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How Does it Feel to Be in a Relationship with a couple Who is Years Older -- The Age Gap Dilemma

Updated on September 22, 2012

Age gap in a relationship feels like that salt we have handy for our own meals. You measure up how much you are going to need, and then, it will be up to you... how much you can actually handle... or mishandle.

The Gap

If they ever ask what's the secret of couples who's age gap easily surpassed those 20 years difference, for keeping the flame alive? Here is the answer:

Both met at one moment in their lives, where there was a mutual attraction from the start. You might say, 'Yeah, but real life is not like this!!'

Depending on your background and sex appeal, and genes as well, the attraction was born immediately. We are going to enumerate his reasons against hers. You might be somewhere in between, and probably might finally understand why some things did happen for a reason.

These are random reasons.

What was her say?
What was his say?
He had her father's ways
Divorced changed his Life Style
She loved his music
He loved her music
She was hurt by her own age gap
He was ready to teach with experience
Levels of Estrogen and Progesterone clicked in
Testosterone clicked in
She fell for his mature ways
He was ready for a younger flame
Activities were alike
Activities were similar
Her Sexuality reached unexpected horizons
Sexually active enough to meet her needs

But, there are enough reasons to break them apart...!

Well, from the beginning, we were supposed to answer with the word, 'depends.'

A relationship depends on both characters in the ballgame. Ever seen how two gears match behind the clutch in your car? They just follow each other teeth at every move, or 'mood.'

Some marriages last around 20 or 25 years, and that surprisingly meets or crashes against Menopause. Either women change and ask for that feared divorce, or that hubby had enough of waiting for that seven year itch, that took over 20 years and counting. "Sorry Sir, here is your ticket for reckless speeding, and not having your seat belted. Have a nice day!"

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria at the Cannes film festival
Tony Parker and Eva Longoria at the Cannes film festival | Source

So, why Mary, who is 23, cannot stand Robert, who is 47

The word 'depends' comes into mind again. They met one night and there was that 'shooting star' like instant attraction as in our first case. But this time things were not right. Depending also on the Country an environment, Couples will settle at a very different age gap. Here are some reasons of why this wasn't meant to be: Off the record, I wrote this thoughts myself, and I think I did hit some nerves.

Mary's say
Robert's say
He doesn't like my rap music
She hates my Beach Boys 8 tracks
He cannot keep up with me
Well, she is right
He looks like dad, who I cannot stand
She was a night stand for sure
He is not like my ex
She complains with no reason
He dresses like a P.H.D. nerd
She is too slutty to meet my parents
Anyways, I don't want to babysit later on
She is too flirty, and I give up!

You are now certain for sure, perhaps, however, most likely, if you can relate to both examples. It really depends on both of you, and how you came into that relationship. Some may say, "Well, I knew it all along. I just wanted to improve my status" Or other's would say: "I wanted to get away from my own family," and so on...!

Marriage is not for everyone. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, are fine the way they are. Tina Turner, moved to Germany, so she won't run into another Ike. It really depends if that age gap is going to be in your favor, or against your foreseeable 'future.'

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