Please tell of your personal experience when you became a Christian

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  1. atomswifey profile image57
    atomswifeyposted 13 years ago

    My personal experiences came at many times and intervals of my life.
    When I first accepted Christ, I was young and didn't quite understand as I really didn't "feel" any different. What I mean by that is, I saw people all around me really feeling the presence of the Lord in them, through them. I guess I was expecting a more dramatic transformation. Which actually did not happen for a few more years later.

    But that "dramtic" transformation did happen. And those experiences I would really like to hear about from you. I still have dramatic transformations as God reveals more and more of Himself to me. As I grow closer to understanding. As I read more of His Word and not just read it, but I talk to God in prayer and really allow myself to be consumed by His awesome love and power. As I allow His precious Holy Spirit to enter in and open my eyes to the truth within it's beautiful paqes.

    Personally as I said in another post, I have become for lack of a better term even more of a "believer" as I have joined in here at hubpages. Having had the opportunity to talk to all of you. To read your hubs and engage in conversation with you on forums.

    It does edify the spirit when we witness as well. And in my research to answer questions from non-believers, I have learned a great deal. An example came as I was answering on a forum post and I read Romans over again. I had read this book before many times. But this time, something was different. I felt the presence of the Lord with me really strong and as my eyes scrolled down the text, I found myself in tears. I took in each word, each line and allowed His word to really fill my mind and heart. I feel and I felt then as though I had been made anew all over again. Awesome feeling really.

    Going from a baby christian, to a toddler and so on. In this life I know there a great many experiences we as Christians can share. And that is what I am seeking. To hear and know of some of your experiences as I have shared as well Thank You smile

    1. mealdates profile image61
      mealdatesposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I chose to accept God's forgiveness at the age of 6 and chose to be baptised at 13.

    2. marinealways24 profile image58
      marinealways24posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Your god is a separatist, how loving is that?

    3. profile image49
      Robert E. Bargerposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I was 12 when I first got saved in a Baptist church, I heard that Jesus died on a cross for me, I cryed my eyes out. I even spoke in tongues but at the time didn't realize it. I went on with my life but there was no input of God's word in my life. Then at 34 I was married and was ready to leave my wife and five year old daughter. I told my wife that I was leaving and my daughter said, daddy, don't go. The thought of killing myself went through my head. At that point I said, Lord if there is a reason this has happened to me I want to know why. He lead me to start reading the Bible, and as I studied the Bible the Lord was telling me, this is why, this is why, this is why. From that point on I was in the Word 14-16 hours a day. That was in 1967, from that point till now I'm still in the word. I write all the time and most of my writings are to the church that they might know what God has to say to us.

  2. Sanctus Vesania profile image59
    Sanctus Vesaniaposted 13 years ago

    Long road, and journey, and I am now certain that I am one of those examples of "many are called, but few are chosen."

    Some might say I was saved at age 12, but at age 17 I fell away (for a reason that I refuse to get into here.) but came back to God after a couple of years.

    Still, I could not go back to conservatism fundamentalist Christianity.  All self righteous, everyone will burn in Hell, let's scream at people, condemn them, and while we're at it, let we ourselves sin all we want, because we're saved!  Amen!

    I went to liberal progressive, Christianity, but studied other faiths on the side (namely Gnostic Christianity)  could never quite get into it, because they deny that Christ came down in the flesh, or that he died on the cross.  Some sects say that he came down as a hologram, and faked his death.

    Then through various people, I was shown certain things; things that I didn't want to believe, but after reading the Bible, and being given knowledge by God, I was given faith to believe some of the things, and power to discern what was false.

    Now I'm a follower of Jesus Christ (as opposed to man).  I believe in universal reconciliation; no this does not mean that I think that all faiths are right, (the path is narrow) but that the Godhead will be able to accomplish their divine will.

  3. AEvans profile image75
    AEvansposted 13 years ago

    What is the purpose of asking this question? You should create hubs about your thoughts you can make money there and it can be better expressed. smile

  4. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 13 years ago

    I didn't. And I doubt very much I ever will. smile

  5. waynet profile image69
    waynetposted 13 years ago

    I looked up into the sky and I praised the lord for easter eggs and christmas presents and I took them all and I'm not even a christian muwhahahaha muwhahahaha!

  6. Sufidreamer profile image82
    Sufidreamerposted 13 years ago

    Somebody started throwing lumps of irrelevant scripture and poor logic at me on an internet forum.

