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What Your Country Will Do for You in 2013?

Updated on March 3, 2014





My Money is My Only Concern.

It is time for the presidential election madness to end. There is no bigger turn off than desperation in an election. It is not as if either candidate will ever have to worry about being homeless or in soup lines like the rest of us. Both candidates are exceptionally wealthy.

It is time they act like adults on both sides. I really don’t care about Mitt Romney’s money but the lack of cash in my pocket. I care about the flat regressive tax which is on the back of every American and what is being done with those revenues. Where are they? Clearly, they are not creating jobs. But I get it change the message. Both candidates under estimate the public this time. First I believe Barack Obama, who uses executive privilege whenever he wishes, failed to disclose his medical records. I believe when he ran for the office of the presidency he submitted a one page document about his health. So the fact that Mitt Romney is not willing to open his entire life up to review is just keeping in tradition with President Obama. Both candidates are doing this.

So I care about my money or therefore lack of and what does my government do to me but place yet another flat regressive tax on me called Obamacare which I can no more afford than the over priced gasoline provided by British Petroleum.


Whose money are you more concerned about?

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15 Substantive Argumenst That Must Be Addressed in Both Presidential Campaigns

More importantly I don’t think they really understand what needs to be done in this country in the next 20 years.

  1. Isolationism is not only a possibility but a necessity. We will never stabilize our economy when a natural disaster around the world can tank our markets over night.
  2. Let the tax breaks expire. Who cares? So few people have jobs and the flat regressive tax that is crippling Americans across the country is the tax that needs to be lifted. That will produce the biggest improvement to our economy immediately.
  3. We desperately need to overhaul our educational system while reducing the cost of education and increasing the quality of education for all children.
  4. Discrimination against any subculture needs to be banned in this country. I am glad the gay people have anti-hate laws in place but sadly many gay people assault straight people and hide behind this very law. It is time for an even playing field for everyone. We are all easily made victims of and should be held to the same level of accountability.
  5. The info-structure in the United States needs to be replaced. We have the most out dated information system in the modern world. You would think DC would be on board with this since they were out of power for a week? Employ USA citizens rebuild our information structure.
  6. I love that the morning news shows claim in a global economy Americans can go overseas to find jobs. Really? The USA doesn’t realize that other countries favor highering their citizens first in order to avoid civil disobedience like we saw in France recently? The same civil disobedience which the USA might experience if the government doesn’t put people back to work.
  7. We need to invest in farm subsidies as we need to grow food locally so it is affordable and fresh. It is sad this country has allowed its people to go hungry and live off McDonalds. No wonder obesity and diabetes is the new America and we only have our government to blame.
  8. We need to re-engage in research and development which our country has been a leader of for the last half decade.
  9. Our patents need to stay in the USA and not sold to China.
  10. And our government needs to invest in helping those with patents build industries around their products.
  11. Obamacare for all the good it does, does not require doctors to register in a national data base when they have committed malpractice. Our healthcare is so astronomically expensive because our pharmaceutical companies and doctors are doing harm. And until the pharmaceutical companies who paid and lobby doctors are held accountable our healthcare costs will continue to spiral out of control. And Obamacare is yet another flat regressive tax which the impoverished can’t afford. It also shifts the blame from the true culprits of excessively expensive healthcare which is pharmaceutical companies, exceptionally bad doctors, and globalization.
  12. Washington DC needs to have values, ethics and morals for the first time in my life time of voting. They need to realize that hunger has made this country tougher and wiser then those who dwell inside the beltway and they are completely out numbered. Change is one the horizon and the only question which beckons is which presidential candidate will be wise enough to ride the wave of change or continue to fight it for cash.
  13. It is time for the cult of DC to end. We need leaders who can actually represent their constituents. I think congress and the executive have forgotten who they work for since 9/11. It is time they are reminded and I suggest there is no better place to voice your opinion at the ballot box.
  14. No more raises for anyone in Washington DC until unemployment is gone. It was an embarrassment last Summer at this time Congress gave itself a raise while not raising the debt ceiling. They complained about borrowing money from China and yet they wanted raises for themselves which were financed by guess who? China!! No one else in the world would give themselves a rise while they let the debit ceiling collapse. Only Congress is so stupid. Send stupid Congress home!!
  15. It is time government go back to work for the people and not spend an extraordinary amount of time failing to do their jobs. Personally, I would vote for the presidential candidate who took all his war chest money and invested in highering Americans. Both parties are guilty of out sourcing and lying so I want to see some good intentions for this country if anyone wants my vote and all of this negativity stopped. It is beneath the office of the president even if he is losing. It would be nice if government had any other card then playing dirty. We have had enough of dirty politics in this country to last a life time. There is no season for it but a season for rebuilding the country, restoring our information structure and making certain every American has an opportunity to live the American dream. After all they call this the land of opportunity. Where is the opportunity for our children, for our college graduates and for the working class people?

