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The Polar Shift are People World Wide Praying For it to Happen

Updated on October 18, 2015


Interesting photograph and very hard to fake apparently showing two Suns, can we pray that into existence?
Interesting photograph and very hard to fake apparently showing two Suns, can we pray that into existence? | Source

Nibiru the Red Dragon

Nibiru is clearly shown in this photograph with its red halo, known in ancient mythology as the Red Dragon!
Nibiru is clearly shown in this photograph with its red halo, known in ancient mythology as the Red Dragon! | Source

Creating Our Own Reality?

Are we all secretly praying for the Polar Shift to happen, so our children and the survivors can recreate the World we live in and have some hope in their lives? In The Polar Shift are People World Wide Praying For it to Happen we will take a look at these and other issues pertaining to the Polar Shift.

It has often been noted in spiritual text that we create our own reality, that what we think we manifest into our daily lives, this is the premise behind the 'Secret'. The Bible talks of the 'rapture' and the return of Jesus Christ, is this a form of praying for the end of the World? Islam also has its own version of the End of the World and many other religions speak of the End of Days.

Do all these religions envision the End of the World to prepare their flock for this event or perhaps to persuade them to pray for it to happen? Hard to say but it does raise some interesting questions about self fulfilling prophecy, to say the least.

Is the Polar Shift just a natural cycle of evolution or a way for the Earth to cleanse itself from those that would pollute it and tamper with its natural ecosystems?

Or is it a Spiritual Test?

The Polar Shift would certainly enable the survivors to start fresh and perhaps gain some well needed wisdom in the process. Perhaps the civilizations such as the Mayans, Native Americans and Australian Aborigines knew of the importance of living in harmony and balance with nature and compromised technological advancements in order to achieve spiritual balance with nature.

My Psychology 101 class in college proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that all these cultures certainly had the same intelligence, other more technologically advance cultures had, so why did they choose not to create a written language, a prison system, have the need for money or create technology?

I submit to you that their oral histories allowed them the wisdom to move beyond these primitive and childish concepts of control, manipulation and deception. Consider for a moment that none of these cultures developed a prison system and yet had advanced laws in which our modern day philosophy of Democracy are based on.

All of these cultures were truly free and had no concept of land ownership, they believed if one starved they all starved and had homeopathic cures for many of our modern day illnesses. They had no need for dentist because their teeth were strong (no sugar), they bathed regularly and were not the primitive savages our history books make them out to be.

Many of their elders lived just as long as we do now with modern technology, when we begin to realize the quality of life they had we begin to recognize the deception perpetrated on mankind.

Have anyone ever heard of an obese Native American, Aborigine or South American tribal member?

I'm not saying they didn't have the share of problems however I am saying they certainly did not have the absurd set of problems our own ignorance, greed and lack of self control has provided us.

Telling the Truth

Deception is a tool the Elite use to deceive those they wish to control and comes in many forms. A simple twisting of the truth often suffices where a bold-face lie will not. Give a person just enough of the truth to make the story believable and most often they will fill in the blanks on their own.

Examples of this are far too numerous to name here but with a little thought most readers will recognize this. Most religious leaders are in a service to self orientation and only reveal the truth when it suits their purposes of control. Allowing their flock to believe in a Doomsday Scenario helps to secure their control.

The reality of the Pole Shift is such that it will claim the lives of many religious followers of all believe systems. Convenience is what keeps many in the know from revealing the truth in these matters. They wish to remain in their positions of power, knowing that the truth would create the potential for chaos and anarchy, which they would no longer be able to control.


Here Nibiru is shown with its orbiting planets another interesting photograph.
Here Nibiru is shown with its orbiting planets another interesting photograph. | Source

You Make the Call

Is the Polar Shift a physical reality or are we praying it into existence?

See results

Fatima Secret

According to Wikipedia the three secrets of Fatima were revealed to three children that lived in a small village in Portugal in the early 20th Century. These three poor children were no strangers to death of hardship. An apparition of the Virgin Mary, or perhaps Aliens that their childish minds interpreted as the Virgin Mary gave them three vision of which the first two have been revealed.

