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Meet The Press December 4, 2011: The Flip Flops

Updated on September 26, 2013

Meet The Press December 4, 2011: The Flip Flops

As many of you know I watch Meet The Press each Sunday. I like David Gregory when he asks real questions but today I was left with the feeling like I had watch verbal acrobats dodging the all of important and pressing issues in this coming presidential election. Cirque Du Soleil of truth spinning which is substandard journalism for Meet the Press. I reflected upon this and I thought well I will just unspin the truth and let the reader decide for themselves.

David Axelrod claimed Mitt Romney's flip flops were a matter of political expedience? Really?

  1. What do you call Barack Obama claiming gay people would have full rights in the USA to get elected and then changing his mind once in office?
  2. What do call Barack Obama claiming he was pulling out of the middle eastern wars as his first order of business once he was elected and then went into Libya and now possible Syria?
  3. Or for that matter, what do you call it when Barack Obama claims he was going to make government transparent and then appoints a super secret debt reduction committee that failed publically?

Really and the list goes on and on. I don’t think Mr. Axelrod has a valid point. If anything he was deflecting the fact that his boss, the president of the United States, has flip flopped on quite a few issues himself. David Gregory didn’t call Axelrod out on it either. He didn’t stand up to Axelrod and say. “The President has changed his mind on many of his campaign promises as well.” And Axelrod continued by claiming that Romney lacked a moral chore because he flip flops for political convenience. Barack Obama is a sage person because his flip flops are right and moral? Those darn gay people they didn’t deserve the right to marry but only the right to die for their country which does not embrace them? They are only good to be used For political gain. That seems to the belief of Barack Obama.

If Mitt Romney lacks a moral chore for changing his mind then so too does Barack Obama. I would think David Axelrod would have been wise not to step into that hornets nest and I am very surprised that David Gregory didn’t have the journalistic integrity to confront Axelrod. As a matter of fact the media seems to be going really hard on Mitt Romney and really easy on Barack Obama. You have to ask yourself if there is even a race to be won? Or is the media just going to try and throw it to Barack Obama one more time? The cover of time magazine had a picture of Mitt Romney on it with the quote “Why don’t they like me?”. It isn’t the Republican Party that doesn’t like Mitt Romney. The Tea Party doesn't but it has overplayed it's hand. It is the media that doesn’t like Mitt Romney. Perhaps the media should stop telling us how to feel about candidates and grow a spine once again and report how we really feel about candidates..

One of the commentators tried to throw red meat out claiming Newt Gringrich would get the nomination. The problem with Newt is Newt. He suffers from foot in mouth disease and is not competent to run for the office of the president of the United States.

Have any of the Presidents been competent for the office they have held?

Gay Rights

Ending Wars? Hello Libya and Syria!!

Super Secret Debt Committe Who is Responsible for Your Financial Woes

The American Politician

The American Politician has entered a new realm of existence where they are considered the lowest people in this country's cast system. I am surprised that anyone is showing up to rallies that aren’t paid to be there. No one thinks politicians are good people. If anything the American public has its lowest opinion ever of politicians’ credibility.

And still the talking heads keep spinning lies and expecting us to buy into their false arguments. It is hard to watch. It is like a watching a beheaded person fumble around. It would seem the media doesn’t understand that we understand they are a government entities and we no longer trust them. As I previously stated, I like David Gregory but he needs to start asking the hard questions.

Typically when American politicians lose their credibility they restore it by having the media hang one of them. This was true in Watergate. The media use to serve as a check against the perception of out of control government but it appears as if they have accepted out of control government as the new standard of American politics and fear asking any substantive questions. This has been true in all of the debates. Now I am wondering what the purpose of news is but perhaps only serves as a proganda tool. How similar we have become to communsim but not Utopia!

Both parties are equally guilty of flip flopping. We already don’t like Washington DC, watching them chop each other up in another power struggle isn’t going to improve their image anymore in 2012. Perhaps all of those in the media business owned by those same corporate American heads (Rupert Murdock) that are all federalized should wake up and realize that we understand. A federalized country is not free to vote let alone decide an election. If we don’t have free elections this year the illusion of Democracy will come crumbling down in America.

