Pomeranians haven't been listed in the top 20 popular dog breeds list for a few years now, and in Australia the breed is losing its popularity.

In America, the Pomeranian dog breed was top 10 (tied with the American Bulldog) in Detroit and Orlando. It was ranked 9th in Los Angeles, 7th in Seattle (tied with the American Bulldog once again), and 3rd in Honolulu.

These are pretty good stats for such a small dog. But, it's no wonder why some many people, especially Americans love this breed. Pomeranians are small, making them great apartment dogs. They require a good bit of grooming, but they have a very friendly and lively temperament. They can be a little territorial, but the breed is very intelligent and easy to train.

Otherwise, the breed can be stubborn, willful, may try to dominant those people in the house, and can sometimes have a problem with excessive barking. But overall, Pomeranians make a great dog breed, especially for those living in apartments, condos, and homes with small yards.

You want to cherish your favorite dog breed, so when you're looking for a perfect gift, try to find something with a cute Pomeranian on it.

Popular Pomeranian Gifts

When you're looking for a gift for a Pomeranian lover, you don't want to purchase something with a Poodle or a Yorkie on it. You want a Pomeranian on the shirt, key chain, coffee cup, or whatever. You'll find that there are many gifts that you can consider ranging in price from inexpensive to expensive, and depending on what you want to purchase, you'll find that the price will vary.

For example, t-shirts may cost anywhere from $5 and up, depending on the manufacturer, material, size, and whether you get any personalization on the shirt. You'll find that long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and jackets that have Pomeranians on them will be a little more costly than a t-shirt, mostly because it takes more materials to make them.

Key chains are generally pretty popular gifts because they are so inexpensive. Pomeranian key chains come in a variety of styles and sizes. You'll find them ranging from a few bucks and up. My favorite are the dog breed key chains made of a silver plated metal that have a small figurine of the dog breed and a few charms up the chain; they're a little heavy so you'll only want to use that one key chain with your keys so that you don't tear up your ignition.

Pomeranian coffee cups come in a wide variety of options. You'll find many different sizes, shapes, and styles. You'll even find that the cups can come in different types of material, most common will be glass and porcelain. Coffee cups are great options for your avid coffee lovers, but hot chocolate and teas are great to drink from a big cup. Plus, cups can be used to hold your toothbrush in the bathroom, pens on your desk, and fake flowers on your shelf.

There are many different gift options that you can choose from that feature the Pomeranian breed, so you don't want to limit your self when your on the hunt for a perfect Pomeranian gift.

Great Pomeranian Gifts

There are other gifts that you may not have thought about, or maybe you did. The more popular ones are generally the more common gifts that you can find, but that doesn't mean that you should limit your search there.

Other great gifts that you may want to consider include some of the following ideas:

  • Blankets that feature Pomeranians
  • Pillows with Pomeranians
  • Paintings, drawings, etchings, and other forms of art featuring the breed
  • Pomeranian figurines and statues
  • Pomeranian garden flags
  • Pomeranian calendars
  • Collectible porcelain plates (these can sometimes be a bit price depending on how rare the plate is, but sometimes you can find the mass production plates for about $10 or $15, whereas the more collectible plates may cost $50 and up)
  • Pomeranian jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and watches
  • Beads and charms that you can make a personalized gift with featuring Pomeranians
  • Signs with Pomeranians, which can be found as tin signs, wooden signs, and LED light up signs with Pomeranains and cute sayings
  • Other personalized Pomeranian gifts

When it comes to picking out the best gift, you have to consider what your dog breed lover likes, or just find something that you think will bring a smile to his/her face.

Just keep in mind, if you can personalize it, do it.


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    • TheSituation profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice stuff!! I like your style and the information is great!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      9 years ago from London, UK

      You definitely have a great selection there. Well done.


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