Do celebrity endorsements help or hinder a candidate for political office?

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  1. pagesvoice profile image73
    pagesvoiceposted 11 years ago

    Do celebrity endorsements help or hinder a candidate for political office?

    When a celebrity endorses a candidate for political office does it help or hinder the candidate? Also, does such an endorsement have a negative or positive impact on the celebrity's popularity? For example, did it change the way you view Clint Eastwood after the Hollywood star and director spoke to an empty chair at the Republican Convention?

  2. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 11 years ago

    I have pondered this myself. I am sure there are endorsements that the candidates could and or would do without. Especially negativity. But, With an endorsement comes contributions to their campaign funds. It's basically a love, hate situation.

  3. ChristinS profile image38
    ChristinSposted 11 years ago

    I honestly still like Clint Eastwood despite the fact that I disagree with probably 99/99% of his views. However, his stance would not change my mind politically.  There are others, like certain celebrities who participated in the whole ChicFilA thing that are anti-gay rights and their political issues being made public helps me know who to boycott.  I will not actively support anyone who would deny another their civil rights. 

    As far as politics, I rely on educating myself about candidates, reading all sides of the issues and trying to understand those sides and then I form my own conclusions.  I know many people don't go beyond the surface of the soundbites they see on the news and that's unfortunate, but even those people I don't think let celebrities sway their decision.  If anything, I think the celebrities themselves that take sides actually sometimes harm themselves in the process.  Look at how Eastwood has been made fun of now and how people have turned against him due to his ridiculous commentary.  I think celebs have the rights to their opinions - I also think they tend to think a little too highly of themselves and their influence (or lack thereof)

    1. pagesvoice profile image73
      pagesvoiceposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with your commentary. I like Eastwood and I also love the Dixie Chicks. Both have been vilified, although I really think back in the Bush days the Dixie Chicks took an enormous hit.

  4. fpherj48 profile image60
    fpherj48posted 11 years ago

    This scenario can go either way, IMO, pages.....I think it can go in many directions, in fact.   It seems this is a really personal and individual thing, as far as one's thought process or reaction to a celebrity endorsement.
    For instance.....I do like Clint Eastwood....his movies/his acting/his public persona......however, "IF"  it so happened I did not like Mitt Romney (which I am not divulging here)  having Clint endorse him would not phase me in the least.......the opposite would hold this way, as well...a celebrity I do not like or have any regard for, could endorse a candidate of my choice....and it simply would not effect me in any way.
    To me....these are totally unimportant, insignificant issues to take into consideration, for something as seriously crucial as one's choice for POTUS!!!

  5. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 11 years ago

    As a rule, endorsements do not impress me one way or the other. Celebrity endorsements I find to be totally useless. Why should we assume that they know more than the rest of us.

    Endorsements from fellow party members, is just part of the game.

    If someone outside the inner circle and has a reputation for being an informed person who has voiced his own views in the past on other issues, might get some attention. Those situations are rare.

    I like a lot of the Hollywood celebrities, but I usually do not agree with their politics.

    I might like a particular senator or representative, but if he is supporting a person who happens to be in his same political party, I have to closely questioned it. We had a congressman from my area, who was elected to fill an uncompleted term. He cast several votes that went against the majority view of the area and in less than a year. When the election came for the next two-year term, he came in third. He had a flurry of endorsements. They did not do him any good.

  6. IDONO profile image61
    IDONOposted 11 years ago

    Tough question. I like it because I'm not sure. My first impression of celebrity endorsement is someone trying to feed their own ego by thinking their opinion means something. Then I think it's a vehicle to remain in the public eye, thereby endorsing themselves. Then I think, " What do they know?" I have to realize that what got them to celebrity status isn't always their first love or interest. Ronald Reagan comes to mind. Or Neil Young. Who would have thought his first love was model trains? To the point that he bought Lionel? I guess to evaluate the endorsement, I have to evaluate the source. Stereotyping can lead me to bad decisions.
         So, it can help or it can hurt.

  7. Dennis AuBuchon profile image62
    Dennis AuBuchonposted 11 years ago

    Celebrity endorsements is something which I do not pay attention to as I feel it is up to me as an indvidual to make my own decisions not as a result of endorsements from anyone.  We as voters must decide for ourselves what decisions we need to make this election year.  Candidates probably want celebrity endorsements but whether they really mean anything or have an impact is anyone's guess.  I personally think they have little if any impact.

    Thanks for answering this question.  It is a topic we all need to understand.

  8. Charlu profile image77
    Charluposted 11 years ago

    I think it depends on the celebrity and how well known they are for endorsing politicians.  I mean a celebrity who consistently is sticking with a political party endorsement would not hold as much leverage to me as one who had never endorsed someone running for office publicly.

    Think about it, how many voters were swayed when Oprah publicly endorsed Obama and why has she not been seen expressing her views as much this election? Not that I think that she has changed her views, but maybe a choice that is better left unsaid.

  9. violetheaven profile image60
    violetheavenposted 11 years ago

    A celebrity endorsement for president can go very well or horribly wrong depending on the individual celebrity and the individual voter.  We all have our own unique tastes and intellect.  Some are more prone to go with the crowd or apparently popular opinion and get worked up over some one else's differencing opinion.  Some tend to laugh at stupid people such as these.   I take the later.

  10. Freeway Flyer profile image82
    Freeway Flyerposted 11 years ago

    They might a little, although they shouldn't. Of course, celebrity endorsements should not lead to increased sales of any product. But advertisers aren't stupid, so they aren't giving all of that money to endorsers for nothing. By nature, all forms of advertising are irrational, appealing to people's subconscious desires.

  11. Express10 profile image85
    Express10posted 11 years ago

    I don't pay attention to celebrities unless I am in the mood for entertainment. They have no weight in who I vote for. I did hear about the hell that was raised when Stacey Dash backed Romney/Ryan. In Stacey Dash's case it did nothing for Romney/Ryan and only brought her thousands of insults, even from people that she has worked with who called it a stunt for her to become relevant.

    Perhaps, more consistently politically active might bring in some votes but I doubt that the number would be sizeable. I would hope any voter votes on the issues that are important to them and not vote because a celebrity endorses a candidate. However, I could have no other reaction than slight confusion over Clint Eastwood's choice to speak to an empty chair. Some people "got it." I didn't.


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