May 21,2011... What's your take?

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  1. agunter profile image60
    agunterposted 7 years ago

    May 21,2011... What's your take?

    The closer this date gets, the more I am wondering if mass panic will erupt. There are alot of speculations as to why people have come up with this date and the details that are to play out. I am curious to know how you feel about this subject..

  2. pay2cEM profile image78
    pay2cEMposted 7 years ago

    I don't think enough people actually know about this date to start a Y2K-esque panic. It seems mostly confined to the more radical fundamentalist demographic (and those waiting to laugh at them). People have been coming up with Judgment Day dates for 2000 years now, and the only thing we've ever learned from them is that they are wrong 100% of the time.

  3. your cybersister profile image61
    your cybersisterposted 7 years ago

    I hadn't heard that I should be worried about May 21, 2011.  My teenage son keeps spouting off that the "end of days" is Dec.12, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.  I thought I had atleast 1 1/2 to finish my bucket list!  Truly, I hope the world continues past both of those dates.

  4. Jefsaid profile image66
    Jefsaidposted 7 years ago

    I thought 2012 was the end of the World?  It is interesting that dates predicted from apparently different sources such a long time ago end up being so close to each other..?

    The fact is that whatever denomination one follows all established religions/beliefs despite seemingly disparate foundations have stories within them that can be traced back to to ancient Egyptian beliefs or before. Interesting times ahead maybe...

  5. agunter profile image60
    agunterposted 7 years ago

    Very interesting responses. I personally do not follow this "movement" it is just very intriguing how a date can be thrown out into the media, and picked up by so many. I am also glad to know that most haven't even heard of the date. Which means a mass panic shouldn't happen. I do not consider myself a very "religious" person, but I do find it interesting how people try to come up with the exact dates. If I only know one thing, it is that the Bible was not meant to be interpreted, just followed..

  6. CWanamaker profile image97
    CWanamakerposted 7 years ago

    The end of the world has been predicted hundreds of times since the beginning of the world. This time will be no different than any other time.

    May 21st is predicted as an end of the world date because it is exactly 7000 years (7 days in heaven) from the day God announced to Noah that there will be 7 days until the flood of waters would be upon the earth.

  7. edhan profile image61
    edhanposted 7 years ago

    In any event that may be coming, I shall not be too worried. Why? When the time comes, we will know. So rather than thinking about it and worrying, why not enjoy each day as it comes?

    I am always saying to my children, there is no point of worrying as what is coming to happen, will happen so worrying will not help. Instead enjoy yourself as each day passes by.

  8. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    Just another day, and I think it is 2012 not 2011.  The world may end one day, but I doubt anyone has the inside track on when it will be.

  9. micadeolu profile image40
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    The world will not end this dates. One thing I am sure of is that either of these dates will mark the beginning of a new order in the globe. It could be that the earth will at this point take a new course in its orbit or some rear gallatic activities will "begin" to take place.

  10. Apostle Jack profile image61
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    My take is that a lot of people will be disappointed

  11. wilbury4 profile image69
    wilbury4posted 7 years ago

    See you all on here on the 22nd.......

  12. mommyneal6 profile image76
    mommyneal6posted 7 years ago

    I think it will just be another day. Nothing big, some people will believe anything you tell them.

  13. ii3rittles profile image80
    ii3rittlesposted 7 years ago

    I truly believe it is a distraction to keep people's minds off of something else. No one walking this earth will know the Coming of Christ, dooms day, or even when the anti-christ will show himself. I honestly haven't heard much about the date because I don't worry about it. Same with the Y2K scare or the 2012 thing. If Jesus comes on that date, so be it but we shouldn't focus our salvation on one date. We should be humbled and ready and waiting. You can't slip past God's radar if you one of those people who lives life in sin until the day before the last.

  14. Kaniel Loughran profile image61
    Kaniel Loughranposted 7 years ago

    As far as I'm concerned, May 21st, 2011 is a Saturday.

  15. Corrie Lamprecht profile image73
    Corrie Lamprechtposted 7 years ago

    The Earth will not be destroyed.  Billy Graham and all the other who preached Rapture after him, will still be waiting.  There will be more than 10 earthquakes all over the world on that day; but then - so are there every day.

    Enjoy your life, be happy

  16. Guanta profile image69
    Guantaposted 7 years ago

    No man knows the hour except for God, said the Lord. I'm paraphrasing, but that is my basis for my belief and why I was never stressed out about today (it's now past 6:00 p.m.)


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