Leadership in USA

Who Will Serve You Better in 2013?

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A Substantive Positive Plan for Putting America Back on Top Internationally

I might add that Mitt Romney has not done his campaign any favors waiting so long to announce his VP choice assuming he receives the nomination. It is the Republican Party so don’t be surprised if JEB makes a run for the office. He has every intention of running. The real question is when. Romney with JEB as VP (Or the otherway around) might guarantee President Obama another 4 years. It is both odd and unique that the one person who could guarantee President Obama another term would be his predecessor’s brother who is also Republican. And yet, that is exactly what we may see come August.

That is unless President Obama has already sold his office to Mitt Romney which he may well have done since he has well established Romney can afford to buy the office of the Presidency.

So the next time you hear either President Obama or Mitt Romney speak ask yourself what does he plan on doing for me and if the answer is nothing then I suggest you vote for the candidate who will do something for you. This country is about to be returned to the people. It is your business what these two men are applying to do. Ask yourself which one will serve you better. I have listened and I am not convinced either of them can conduct my business and the business of the United States of America well. They have a lot of work to do and it can’t be done in negative television ads. Negative television ads only tell me something about the character of the candidate who is willing to put them on the air and not about their capabilities of running the country.

I want to hear substantive speeches on what each candidate will do for the country and not personal attacks. I would also like to hear how the United States government, who has all but ignored Autism for the last decade, plans on helping children and families with Autism. It is an epidemic in this country according to the CDC. My governments behavior towards Autism rivals that of the Reagan administration's behavior to the AID's epidemic. Only when AIDS was on the door of DC and the White House did our government even start addressing the needs of this population. Sadly, lobbying for children with Autism is habitually and continually ignored by the office of the presidency.

If I can write so extensively and come up with so many ideas about how to help my country then why haven't either candidate adressed any of the substantive issues this country faces in a positive manner? Is it because they think they can fool us one more time through this election? It is time to have a substantive positive plan for putting America back together.

Both candidates have failed to make substantial arguments about what direction they will lead this country, how they will drop the unemployment number to zero, how they will feed, cloth and house evry indiviudal who wants such things.

This has been an election about one politician calling another politician rotten. Concurred they both are rotten and neither has made a substantative argument about how they will improve this country but are more of wind socks in this election. I don't know about you but I don't drink the party Kool-aid and I can't vote for a wind sock candidate which I believe both parties refer to as flip floppers.

Give me substantive arguments and knock off the name calling. Sadly this is a disease of politicians and not of the American people who are exceptionally weary of their "rotten" over paid, pver pamapered politicians.

Families with Autism are Sill Without Any Assistance From Their Government


This article was written in July of 2012. Of the 15 suggestions that your country could have done for you to date none have been provided. It should be also mentioned that despite the brief clip I provided in this hub in which President Obama mentions Autism, he has do e absolutely nothing to help these families or address this epidemic.

He rarely mentions these families and children with Autism. For me it is inconceivable that The USA government could turn their back on this population needs.

But have instead have authorized military and intelligence operations against the American people without due process of law. President Obama signed the NDAA into law and made the USA a military state thus slaughtering the democracy we live in and creating a military state.

What Your Country Did To You!!!

National Defense Authorization Act. (NDAA)

Will You Vote For Anyone Who Has Voted For the NDAA Again?

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Agreed and they can't even run with substantive policies and dignity. It is embarrassing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and have a great day.


    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

      Hi JT! I am sorry to say that neither can or will serve me better in 2013. Politics and government in America is pitiful!