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What, exactly, is the Soul?

  1. M'Lady Grimm profile image60
    M'Lady Grimmposted 8 years ago

    What, exactly, is the Soul?

    Is the Soul a part of our consciousness? Do animals have Souls?

  2. advisor4qb profile image77
    advisor4qbposted 8 years ago

    According to the eastern philosophy, animals evolve into people.  I do believe that animals have souls.  I know that they mourn, because I have seen female dogs separated from their young.  I have also seen dogs separated from their masters.  Yes, I do believe that animals have souls.  I believe that every living thing has a soul.  Even bugs and rats....but they are supposed to have more of a collective soul....I have never seen it explained better than in a book that is no longer being published called, "A Soul's Journey" by Peter Richelieu. 

    On a Christian note, I think that it is made very clear in the Bible that the Lord cares about "even the tiniest sparrow."  I think every living being has a soul and is worthy of being loved.

    I also think that the Soul is part of our conscious AND our unconscious.

  3. Mr. Happy profile image82
    Mr. Happyposted 8 years ago

    For me the "soul" means that "life energy" that moves all living things.

  4. sarmack profile image60
    sarmackposted 8 years ago

    In Genesis, it speaks of creatures having souls.  So, yes, I agree with you that animals have souls. 
    Our soul is the living part of our being; the part that goes on after the physical body has ended its life.  Our soul is the most important part of our being that we should take care of.  If our Soul is healthy, we are healthy, even if we have physical affliction. 
    Lover of my Soul!!  That is the person I want in my life!
    Love Always and God Bless!

  5. HOOWANTSTONO profile image60
    HOOWANTSTONOposted 8 years ago
  6. Shealy Healy profile image61
    Shealy Healyposted 8 years ago

    You soul is your own unique piece of the world or energy of spirit. Spirit is a term often used for God. When you begin to see spirit as one energy that all things are made from-then you can begin to understand that you and everyone else in the world is a part of this greater spirit. It follows that your soul is a tiny piece of a greater energy. The good thing is this. You can know that you are connected to others and all things by spirit. And, your soul-that unique spiritual aspect of you-will continue to exist as a greater part of spirit even after your physical body does not thrive any longer.

  7. topgunjager profile image59
    topgunjagerposted 8 years ago

    It's a creation of man, another reason for us to believe in God=)

  8. karmic ties profile image52
    karmic tiesposted 8 years ago

    The soul or whatever name you prefer is the non physical body you will find yourself in when you have your physical death. We are multi dimensional and most of you are not aware of this while in your physical bodies. Everything living has its non physical counterpart. YOU ARE a consciousness.

  9. vikkycab profile image75
    vikkycabposted 8 years ago

    My reply to a question posed by another hubber M'Lady Grimm What exactly is Soul?, Is it part of our consciousness? Do animals have Souls?  I got a better understanding of what Soul is when a friend declared:   

    I AM SOUL... read more

  10. Porshadoxus profile image76
    Porshadoxusposted 6 years ago

    Check Genesis 1 and 2. The only creature attributed a soul is man, so animals do not have them. Genesis 2:7 defines a soul. God took the dust of the ground (for a body) and breathed life into the person (a spirit). The combination of the two (body and spirit) makes a soul.