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Why are so many women secretive about their age?

  1. Gina145 profile image82
    Gina145posted 5 years ago

    Why are so many women secretive about their age?

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    Garifaliaposted 5 years ago

    Excellent Question!! Isn't it sooooooooooooooo silly?! I mean let's get real ladies....if you look 50 and you're only 40 can't you see it in the mirror?  If you're 50 and you look 40, aren't you proud? No matter how old someone says he/she is, it's what people see or feel the person is that counts. I'm a teacher and I must be cheerful, strict and youthful in behaviour every day.....but I still tell my students I am 50....so what?
    If I tell them I'm 43, will it change the fact? When my 12 year old son's primary school teacher told her class (because kids ask or in this case AX) she was 35 he and his classmates laughed behind her back. Why? She looked and acted much older. Hiding one's true age to me is silly to say the least. It's how you look and sound that matters.
    Most of the time I get remarks like.."really? that old? you don't look it" and once in a fool moon from the older teens I get remarks like..."is that without the summers included?"

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    Larry Wallposted 5 years ago

    I would love to know the answer to this. My wife is 62, no one believes it, but she does not lie about it.

    The company I used to work for was associated with three other similar groups and we had a combined retirement plan that was mismanaged and had to be dissolved. I had that job. As i was going through all the legal hoops, we discovered that a secretary for the Washington office was five years older than she had claimed 20 years earlier. Thus, we had to find extra money for her part of the settlement. She said it was a clerical error--her handwriting on the original application.

    1. Gina145 profile image82
      Gina145posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I don't tell people my age, but I don't lie about it either.
      As for telling a lie on a document that requires a person's age or date of birth, that's just looking for trouble.

  4. Faceless39 profile image94
    Faceless39posted 5 years ago

    Because society has formed us into sex objects, and everybody knows that sex objects have an early expiration date.

  5. Escobana profile image74
    Escobanaposted 5 years ago

    It's all a matter of acceptance and being totally happy and at ease with your self image and self esteem.

    I never was secretive about my age and always love to celebrate another birhtday. And yes, I take great care of myself, I work out, I run, I wear clothes that make me look better instead of fatter and I'm lucky with my skincolor.

    I just turned 39 and can't wait to be 40 next August! I wrote a funny Hub about aging and embracing it.

    http://escobana.hubpages.com/hub/Embrac … -Is-a-Gift

    Signed by 39 and proud:-)

  6. IDONO profile image81
    IDONOposted 5 years ago

    It's a woman thing. Each plateau a woman reaches, has a label. 20s- hot chick, 30s- trying to stay hot chick that looks good for having 4 kids. 40s- the dreaded"Cougar". 50s- Should have seen her when she was 20. (hot chick).
         After that, it all changes. 60s.- I'll be a great grandmother soon. 70s- I'll be 80 soon. 80 and up- Can't believe I made it this long and I really can't remember how old I am.
         So I guess 60 is the magic number when getting older is a thing to be proud of. Or, bigger than that, It's when you finally accept the fact that aging is part of the process of life that you can't do anything about. So, a thing you are ashamed of turns into something you are proud of. I think there could be a lesson there that if applied to many areas of our life, things would be a lot easier.

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      Garifaliaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Your age descriptions are so stereotypically correct that I can see and hear them.....and of course I'm laughing away!

    2. IDONO profile image81
      IDONOposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Sometime I'll do same for men's ages. It's much worse.

  7. Jynzly profile image75
    Jynzlyposted 5 years ago

    It is unethical for a man to ask a woman her age. Perhaps it's true that many women are secretive about their age but I don't think that they are as many as those who tell their exact age. I do tell my real age, it's 57 and I even add I am a proud grandma of five grandchildren, the eldest granddaughter is in her second year in a university, taking Engineering major in Architecture; it's a good feeling when people say to me "you don't look your age, you're much younger-looking."
    It's not that I believe them for I know that looks are oftentimes deceitful.
    The point is; most of those who lie about their age also lie about many things...they are just plainly liars and we cannot help it.

  8. flashmakeit profile image70
    flashmakeitposted 5 years ago

    It is very simple.  Men usually like younger women so if you look young why tell your age.  Also women seem to respect younger women just because they know men want a younger women.

  9. fpherj48 profile image75
    fpherj48posted 5 years ago

    Women (and men for that matter) have the right to not disclose certain things.  This is not the same as blatantly lying when asked.  There is no reason I can think of to lie about it.  We should all be proud of who we are, including age, status and ethnicity......People who KNOW us, would more than likely know our age.  Strangers would be rude to ask such a personal question.   The only other time, might be on an application or records of some kind.  I would strongly suggest no one lie on documents...
    I am secure and confident enough in myself and I know my value.  If women are "secretive" using your word, about their age...so be it.  Knowing someone's age doesn't seem very vital to begin with.

  10. Rosana Modugno profile image83
    Rosana Modugnoposted 5 years ago

    I think some women feel people judge thm by a number and not particularly how they feel about it.  You can feel great about your age but you will be judged whether you like it or not.  It can be a good thing, but can be bad depending on what you want.  I do not look my age but I don't feel the need to say it openly.  What for?  A pat on the back?  Congrats!  Big whoop.  I look younger than my age.  Who cares?  The only one that cares is me.  I pay my own back and at my age, that's quite an accomplishment.  lol