In Conclusion

The first candidate that can embrace speaking the truth to his supporters in a positive manner will win. But all I see is the same old games being played in Washington DC and everyone expecting there to be a different result. What is most telling is what Barack Obama claimed he wanted which was change that he has now gotten. Everyone outside of the beltway has changed. We are all wiser, more distrusting, and savvier then we have ever been before. They promise to shot lobbyist out of DC was a position Barack Obama flip flopped on and kept them or Wall Street would have never received the TARP funds at the expense of the taxpayers. Anyone wants my vote they are going to have to do far better then what is going on right now. And a low vote means a Republican wins the White House for certain. They will probably pick up the Congress and Senate as well as pick off the Democratic Party with the Tea Party.

The truth is I don't give a hoot about either candidates past. Past behvaior is not a predictor of furture behavior. I want to talk about the future. And the first candidate that can successful come up with a plan for the future that is not spit out in sound bites before he is elected will win. Anything short of that is just complete incompetence by the government.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida


      We will see and yes, you made me laugh terribly. My ribs still ache.

      When Romney gets the nomination you will see all of the Republicans fall behind him. But I personally despise the ideology of, "Higher me and make Obama a 1 term persident."

      I want substantive plans as to how everyone is going to make the country better.

      Still smiling,


    • Credence2 profile image


      7 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      hi, JT, always like to add a little humor to my diatribes!

      "So we agree that politics is a fluid dynamic and that people who alter their opinion do so because they have gsined more insight into the ideation versus what is possible."

      True many times, but not always. It takes a real discerning ear to distinguish which is which.

      Obama is a progressive, just left of center. His views have been left from the outset, many would debate how far left from center he has strayed.

      Romney's perceived flip flopping at least according to rank and file GOP has far too often crossed ideological lines in his views to the point where they question if he is a true conservative. Obama does not face the same questions about his liberal/progressive credentials.

      Again, great article

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida


      :) Thurston Howell III! OMG!! You made me laugh so hard my side aches!!

      So we agree that politics is a fluid dynamic and that people who alter their opinion do so because they have gsined more insight into the ideation versus what is possible.

      The whole flip flopper argument is ridiculous from either party. I am just disappointment that the press is not giving equal treatment to the presidential candidates. I want a politician to win my vote and not the television to tell me how to vote.

      You are a riot!!


    • Credence2 profile image


      7 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, JT, oftentimes you are forced to change positions based on the reality on the ground. How would the president know that he would be dealing with obstructionism and a polarized political environment not seen since the Civil War? I don't know any modern presidents that could keep all promises, especially when it presumes that all parties work with you.

      I don't care for Romney, and that is obvious.I can't fairly say that he is a flipflopper, but obviously the rank and file of the GOP have misgivings otherwise he would be doing a better job getting the support that is necessary to go against Obama in the fall. I have to date neither heard from him or any of the GOP candidates how they are going to stimulate the economy besides open the coffers to Thurston Howell III and hope that they start hiring after the people have made tax and regulatory concessions to them, that is certainly not the answer and I don't buy it. Looking at your GOP cast of characters, the previous poster is right, they are in trouble.

      Thanks for allowing me to weigh in, always good to read something that get the circulation moving! Cred2

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Pino Krisio,

      The media is in love with Obama and you have to wonder why. American on the other hand not only doesn't trust their government but also doesn't trust the media any longer. That is a recipe for disaster.

      Yes, i agree Tim Russert would have appeared to be more fair and would have asked the tough questions. But now all of the corporations own all the media and Obama is givng hand outs to corporations right and left so Media coverage is skewed towards the Denmocrats. Yes, Romney can buy the ads but media is about to become irrelevant in the 2012 election as they are all clearly biased.

      I deleted your second comment as it was exactly the same as your first.

      Thanks for readng and commenting. I miss Tim Russert as well.

      All My Best,


    • profile image

      Pino Krisio 

      7 years ago

      JT: I, too, watch David Gregory and Meet the Press. Tim Russert's shoes will never be filled. Tim did ask the hard questions with grace and respect. The MSM's love affair with Obama will probably get him reelected. The Republicans need to get their act together, and quickly.

      Thanks for an informative analysis of the show.


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