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How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire - Book Review Kerrelyn Sparks

Updated on April 21, 2012

'Love at Stake' Book 1

After reading "The Vampire and The Virgin," I decided that I had to read the rest of the series.

This is book one of the 'Love at Stake' series. Although, one doesn't necessarily have to read the series in order, to get the drift of what's going on, I found that it is beneficial to read them in order. Before I purchased book 1, I started a few pages into book 2 before deciding to buy book 1 and just start there. Well, with the few pages from book 2 that I read, it seems Kerrelyn Sparks really does put effort, story, and details into her books.

In book 1, we really learn a lot about Roman Draganesti. We learn how he is brought back to life by a mortal, and why he is truly a troubled vampire.

Sparks has definitely peaked my interest in her novels and stories with every book that I read. Each page, and every chapter brings something new and exciting to the story.

In book one of the 'Love at Stake' book series, we learn how Roman and Shanna Whelan meet. We learn about Shanna's past, what makes her tick, and about her family.

Shanna is the woman who was brought to Roman to help bring happiness and life to him.

Shanna is a stubborn, beautiful dentist that is protected by the government being that she saw a gruesome murder by the Russian mafia. In attempts at finding a dentist, Roman interrupted her assassination, which was the start of a beautiful romance.

Roman finds that with all the women he has had vampire relations with, he has never physically touched a woman like he wants to touch Shanna. He has three vows with the monastery, and Shanna causes him to break the last vow.

With every good vampire romance, you have the protective and strong-willed vampire and a determined and stubborn mortal woman. This is still the case here, and even though there's a little predictability in the plot, the details are to die for.


I definitely suggest reading this book in the long line of Spark's 'Love at Stake' series. Find out what happens to Shanna; at the annual Gala Ball; and with Roman.

Watch Shanna's internal battle of falling in love with a demon. Watch her learn to trust the man who could easily kill her faster than the Russian mafia had found her.


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