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100 Reasons Why Tammy Is So Awesome..!

Updated on July 12, 2012

Here are some of the 300 reasons reduced to 100 due to limited capacity from our Moderators

  1. Her smile--you've got it
  2. she can follow you all over the hub
  3. her hair goes with her smile
  4. she can dance
  5. she can take care of more than 3 kids at the same time
  6. she is Ardie's best customer for those girlscout cookies
  7. On Christmas she becomes a sweet girl
  8. she loves Vintage cars
  9. she loves Cowboys
  10. she defends guys from mental sexual, Physical abuse
  11. She can cook
  12. She can do the laundry and comment on one of our hubs
  13. I don't know about that last name
  14. Her slovaquian Scottish smile is unique
  15. she can fight for your rights..and hers too
  16. She believes in Santa
  17. She pays her bills on time.... off the record, we need to see her bills actually.
  18. She wants to know what's Sunshine secret for being number one
  19. She has the most giving spirit....You got our check in the mail Tammy?
  20. She loves Chocolate
  21. She wants a One way ticket to Ireland...One way?
  22. She would love to be the real Housewife from 3 states at the same time
  23. No one has called her 'Effer' yet!
  24. She would love to rub Epi's head
  25. She wants to "Ask Susan" that Obvious Question
  26. A wonderful Cheerleader next to Bobbi, Sunshine, Barbergirl, and maybe Melbel...!
  27. She wouldn't bully anyone, not even Rudolph
  28. She comments with her heart
  29. She can stick with you with no double meaning..."just in case HP moderators"
  30. She will collect 20 dollars on a bet and share it with us?
  31. She loves Sandra Bullock and hates ex hubbies (not hers)
  32. She would buy Lysol if needed for a 'family' project
  33. She will listen to you, even if her dishes are not done...yet.
  34. she prays this year, she won't have to clean toilettes after Christmas.
  35. She would never put coal on anyone stockings
  36. She hates depression
  37. She thinks the Memorial in Shanksville PA is purely commercial
  38. She loves her kids to death
  39. She loves the shadows behind her, just in case they are not ghosts
  40. She certainly believes that Santa comes once a year
  41. She feels for Ms. Clause though
  42. She can make a Snowman talk
  43. She has been a good girl...!
  44. She believes that Sunshine is Santa's favorite lady
  45. She is expecting a gift from Lord
  46. She doesn't discriminate
  47. She will tell it like it is..! "Ya'll welcome and I'll be looking for ya!"
  48. She can glisten and glow and spark in a hub...something beyond her hair...huh?

49. She actually believes her dad did kiss Santa

50. No one is a stranger for her...!

51. She can teach Spanish, Verdad?

52. She is a paralegal

53. She loves shopping...sorry for those 4 hours at the mall!

54. She loves crafting

55. She loves Metal from Led Zeppelin, White Snake and Red hot Chilli 'peppermint'

56. She has 4 kids from diapers to College, but the last one is as adorable as her.

57. She has a warped sense of humor, you should know by now!

58. She can take pictures with a naked eye.

59. She doesn't swap pics, just paranormal experiences

60. She loves to share and teach... Well we can learn from her a lot..!

61. She is herself.

62. She loves her dad like a sweet 6 years old

63. She loves Dollar stores, Well anyone nowadays

64. She is intense and won't retire anytime soon

65. She learned from her dad to be real

66. She will have a Tinker Bell jeep for her daughter, courtesy of Grampa

67. She would love a retreat in Hawaii

68. She has a Celtic spirit

69. She needs a little push to go back to Poetry full swing

70.She can teach you how to track your partner

71. She knows the difference between 'oral and rectal' thermometer

72. She can advice you in some legal issues

73. She can tell you stories about abusive nannies

74. She can get along with anyone

75. She admires any one of us

76. She loves Epi and his Kitty Cat and dog

77. She Loves Vintage Photography

78. She can push herself into Boudoir Photography, Just ask for it!

79. She is into languages and might break down some Gaellic words for you

80. She is here to stay

81. She thinks her two year old daughter is spoiled and rotten

82. She love Bono and U2

83. Her dream was to meet Bon Jovi

84. She knows what 'Sepia' means

85. She will smile with right now!

86. She is predictable, meaning she will dress in her 40's fashionable style for us(tutu)

87. She can make good stakes and Hamburgers

88. She will never let you down

89. She will soon be wearing the E Badge as Sunshine

90. She can drive like a pro. Ask her dad.

91. She loves those gone times from the 40's 50's (Hello Dick Tracy)

92. She's country at heart! Yeah baby!

93. She can get you all sweat up with 25 songs

94. She missed her call on a video clip for Nirvana

95. She won't Break dance, but she can do you a 'moonwalk'

96. She si there for any of us

97. She worries about her boys and her baby girl...

98. She can tell you if you will get a divorce soon

99. She can cry when needed

100. She rocks!.....and she can Groove it!

........Thanks a lot HP....!


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