How well do you know Hebrew?

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    M.A.Nobleposted 8 years ago

    How well do you know Hebrew?

    I don't claim to know Hebrew that well but I do know that Beni literally means 'I Son', and Benim is the plural of son so Benim Elohim would be Sons of G-d! And I do know about Jewish things and not afraid to admit that as I am what I am! Kabbalah does not make you wise in the things of G-d, when it is connected to things of the occult.  Sorry if I offend you with this but new age and kabbalah does not give you G-d's authority to speak His language!

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    TWAK MANposted 8 years ago

    "Yeshua Ben 'Elohiym"  is Jesus Christ, therefore Ben is "son" a male sexed son, a human, a woman also fall under the son as in come out from man genetically , men carry male and female gender.
    "Ben Elohim" The Son of God (Matt. 16:16; 26:63; Jn. 6:69).

    "Malak elohiym" angels of God (Gen 32:1....ETC)

    Angels are not "Ben Elohiym" ever

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    T.Lathamposted 8 years ago

    I am currently reading a book authored by a Professor of Mathematics and Physics entitled, "The Physics of Immortality," where the author, Frank J. Tipler, states he can prove with his Omega Point Theory, the existence of G-d, the resurrection of not only the universe, but of every soul on earth. He has detailed in his theory that G-d exists mainly at the end time (future), and calls this the Omega Point.

    He went on to state, when G-d appeared to Moses, and Moses asked what was his name, G-d replied, 'I AM THAT I AM.'  Tickler stated this was an incorrect translation of the Hebrew.
    "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh," G-d's reply to Moses, should have been translated, 'I WII BE WHAT I WII BE.'  Tell the children of Israel,
    I WILL BE has sent you.  Tickler stated that in Hebrew the word Ehyeh is the future tense of the word haya, "to be."  He also stated that the Bible points out this true translation of the original Hebrew in their footnotes to Exodus 3:14.
    Obviously, there are many errors in translation.

    My personal belief is we see G-d referred to in plural form,  because He exists as the Trinity.  Similar to Einsteinean Theory, E=mc2.

    The Trinity
    (Three separate entities under one Godhead)

    E = Energy  (G-d) Father
    m = mass  (Jesus Christ) Son
    c =  speed of light  (Holy Spirit) Mother

    In Biblical scripture, The Holy Spirit stated 'this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.'  A mother may have just as easily made this statement about her son, and the Holy Spirit is often represented by the feminine, dove.

    So in my opinion the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost are not synonymous.  The Holy Ghost represents the resurrected Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the Mother.  I believe there are errors in translation of the two forms here (spirit and ghost), as well.


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