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Florida Moves Its Primary Up To January 31, 2012

Updated on September 28, 2011

Florida moves its Primary Up to January 31, 2012


Florida Moves Its Primary Up to January 31, 2012

One has to wonder if Florida really wants to nominate an elect able GOP candidate since they have decided to move the Primary date up to January 31, 2012 especially when the field is not solidified yet.

The announcement came out today. This of course will up stage Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and several other states who have an advanced placement before Florida. Florida has always held its primary fifth and this will force the other five states to move their primaries up as well.

This of course will carry consequences with it as if Florida has it primary before March it may be stripped of half of its delegates. That doesn’t work out well for Herman Cain who recently won the straw poll in Florida.

But the Tea Party has been busy redistricting the state of Florida to increase its delegates and electoral votes so it may not matter if they lose half their delegates.

It also doesn’t bode well for any last minute entry planning to jump onto the already crowded GOP primary. So if JEB has any inclination to jump in his time is dwindling.

It’s Like the 1880(s)

The way these primaries keep creeping up it is like the 1880(s) when presidents had only two year terms. Actually it is just like the 1880(s) with the exception presidents were expected to run for office on their own dime and on their own time. Now days you have people like Bachmann collecting a government paycheck while running for president? What a deal for Michelle, a war chest and still on the government pay roll. Welfare has never been better for Bachmann. But this is not the disease of the Republicans but a disease of both parties. And it is a shame because I would vote for the person more interested in doing their job and being responsible then in collecting campaign monies and still collecting a government pay check.

There isn’t any entitlement sending that is as grand s that of Congress and the Executive. If any entitlement spending needs to go it is DC entitlement spending first.

Absentee Ballots

Given recent voting fiascos in Florida I vote absentee. I do so so I can make a copy of my ballot and so I know it is done correctly. Because I vote an absentee ballot due to my autistic son I will probably be voting in December. Which is going to work out well this year since I am no one I know will be able to afford Christmas. I believe in voting and I have voted every single year since I was 18 with the exception of the year I was carrying my son. I might not vote this year. I don’t like the Tea Party. They don’t represent me. They are uneducated, dumb and racists. The Republican Party has disappeared. And I don’t like the Democrat Party although I have many friends that are self professed Democrats. I guess I just don’t like any of the parties. And therefore don’t have a horse in this race.

Where Is The Republican GOP Candidate?

This is the year of alienating the true base of the Republican Party which isn’t the Christian Evangelical Crowd. Being Republican means far more then what is being portrayed on television. It is a uniformity of beliefs, values and knowledge that hasn’t been represented in a debate yet. I have been watching them and I have been listening to hear the old guard and I haven’t heard one of these candidates sound like the old guard. So unless someone can find me someone from the old guard which I dare say Neo-conservatives are not old guard but liberals. And we have liberals in the old guard but none have served in the last decade or so.

Find me an old guard who will talk to me about National Security and my ears will be buzzing but until that day arrives, I doubt I will be ready to vote in a GOP primary which may not matter since the state will lose half its delegates by moving the primary up. That’s what happens when Palin uses her razor sharp Math skills.


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