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Vampire For Hire Series Review - J.R. Rain

Updated on April 21, 2012

I purchased book one for my Kindle because it was free, but once I finished the book, I immediately paid for book 2, and when finishing book 2, purchased books 3 and 4. I think that's how they get you... Let the first book in the series be a free e-book and the rest of the books a buy now e-book.

Either way, J.R. Rain is able to write a story of a female vampire living the life of a human. Samantha Moon was attached 6 years prior and became a vampire, but life must go on.

The books are easy reads, and you won't find any graphic or highly detailed scenes. Even lacking vivid details, Rain is able to enthrall readers with adventure and romance.Simple is a good word to describe the writing and overall concept within the plots.

But, you'll find that once you pick up one of his books, you won't be able to put it down... At least, that's the majority consensus; but of course, not everyone has the same tastes.

You know about what's going to happen, but you continue reading the 'Vampire for Hire' series to find out how Samantha Moon achieves the expected.

Moon Dance Book 1

Book one- Moon Dance- is a pretty simple book. You learn about Samantha Moon and how she came to be the woman she is. Not only is she a mother and wife, but she's a private investigator and a vampire.

Living a human life as a vampire becomes complicated when she must fight the urges to sleep all day. Sam must remain a good mom, picking her children up from school, and remain faithful in a dead marriage while her husband cheats on her with his secretary.

Samantha must deal with a cheating husband, who kicks her out of her home and away from her children for fear of their safety. At the same time, she must not only deal with her emotions of losing everything she's known, she must still help her client- Kingsley Fulcrum.

Sam finds out that she's not the only 'monster' in the world, when Kingsley reveals his werewolf-ish nature.

Vampire Moon Book 2

In book 2, Samantha is still living in the hotel, where she learns she can morph into a winged-bat creature. She takes on two clients at the same time, and is still fighting Kingsley as he falls for her.

Samantha must use her past, as a federal agent, to test her blood, babysit one of her clients, and help the other. She finds out that her blood is free of any abnormalities and can finally stand up to her ex-husband, who is striping her of all her rights. After putting him in his place, she finally gets what most moms want- her children and house back.

Sam also agrees to meet Fang, her long-time online friend, but when she finally decides to go through with it, steps out of her car, takes a deep breath, and there Rain stops the book.

Vampire Moon Book 3

It should have been obvious, but Fang is non-other than the bartender at Samantha's favorite spot. Fang isn't just any bartender, but a murderer. He must keep her vampire secret, and she has to keep his.

After find out who her confident is, Samantha must also deal with her sick and dying son while trying to find a lost child and a lost egg. With her son in a fragile state, she knows that it's only a matter of time before he dies. Samantha has to battle the internal fight of turning her son in order to save him.

While trying to figure out how to save her own son, she must save a kidnapped child, as well.

Moon Child Book 4

Where Sam's son is getting worse, she must decide how to save her son. She finally makes the decision to turn her son, which works, but now she must figure out how to make him human.

In the meantime, Sam has to figure out her relationship with Fang, while protecting the medallion and saving a kidnapped boy.

Like the first three books, Samantha Moon seems to have everything figured out and everything working in her favor.


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