In 5 words, why will you wake up tomorrow?

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  1. KeithJK profile image61
    KeithJKposted 11 years ago

    In 5 words, why will you wake up tomorrow?

  2. CWanamaker profile image94
    CWanamakerposted 11 years ago

    Because I care about family. 

    That is my answer but hubpages said that it was too short to post.

  3. HemperorsCloset profile image57
    HemperorsClosetposted 11 years ago

    because love is all around

    (filler so the answer will make it through the filters)

  4. jeanniedoe profile image57
    jeanniedoeposted 11 years ago

    Because of my life purpose.
    This serves as my reason why I need to wake up for tomorrow. I still have several dreams to fulfill and a lot of people to help within my existence on earth.

  5. FlowOfThought profile image59
    FlowOfThoughtposted 11 years ago

    I want to write something.

    Again, not enough words to post haha

  6. Taleb80 profile image79
    Taleb80posted 11 years ago

    I have goals to achieve.-----------------------------------

  7. jacqui2011 profile image83
    jacqui2011posted 11 years ago

    ............because life is for living.

  8. profile image0
    CJ Sledgehammerposted 11 years ago

    There is no guarantee that I will.

    God sustains our lives, but He giveth and taketh away according to His plan, and there is nothing we mortals can do about it. Sure, I have a family and have some goals, but I am not foolish enough to think that I rise under my own power or that I have the ultimate say on what happens in my life or how many days I will live.

    (I'm sorry, I thought you wanted 5 lines, not 5 words). :0)

  9. Aiden  Hill profile image60
    Aiden Hillposted 11 years ago

    The alarm clock beckons me

    ... Because I do say dear hubpages, your foolish request for more than 5 words shall fall on deaf ears. Tis' your folly not to see the beauty of simplicity.

    I have already answered why I shall wake up tomorrow in five words
    I can tell you how to get to Constantinople in four words (Head east, Ask directions)
    I can teach you how to Dougie in three (Don't do it)
    I can answer the meaning of life in two (Forty Two)
    And I can end a message board post in one (Bye)

  10. YvetteParker profile image61
    YvetteParkerposted 11 years ago

    My 5 word answer to this question is:
    Because it is God's choice.

  11. ptosis profile image70
    ptosisposted 11 years ago

    My bloated bladder is full.
    The truck backed up beeping.
    The dog licks my face.
    I'm having a bad dream.
    Looking forward to the day.
    Have to go to work.
    No, asp bit my ass.
    No, had a cerebral aneurysm.
    No, I'm in a coma.
    Yes, alive but can't talk
    Maybe I'm dreaming I'm awake.

  12. stanwshura profile image72
    stanwshuraposted 11 years ago




    Talk about annoying - and absolutely unnecessary!

    Okay, now to offer my actual response to your inquiry:

         I fell asleep last night.

  13. ackman1465 profile image61
    ackman1465posted 11 years ago

    (because)  ....My girl touched Mr Happy...

  14. EuroCafeAuLait profile image80
    EuroCafeAuLaitposted 11 years ago

    Because - I - have - unfinished - business

  15. Knowledge>Power profile image77
    Knowledge>Powerposted 11 years ago

    faith and love........................................nuff said

  16. Jynzly profile image63
    Jynzlyposted 11 years ago

    "...because I slept last night."

    Why would you need only 5 words? Hubpages rejects very short answers...

  17. Eric Prado profile image72
    Eric Pradoposted 11 years ago

    If I had to put it into only five words, which this site does not allow, mine would be
    Life is still worth living.

  18. Randy M. profile image74
    Randy M.posted 11 years ago

    To take out the garbage.

    (They get here before 6 am)

    You didn't ask what motivates me to get up.  Perhaps I am motivated to take out the garbage so it won't smell up the house for the next 3 days......

  19. eye say profile image71
    eye sayposted 11 years ago

    because I was meant to ... is why I will wake up tomorrow

  20. MsDora profile image93
    MsDoraposted 11 years ago

    To continue my life's assignment.  That's it.

  21. profile image54
    RRachelposted 11 years ago

    Because my family needs me

    this is why i will wake up tomorrow.


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