    I could not resist and had to follow the bright, shining light. hmm

  7. GodsFinest1 profile image60
    GodsFinest1posted 13 years ago


    I accepted Christ when I was actually about to be 30 years old.  I always grew up in the church and was christianed as a baby with the sprinkling of the water.  It was when my grandmother died in 1988 that I made a choice to start making improvements in my life.  I began going to church again, I moved out of state away from family and friends; just my daughter and I.

    I then had to weed out friends whom I thought were friends, stop so much partying, drinking and smoking cigarettes.  My real friends understood but the so called friends could not but that was ok because I needed to focus on the whole me not the one who had been wondering around in life.

    I actually was going to a small church here in Atlanta at a apartment complexes community hall.  I felt the need to be baptized but they wanted to wait until we got a church and I told them Jesus baptized in a lake, we can do in the pool outside and they did.  What amazed me was how many people wanted to be baptized and was told to wait until they got a church.  I mean these people had been waiting like a year; which was questionable to me about the pastors.  My daughter also wanted to be baptized which had me in tears so it was a blessing.  I felt so light smile

    No.  I no longer attend that church but it was an eye opener about really getting into the word and knowing it for yourself as the Bible speaks of.

    Peace and Love

  8. earnestshub profile image88
    earnestshubposted 13 years ago

    Every religionists I see who wants to convert others were indoctrinated at an early age, there is no way to get anyone to believe this crap after they are grown up unless their is a very low IQ involved.

    It is not natural for a human being to have such bizarre and contradictory beliefs without having them ram fed at an early age.

    Religion is a hateful divisive man made device that makes less than no sense to a sentient mind. smile

  9. profile image0
    Crazdwriterposted 13 years ago

    I was baptized as a baby in the Catholic religion. As I grew up I recieved First Communion, was confirmed, and then hit my teens and became more open minded about things knowing that nope not going to go around preaching waht I believe and trying to force others to believe what I belive.

    I still go to church and I still believe in God but I believe in other things as well.

  10. yoshi97 profile image59
    yoshi97posted 13 years ago

    I'll answer your question honestly AW, so long as you don't perceive my response as any direct attack on you or the church.

    To tell my story, I need to tell it thoroughly. All of these events occurred long before these forums ever existed, so they have no bearing on what goes on here.

    I was 'born into Christianity' via my grandparents that took me to church every week. I learned a lot during that childhood which I have applied throughout my life, but I also saw things happen among the membership that made me grow to question those around me.

    I watched one scandal after another, often involving the ones who screamed the most fervently for belief, which led me to an awakening conclusion ... those who preached the loudest often did so as they quietly sought absolution for events in their own past.

    This didn't turn me away from Christianity, but it did make me wonder if I too was one of these 'talking head's', giving the talk, but not walking the walk. That's when I realized what Christianity was truly about ... showing how a Christian should behave, rather than preaching the good word.

    And has it worked for me? Absolutely! I haven't prattled off a verse for years, and yet, I do feel closer to the creator. We have a one-on-one, where I sleep at night and relate to him how I could have done things better, and then I ask that I be given a chance to do better the next day.

    I do good things for people, not because some verse says to do so, but because it makes me feel good about myself when I do it ... and my epiphany for myself was ... this is what religion is truly about.

    And does it have an effect on others? It seems to, as I can walk into a room where my children are fighting and manage to calm them down, all by quietly helping them rationalize their differences.

    So, I think I became a Christian by walking away from the church and taking responsibility for acting like a Christian instead of speaking like one, and that's no slam on anyone here, it's just a personal recollection of events that seeks to answer the question truthfully.

  11. joshandkaren profile image37
    joshandkarenposted 13 years ago

    You're very brave to ask and I see you are getting some interesting feedback.  I have served the Lord for 46 years now and He has never let me down.  Oh the things I've learned walking with Him. 
    A couple years ago I asked the same question, but on a "religious" website.  I still get responses, probably hundreds by now, but only 1 that appeared to be genuine.  Stand firm. You will read much foolishness. My concern is that you hang in there. Stay in scripture and let no man deceive you.  You already have people to pray for as you see that their comments are so sad.  I'll also lift them up.  My testimony would require writing a book, but suffice it to say that God is faithful and my Father whom I love dearly.

  12. topgunjager profile image59
    topgunjagerposted 12 years ago

    Mine is way too long but I would like to share it, pls read my hub aout religious beginnings and praying=)


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