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How Can We Define Love?

Updated on March 11, 2012

Defining Love:

To define love you got to be sure you have been loved and you have felt it and.... you sense it in you...

"Love is s gift so well crafted that when you know is around

you feel like telling the world, "Finally I have been found"

But Joseph, please?? What is love?

It's a complex feeling that gets confused with materialistic needs, but in a few words:

Love is a divine feeling, meaning that who ever created this world and our existence made sure we will carry this gift until our last second of breathe.

Evolutionists add the need of procreation in our genes. Every cell of us point out to the conservation of our species. If you read us this far you are going to check into your own thoughts and either you were hungry and ate, you were lonely and just made those calls... or you found love and now are at ease. Love is the epitome of billion of feelings that come to us at once: Desire, joy, hope, care, appeal... and above all thankfulness.

Why we add thankfulness? When you find love in this world. I mean real love, is like you won the lotto, and so many of us know it in here. Most women complain that we men do not love anymore...and sadly is true and go both ways. I meant to say thankfulness because when you are love struck, you feel different and you just want to thank to that maker, for the gift.

You came to me at the right time

you changed my mind... and my whole life

You were the one I waited for

You make sure you close that door...

There are no words to express the joy when you are loved; you just keep wondering if this is going to last forever. One thing is for sure, love is out there!! You have to make time to find it and get hold of it...

So, how can we find it..?

Love has been around forever. If you go to the first years of your life. The first thing you remember is your mom or dad giving you a kiss. It doesn't matter if you are famous now, or are sleeping under that bridge today. Love has been part of us. Just look yourself in the mirror, you will see a resemblance from your parents. You will find it when you are not even thinking about it. You will find it with a positive mind. If it is divine, you will have to change that mind.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."...The Apostle Paul

Love is like a child that came to you: You need to nurture it and make sure it gets fed. Women love more with emotions than with physical attraction, because they have a double role in life. The will be parents and partners. They were created to be there for us. This is written from my own heart and I know women can relate. Without them we will be lost. Going back in time we see Pocahontas saving John Smith, or Cleopatra saving Marc Anthony...Well sorry Eve, you read the script and you had to play your part.

Credit of this video: Lord of Era


Due to friends asking to continue on this subject, we are going to add some facts...and sometimes a crude reality.


When we were taking thermodynamics in college, we asked our teacher, "So you meant to say that this second law applies to everything?" That was my concern and my inquisitive mind was putting in motion all the laws that could fit in my head.

Professor Randall was an academic and besides molecular theory and this entropy mess, he awaken so many questions about life, and love of course.


Putting aside Murphy's law and complex theorems, we can apply science to real life

In practical terms, Love is everywhere and it stays constant.

  • Some people die, while others are born.
  • Some get divorced, others get married
  • Some meet a future love, others have just breaken up.

That's why some women ask why they have never met the loves of their lives, and some just...are so lucky. I'm not blaming the one above; I'm just trying to grasp and marry Science and molecules with the feelings that our 'Superior' being got in 'storage' for us.

For now, we advice you to stay positive and enrich your mind. Call it mantra or karma, stay focus in what life has for you. If love has been heading your way, get ready. That potential energy that was building up all your life, will hit you harder than you thought.

Love is blind, love is kind

know how to deal with it when its found

Love comes once, not twice

just follow your mind, and heart's advice

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Have you been loved...for what you are?

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