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Vamps and the City - Book Review Kerrelyn Sparks

Updated on April 21, 2012

'Love at Stake' Book 2

There was something about htis book from the very start. We have a vampire/mortal wedding, furious father, ex-harem, and frustrated vampires.

Gregori wants the ex-harem out of his two bedroom appartment. Darcy doesn't want to be a vampire; she wants to have a normal life. Shanna wants to be with her vampire lover. Sean Whelan wants his daughter back; he wants all vampires murdered.

Sparks definitely switched a few roles in the storyline. It's not common for the vampire lover to be a woman, and the mortal to be a man, but Sparks did it. We have a frustrated vampire who wants to be with her mortal man, but she just doesn't see it working out.

It's a book of frustration, love, and hate, that's for sure.

Darcy never wanted to be a vampire, so she holds a grudge with Connor, the highlander who prevented her from dying in an alleyafter being attacked by a Malcontent. She's been living with Roman's harem for four years, and she wants out.

Gregori, one of Roman's employees takes Darcy and Maggie, another lady from the harem, to the DVN (vampire network) for jobs.

Darcy swings a job directing a new reality show starring the ex-harem. She throws in twists of mortal men and vampire men both fighting to be the sexiest man on earth, and the rights of 'master' for the ex-harem.

The story follows Adam and Darcy as they fall in love. The problem is that Darcy is a vampire and Adam (Austin) is a CIA opperative who is in the special Stake-Out team that was designed by Sean Whelan to kill all vampires. There is true internal struggle between both characters.


Find out who wins the contest- a vampire or a mortal.

Watch the ex-harem ladies transform from helpless women to independent women.

Discover a budding love, a pregnancy, and new experiments that could change the vampire world.

Plus, don't forget Roman's ever-growing inventions with his line of Fusion Cuisine drinks.


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