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The Undead Next Door - Book Review Kerrelyn Sparks

Updated on April 21, 2012

'Love at Stake' Book 4

Sparks definitely shocked me on this one... Yes, there was the romance, the drama, the fear, the anxiety, and the danger.

What made this one different was that the mortal romance had a child and an ex-husband. In previous books, the mortal romance was unattached with no children.

Plus, the mortal romance was not the perfect fit and skinny woman, but a size 12, average woman.

By adding a little normalcy and average feel to the characters, it was much easier to fall for them and become attached. Heather lived a life of fear until her mother died because of her own fears. She divorced her controlling husband and gained custody of their daughter.

When Heather meets Jean-Luc, she quickly finds faults in him.

  1. Stubborn as a mule.
  2. Over inflated ego.
  3. More than stubborn, relentless.
  4. Too gorgeous for his own good.
  5. Ambiguity

But, he can't be a vampire because real creepy monster ones do not exist. The closest thing that does exist are emotional vampires, like her ex.

Well, Heather figures out on her own that Jean-Luc is immortal. She did the research on him and Lui- the danger that follows her from the first few chapters all the way to the end.

Jean-Luc knows the dangers, but Heather does not and she refuses to live her life in fear. She's at war with it...

Heather is full of creativity and curiosity. She must know Jean-Luc. She must know why he chose to move to Texas and open a store there instead of New York or Paris. She tells him her secrets, but he is quite reluctant to tell her his.

You'll find that a life of fear is hard to regain control of. It's easier to life a safe life than one that follows the heart. Heather does not want to follow her heart after finding out what Jean-Luc really is...

Fidelia, her live-in babysitter, best friend, and second mom warns her throughout the entire book of evils she dreams about. Fidelia goads her into following her heart with the muy macho man that is protecting them. Fidelia is the comic relief in this story, as well as the inner self that no one wants to listen to.

In any sense, Jean-Luc will do as Heather wishes, but he still wants to ensure her safety, as well as the safety of her friends. He is determined to kill Lui once and for all....


Find out what Heather decides to do with her fears about Jean-Luc.

Follow the journey of Lui and Jean-Luc, and watch the outcomes unfold.

Discover a love between two people with common interests and personality traits.


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