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Secret Life of a Vampire - Book Review Kerrelyn Sparks

Updated on April 21, 2012

'Love at Stake' Book 6

I've read seven of the books in this series, and honestly, they're all really good. Great details. Nice story. Multiple plots that keep things interesting.

The problem that I'm starting to have is that they're all so similar. You know from the start that the main woman/man that is introduced is going to fall for one of the vampires. In this book, immediately, it was known that Lara would fall for Jack. There was no hiding or guessing, and since all of the books have fallen in place, you knew no matter how much the mortal denies she loves the Vamp, they would hook up.

Personally, I would like to see something a little different to occur in one of the books, but I don't see it occuring. I will finish the series, but I don't see too much excitement. It's a waiting game in each book to see if the couple will become engaged in the middle, end, or when, but you know it will happen.

Basically, this book includes the vampire/mortal romance. The mortal knows that something is different about the vampire, but just can't put it all together. He will not tell her, yet asks a million questions about herself. He falls for her within a few weeks, and vice versa. There's a danger with Malcontent vampires. The good Vamps must help the mortal(s), and the vampire in love has the determination to protect. It's all very simple, so I'm hoping that in book 7, there's going to be a little more to the story.

Jack doesn't have his father's smooth talking abilities with women, and he doesn't realize how captivating he can be. Giacomo has a rock hard body, beautiful accent, alluring mystery, and the old-fashioned gentleman appeal.

There's no wonder why Lara fell for him.

But, the book follows Lara and Jack as they fall in love and find a serial killer. Jack and the good Vamps illicit the help of other coven masters in attempts to locate the serial killer before Lara has to go undercover for the FBI. They need to find and kill this vampire before the FBI finds out more than they need to know.

When the Vamps can't find the Greek-style building, Jack decides to contact shifters. He knows that he'll be in debt to the werewolves who help him, but to help Lara, he gives it a try.

Of course, he's successful at locating the facility, devising a plan, and saving the girl. The girl divulges her love and together they decide to make the relationship work.

The serial kidnapper/murderer is quite obvious once it comes down to it, and Lara is trying to help. You just want to yell, "Don't go down the stairs" when she walks into the conference room. It's the moment, where she should have jsut known better.

The book definitely has its romance feel, but because you know what's going happen, it's not as exciting. The first few romantic scenese definitely are hot and steamy, but when Lara nad Jack finally seal their love and relationship, the scene is rush and lacking in details.

If your'e reading the series, I do suggest reading the book as a part of the series, but there's something about this book that just doesn't do anything for me. I would much rather read book 5 again and follow Ian and Toni, or even book 3 with Angus and Emma. (Book 5 has probably been my favorite though; 'is there something in your pocket, or are you just excited to see me?', 'both')


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    • sarah0330 profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      cool hub. i'm interested in vampire books. hope to read more from you.


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