These visions were written down by the oldest child Fatima and the third was sealed and promised to be revealed in 1960. The first showed a vision of Hell and the souls interned there complete with demons.

Hardly what I would call a prophecy considering many people have described Hell in a similar fashion.

The second prophecy told of World War I ending and second World War that would begin and consume the Earth and that Russia should convert to Catholicism.

Also very suspect as it was only revealed in 1941 well after the second World War had already begun.

The third vision according to whom you believe has not been revealed in its entirety because many believe it is of an End of the World scenario.

The Three Secrets of Fátima consist of a series of visions and prophecies allegedly given by an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three young Portuguese shepherds, Lúcia Santos and her cousins Jacintaand Francisco Marto, starting on 13 May 1917. The three children claimed to have been visited by a Marian apparition six times between May and October 1917. The apparition is now popularly known as Our Lady of Fátima.

Asked in 1980 why the Secret had yet to be released, Pope John Paul II told a German audience:
‘Because of the seriousness of its contents, . . . my Predecessors in the Chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.’

What secret would be such that it would cause little children to fall to the ground screaming in terror as the three that the message was delivered too?

The worst nightmare I have from childhood is after seeing the movie the Poseidon Adventure in which a massive tsunami over turns an Ocean Liner and creates a Doomsday scenario for the surviving passengers.

These children were given a vision in which the World in which they lived would be changed dramatically. One must remember these children already lived in a world of poverty, death and illness and were not strangers to this kind of life.

So what vision would create complete panic in a child used to death on a daily basis?

A vision in which they could not escape would cause this kind of panic, utter hopelessness! The same vision that if revealed and believed by the populace could possible cause the masses to become uncontrollable.

Knowledge is Power and those that do not have it usually end up paying for it, ask anyone that has experienced a flood or natural disaster whether or not advanced warning would have been preferable?

Simple by revealing that a Pole Shift is eminent would it not allow people to move away from coastal areas, perhaps allowing more people to survive. However would this not put a strain on Governments, the rich and the powerful into sharing their wealth to help ensure survival.

Nibiru or the Second Sun

I just love this photograph which clearly shows two suns setting!
I just love this photograph which clearly shows two suns setting! | Source

Leap of Faith

The Polar Shift and it affects on this Planet and its citizens is a leap of faith.

Sure it can be analyzed, documented, categorized and evaluated but ultimately it comes down to how the citizens of this planet react to the effects it has on this Planet and their individual lives.

Meaning it is our test, whether or not we are praying it into existence matters very little it is how we allow it to direct our actions, thoughts and ultimately love of our fellow humans.

Keeping this thought in mind as events unfold in our daily lives may help us to understand this test and may help to guide our actions however often the best of intentions are forgotten in the heat of the moment. This test, if you will, will help us to learn the final lesson needed for spiritual ascension.

Whether we choose to help others in need rather than think of our own safety first would be one example of this. Whether we will choose to save ourselves first before attempting to help others maybe seen as selfish or maybe the wisest course of action, who is too say.

We will have to let our subconscious mind, soul or heart help us to determine the best course of action, no one can choose this path for you.

A king may move a pawn but the pawn ultimately must make his own choice on whether to proceed, integrity must be practiced at all times, not just when it is convenient to do so.

So I have concluded that the Polar Shift is ultimately a test for all mankind as it will affect every living soul on this planet in one form or another.

The Polar Shift are People World Wide Praying For it to Happen . . . oh I'm an sure some are and others may just be manifesting it through their thoughts alone, who is to say, not I. While others may be doing the exact opposite it matters very little as it is a physical reality. The real question of course, is what each and everyone of us will do individually and as a community when it directly affects our lives and the lives of those around us.

The truth of our spiritual orientation will be revealed in the actions we take as this test unfolds in coming days.

The Polar Shift are People World Wide Praying For it to Happen . . . is the question?

Unconditional Love and the Truth is my answer!


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