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Bill Nelson's (FL-D) Truths

Updated on April 1, 2017
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JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. She is a researcher in many professions in Florida.

Bill Nelson Telling the Truth


Bill Nelson's Truths

I remember when the pictures came out of Abu Ghraib but it seemed very illegal and I think the USA has paid a very dear price for those photo. Only now can the USA even be firm at all about where they stand on torture but this denial of responsibility by Bill Nelson and the USA government has hurt the USA's credibility.

You need a gun just to protect yourself from Senator Nelson who provided oversight on torture.

You are a Terrorist to Senator Nelson.

Bill Nelson Studies Torture with Tax Payer $$$

Bill's Intercourse with the Military

Senator Bill Nelson has always claimed to be on the side of the military and he does speak fondly of his days in service. And yet when he is asked if he is going to end the war in Iraq he claims he is and yet we are still there. Why are our service personnel still in Iraq Senator Bill Nelson? How many lies are you going to tell the people you claim to represent to keep your job?

Bill's Intercourse

The Troops are Coming Home When????

Troops Home When?

OPEC and Senator Nelson

You have to be kidding Senator Nelson. We know the Washington DC is pandering to the oil lobbyist. We know it is DC and you, Senator Nelson, who continue to prey on the good people of Florida. It is well within your power and that of the Washington's "elite" to bring down oil prices significantly and those speculators on Wall Street are all wealth fare babies of President Obama. And while you enjoyed your intercourse with the American Military, it is time you stop screwing your constituents.

Hey Bill, didn't Obama promise to kick those lobbyist out of DC and off K street? Why would anyone ever vote for a Democrat again?

Nelson's Truth about Oil Prices

Bill Nelsn's Position on China and American Constituents

I am utterly confused as to where Senator Bill Nelson stands on China. Between his complaints about Chinese dry wall and very little relief to his backing of lifting the Debt Ceiling. It would seem Bill Nelson's opinion is Americans should go into debt to pay for poor Chinese goods. Of course I would ask him for an interview and lobby him for many things including answers to healthcare but as you will see Senator Nelson isn't readily available to his constituents. Besides his TV appearances I doubt he represents anyone at all in the state of Florida besides himself and then only inside the beltway of DC???

China Fleecing America

China's Defective Goods.

Term Limits Senator Nelson

Senator Nelson there is this old fashion thing in politics called term limits and perhaps and I am only suggesting perhaps you might want to consider going out while the getting is good. You have lived a long prosperous life off the tax payer and don't even have a number to be reached at. Maybe it is time to reconsider your candidacy for the US Senate before your famous intercourse turns to discourse.

Abu Ghraib is a proganda recruiting bonanza in the Middle East.

We are still in Iraq.

Torture is still illegal.

China is still over charging for defective goods for which we shouldn't be paying let alone borrowing money from them for.

War isn't over in Afghanistan either.

And OPEC is still running our country and Fleecing America along with the Chinese.

You still aren't available for your constituents but only the Sunday morning talk shows.

And we don't think we can take anymore of your truths. It is really bad public relations for the USA.

And it is time you took personally responsibility for that fact and plan an exit strategy out of politics since you have failed Florida and our troops so miserably.

Bill Nelson's Electability

Would you vote for Bill Nelson to serve another term representing Floridans?

See results

Now you want to make a Secret deal to abolish our 2nd Amendment rights???

There has been a shooting at a gay night club in Orlando which is odd given the shooter lived in South Florida and there are a lot of gay people in that area. He is supposedly a Muslim but a reverse image search reveals the shooter, Omar Mateen, to have a match for the Yale graduate Zack O'Malley Greenberg which does not sound like a Muslim name. He is a government employee working for the Department of Homeland Security as Mateen but Greenberg is a writer for Forbes magazine. They have an uncanny re-emblence.

So Mateen is a devote Muslim and goes to prayer not 20 minutes from where I live. Everyone and their brother inform the FBI that he is a suspicious character but apparently no one followed up. I would think Senator Nelson would be all over that and insisting on senate hearings on Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigations but instead Senator Bill Nelson of Florida (Democrat) is currently working (Not currently because they do not work on weekends) back room deals to rape the American People of their Second Amendment Rights.

Senator Bill Nelson (FL-D) Abolishing Your Second Amendment Right

The Compelling Evidence Orlando Night Club Was A Psychop to Push a Political Agenda Through and Revive Hillary's Electability in Florida

First no one drives 90 miles to shoot gay people? Gay people are all over the place in Ft. pierce. They have a lovely gay night club on Orange Avenue. Second, it can't be a hate crime if it is committed by the same minority. The news claims the shooter was "gay". Clearly, he would not commit a hate crime against other gay people. Third, the majority of the people on tv have acting credits or ambitions to be on tv. Fourth, we're was all the blood?? I have handled gunshot wounds and they tend to bleed. There is little to no blood in the footage taken. Fifth, the one person who seemed to be telling the truth stated the patrons could not get out because the doors were being held shut. Sixth, why is it Senator Nelson, Secretary Clinton and Barack Obama are always trying to abolish rights granted by the constitution for an entire country because of a few incidents when they have soldiers heads being sawed off over in the Middle East? They have still failed to end that war.

This terrorist attack strains credibility. Senator Nelson retire and get your daughter out of the White House Peace Corp office.

You take our weapons and then only the terrorists you hire will have them. You and your family have had more than your share of living well and lying to the American People.

Hillary Clinton had bad intercourse with the contractors who were special forces in Benghazi so maybe you should retire. You have failed as a human being and are not a leader. You lie to the people you represent and we have turned on you. It is something that has been missing from Washington for a long time...accountability. Welcome to the new new world order.

Forgoddness sake you could get a job modeling for Ms. Maybeline you wear so much make up.

Doors Held Shut at Pulse Night Club

Bill Nelson and POTUS

Senator Bill Nelson Living In Florida??

it was hysterical when Bill Nelson claimed he lived right down the street from pulse night club on Orange Avenue.

To the best of my knowledge he does not live in Florida. Hahahahaha!


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