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How difficult is to forget your first love?

  1. ajayshah2005 profile image55
    ajayshah2005posted 6 years ago

    How difficult is to forget your first love?

    How much do you miss your first love when you are not together?

  2. ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image71
    ROMANCER OF LIFEposted 6 years ago

    Oh my... It is truly very difficult. It's a never ending battle to move on with life and to move forward. Every minute feels like a dying moment. You're always wondering if that person is okay, is he thinking of you, is he dying to see you, like you are to see him. It's just never ending. Your heart is in pieces and you cry every now and then. Every moment to yourself, your mind is with him. It's hard to want to take another breath. It's hard to tell another "I love you" And know that you mean it but, in a different kind of way. My first love, was my true love... I should of held on to him with all of my might, but instead I let him go... Choosing to make things work with my children's father. Today, we are in the midst of a divorce and I am without my true love. Every waking moment, is a dying moment for me and I miss him dearly. No one will ever fill that void....


  3. mcrawford76 profile image82
    mcrawford76posted 6 years ago

    I don't think I miss them anymore, now it is just a fond memory that I will most likely cherish until the day I die.

  4. rhode profile image56
    rhodeposted 6 years ago

    Its hard and not easy. I did miss my first love,  but then i learn to move on. Like i always say time its the best cure. smile

  5. lanaz profile image59
    lanazposted 6 years ago

    It is very difficult..but if you keep focus on yourself by doing positive activities, they will slowly fade out. Out of sight, out of mind.

  6. nabeelplus profile image61
    nabeelplusposted 6 years ago

    i just found my first love and wanted to be with him forever..

  7. thejeffriestube profile image76
    thejeffriestubeposted 6 years ago

    You should never forget. You should learn from it. Take the good, and learn from the bad.

  8. mottiandbander profile image70
    mottiandbanderposted 6 years ago

    Its like you are in hell ...It gives me headache a lot when i think about her....I did not think about her it comes to my mind automatically.

    I cried a lot and i can not think to live in this bloody world without my love.

  9. profile image0
    ExoticHippieQueenposted 6 years ago

    How difficult? Well, if you accept the fact that no one, I mean no one, ever forgets their first love, then the degree of difficulty is in a zone that doesn't exist!  Unless your memory fades away, you can't help but remember, because your brain won't let you forget.  My first love contacted me after more than 45 years because he had a dream about me and my well being.  He searched for me for a long time, and eventually found me. He is happily married with grandchildren, but he just wanted to know that I was alright.  I was 13 and he 16 when we had a very heated love affair.

  10. HERBERT ubaldo profile image59
    HERBERT ubaldoposted 6 years ago

    its not difficult actually if you have someone already......

  11. Finn mac Faelan profile image61
    Finn mac Faelanposted 6 years ago

    Not difficult at all. When on occasion this person pops into my mind, I wonder just what was it that attracted me. Then I realize it was only the great amount of nonsense in my mind at the time, which has long since passed, thank God smile

  12. KateWest profile image77
    KateWestposted 6 years ago

    You don't forget. That person is in your heart forever.