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Mortal Touch - Book Review Inanna Arthen

Updated on April 21, 2012

You’ll quickly find that this vampire book isn’t like any you’ve probably ever read.

Vampires do not know how they are turned or who did it; they do not have retractable fangs; vampires can consume human food and beverages; they can walk about during the day.

Reading this book was rather refreshing, considering it doesn’t exactly follow the typical “rules” of fictional vampires.

Arthen’s characters are definitely full of description. She gives each their own individual personalities with great details. We have:

  • Regan, who is a workaholic psychic that deeply cares for her best friend.
  • Veronica, Regan’s best friend, who has had a life of boy-troubles, fights an image of being fat, takes various medications for depression and anxiety.
  • Hiram, who is a professor in search of his big mystery.
  • Jonathon, who prefers to be a little secretive, but has no qualms about sharing with Regan about his vampiric past and present.
  • Sean, who is a teenage boy who just can't find his place in the world.

Every character, whether Regan and Jonathon or Karen and Derek, has his/her own details and quirks that the author has no problems in describing in just enough detail that makes them real.

Arthen used great imagination when writing this book, as it definitely does not follow traditional fictional vampires. Plus, when it comes to a vampire romance, the author did not add as many details to the romance as other authors tend to. Instead, the main focus of the novel is more or less mystery and suspense.

I was as tad disappointed with the lack of romantic details, but Arthen did make up for the romance with suspense.

I was, also, a little disappointed with the lack of a protection from Jonathon. In most vampire tales, the vampire is quite protective over the romantic interest. Jonathon, on the other hand, cares for Regan, but knows that the likelihood of him leaving is probable, so he doesn't seem to get overly protective or involved with her. When Regan's body disappears, he just blows it of as though, "Yes, we should find her, but we need to take care of Veronica first. Plus, the likelihood of her being alive is slim, so what's the point." In most other vampire romance novels I have read, the vampire searches and does all he can do to ensure the safety and protection of the romantic interest.

But, anyway, one cannot expect that one of the main characters truly dies halfway through the novel, so it only makes sense that Regan comes back.

Once Regan comes back after a week having disappeared, she has loads of questions to answer.

Eventually, Hiram becomes overly obsessed over the case he and Regan had been trying to solve, and the case turns personal. Jonathon, Regan, Veronica, and Sean must all try to be a step or two ahead of Hiram so that nothing happens to their "family."


This is definitely a vampire novel that I would suggest. If you're the type who prefers more romance, this book may not be exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking for a vampire tale with fangs and traditional vampires, this may not be the book you want to read, but overall, this is a great book that will hold your interest with plenty of suspense and mystery with a little romance thrown in the mix.


Find out if Jonathon, Regan, Veronica, and Sean, all make it out alive from Hiram's pyscho-nonesense. Will Jonathon, Regan, and Veronica, have to move? Will Regan really leave Sean behind? She grows very fond of the boy.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Good review but no thank you.

    • RetroBrothers profile image

      Martin Allan 6 years ago from Sunny Scotland

      This sounds like something a little different in the Vampire Genre.

      After reading your HUB I will definately give this book a go